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I F - 5:2 - 4:3 - Maintaining the healthy weight

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TalkinPeace2 Fri 01-Feb-13 16:59:38

This thread is for those who have been doing IF for quite a while and are now at or nearing their target healthy weight.

How do we experience fasts and balance a stable food intake while having little or no weight to lose?

How to we ensure that this WOE does keep us at the healthy weight long term rather than revert to yoyo games?

I have now been at the same weight for a month. I'm happy with that. I'm also still enjoying the 24 hour fasts because of the clear mindedness I get during them.

How about you?

AmericasTorturedBrow Thu 04-Apr-13 14:48:56

Everyone seems to be nicely on form - on the subject of bread, I haven't really been eating it as US bread is disgusting, but DH was bought a bread machine for his birthday and even though the first attempt was a bit heavy, it was delish!

Successful fast day before yesterday then yesterday our friends arrived and we had a bit of a chat about 5:2 in the car, they both have a few colleagues who did it and love it and I think I can make a couple of fasts fit in while they're here - I'm rehearsing tonight so thought I'd make a IF happy lunch for us all then skip dinner, they'll prob order in with DH tonight. Saturday is my first century ride so no fasting tomorrow or Saturday and prob not Sunday as I get SO hungry the day after big training rides (prob cos I burn so many calories) so if I plan food well I can fast Monday. They're staying with other friends weds-fri (and DH is in China) so even if I don't manage/want to fast Monday, I can squeeze two more in at the end of the week, enjoy the w/e with them before they head home.

Feeling much more in control!

Talkinpeace Thu 04-Apr-13 19:30:31

Decent bread in the US : depending on which state you are in : polish / italian / slovack / greek / italian bakeries do nice bread
but yes, otherwise breadmakers are the best bet

oddly on this holiday I'm eating well so looking forward to fasting once home, but the diet is so yum here that I'd be hard pressed what to miss out if I lived here !

Laska42 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:45:40

Danish rye bread is really nice with lots of seeds and rye grain.. I've found a recipe for rugbrød and i have a sourdough starter already but i still need to source some rye grains ( haven't found then here on IOW yet!).. have on line but postage is so high so will only order them if i really cant get any here ..

I managed (an almost) 24hr fast yesterday ...It felt really hard in this freezing weather.. Lucky you TIP ... but feel like i'm back in the zone now and looking forward to Sunday for the next one!

Laska42 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:47:17

I'm off to make the aubergine spinach and chick pea curry now for tomorrow night... its not a fast day , but is so yummy we now eat it a lot .. smile

Breadandwine Sat 06-Apr-13 01:22:07

Finally got to see the doc yesterday, to get the results from my recent fasting blood test. He'd been on holiday for a week, and then it took a couple of days to get an appointment.

BP 127/79 - which he described as 'perfect'
Cholesterol: HDL 1.7, LDL 3.1
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.9

The doc said this was as good as he’d ever seen. I’m guessing he meant for a 75 year old man.

On the subject of my low heart rate - 45 a couple of weeks ago, 48-49 yesterday, the doc was quite relaxed. No need to worry.

My 10 year prognosis is that I have a 21.9% chance of getting a heart attack or a stroke. Given that someone of my age is automatically given 20%, I’m quite happy with that.

I'm planning a new routine for fasting this coming week. My normal routine is a 24 hour fast on one day and eating my 600 calories for dinner - followed a couple of days later by a 24 hour fast and a normal dinner.

But this week I intend to combine the two - so that I'll start fasting on Sunday evening at 6.00pm, say, then I'll fast all day Monday and go straight into a mini-fast on Tuesday. So I'll be going 48 hours with just 600 cals.

This should make it a bit easier on the organisational front - I'll only have to make sure I have the one early dinner in the week, rather than two.

Nice to have you back, Laska - all the best with the assignment!

ATB I shall put some tips about bread machines on my blog - but in the meantime, for a heavy loaf:

I used to hover over my machine and watch the kneading action. I would reach in and feel the dough - if I thought it was a little on the solid side, I'd add 1 or 2 dessertspoons of water. The dough should be soft and squishy.


frenchfancy Sat 06-Apr-13 06:57:56

Great results B&W. What was your colestrol like before 5:2?

virginposter Sat 06-Apr-13 13:43:56

B&W wow what wonderful results. Any man half your age would be proud of those smile and those are just the ones you can measure at the moment. Imagine those internal positive changes we cannot measure.

TheCyclistist Sat 06-Apr-13 22:59:53

Ermmm, not sure whether I should be on the 'maintainers' thread as tbh I've totally lost the plot over the past month or so blush. Reading what you wrote ATB about the losing control certainly rang a few bells for me. Thanks again Laska for PMing me a couple of weeks back, as always sis you gave me the kick up the arse I needed.

Well going to get back in the swing of it from tomorrow (Sunday) and will do Tuesday and Thursday next week as well as I've always found 4/3 easier than 5/2 or 6/1. Yes the weight gain has started to kick in but in all sincerity my biggest motivation is how cr@p I've felt healthwise since knocking this WOE temporarily on the head. I'll have an extra motivation me thinks in a week or so when I get the most recent set of blood test results back, as my last lot were done in November when I'd been doing this for a while and were brilliant (well done on yours B&W by the way)....I think this time round the results won't be as great. But It'll be interesting to see and compare the difference, but just won't make that comfortable reading wink,

Anyway here goes and here's hoping Sunday morning passes without Toast related incidents grin. I'll try and get through as much of the day as poss with Tea, fruit Tea, Pukka Tea and any other bloody type of tea......and then a decent meal with loads of veg in the evening.

Anyway 'Life is Long' and temporary setbacks are neither here nor there......there's always tomorrow to put things right smile

catsrus Sun 07-Apr-13 08:40:34

Welcome back cyclist - the best thing about this WOE is that once we've done it for a while we really do know it works and getting back on track is nothing like the old days of "starting a diet". Just aim for one good fast day - BTW I've had toast apocalypses too blush last week had an evening (after fasting) of 6 slices of cheese on toast blush oops.

Was out for a meal last night with wine made generally healthy choices but will try to fast today as I've been hovering a bit too much about my top weight rather than the bottom end!

virginposter Sun 07-Apr-13 11:11:31

cyclist welcome back. This woe is like riding a bike (and you should know) it's easy and it works, you just have to get back in the saddle and ride to success grin

Breadandwine Sun 07-Apr-13 12:02:57

Thanks, folks!

Looking back, I've been one of the lucky ones in that at no stage have I had to struggle - it's all been very easy. Probably because, apart from the two or three pounds I'd gained over the previous Xmas, I didn't think I had much to lose - yet I went on to lose 22lbs in total!

I was around or just above the goal weight given to me by WW, many years ago - 10.10! Just shows how much they know.

I'm not sure what my cholesterol was last year - I think the doc said the total was about the same.

As others have said, Cyclist, you now know what you have to do and how to do it. One good day's fast and you'll be back in the groove!

About drinking tea - I'm a coffee drinker myself, but I get a bit bored with the stuff and vary it with drinks of sometimes cold, sometimes warm water. Occasionally, I'll go the whole day with just water. That feels very virtuous, saving the planet - and my pocket! grin

Good luck anyway!

Laska42 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:49:08

Hi all i'm stuck into my assignment with a Friday deadline looming (I'm supposed to be submitting the first 2 chapters of a novel ).. , but as these things go im having a little surf on the net (we call it 'research in my writers group !) , whilst thinking up the next bit.. ,

Good to see you back cyclistist. I'm fasting today again.. lots of tea and coffee down so far also , but I'm already looking forward to the remains of the Aubergine and spinach curry left over from Friday night and have wandered to the fridge a couple of times already , but managed to close the door and come away empty handed. Its a lovely day here today, ive set up my laptop in the conservatory and id really like to be out on my bike..

But pleased to that at WI this morning the overall damage from the Copenhagen excess was not too bad, with only a pound back on at the end of the week at 10st 1.

So I'm now determined to get back into the zone ( having also had a few weeks of fairly half hearted fasting days and am recommitting to restarting evil Jillian later on this evening and to hopefully seeing 9st 13 soon though .. . .

It's great to see we are all still her and I think we can feel slightly smug on getting in at the start and maintaining it, despite a few ups and downs, as this WOE is now getting everywhere .. eEven this weeks Gruaniad has 5:2 recipes in it .

Soon we'll be needing out 2nd maintainers thread (despite the fact that the main one has had about four more since we have started this one!) ..

Oh bread .. my DH makes the most divine , potato bread with goose fat in..its fantastic toasted,and there's some in the kitchen now.. Unfair!!

but I'm thinking bikini .. I'm thinking bikini ..I'm thinking bikini ..

OK.. back to The Great Novel.. grin

mollysfolly Sun 07-Apr-13 15:57:01

All hail to thee Bread&Wine !! You have inspired me (admittedly along with your Wirralite almost-as-famous alter ego Paul Hollywood) to try breadmaking for the first time in about 30 years. Have to say the result is Very Nice Indeed!! My previous results were somewhat solid, now I realise that's because my dough wasn't soft enough. So ... that's the bread sorted - on to the wine! smile

Now, can you inspire me to fast tomorrow?! grin

TheCyclistist Sun 07-Apr-13 17:23:58

Thanks to all for your positive encouragement!!

Well, well into the day now and seems to be going well. My only main issue with this WOE has been I find it hard to concentrate on a Fast day unlike some on here who talk about it giving a clarity of thought. But everything in life comes with a price I suppose, it's whether you're willing to pay the price, be it saving for a holiday, taking on credit to buy a new car.....or learning to concentrate on an empty stomach to achieve better health smile.

Just 2 hours to get through now, then on to the soup, then a WW meal and bucket load of veg...both of course heavily laden with Encona Hot Chilli Sauce. Hasn't been too hard and to be honest I already feel more many have said 'one good Fast' and it all seems a lot easier all of a sudden.

Not counting my chickens till they're hatched (because I'd probably eat them I'm so bl**dy hungry) but not far to go now and I reckon I'll get through. Tuesday should be interesting though as I haven't done a midweek Fast now since I think January, but one day at a time and all that.... grin

Keep well all

Talkinpeace Sun 07-Apr-13 20:44:26

Well I've done my very best to drag the sun back with me from Crete.
Am feeling decidedly rounded after a week of fantastic food and wike and and ouzo and Raki
both DH and I are fasting tomorrow and genuinely looking forward to getting back on track with the start of term.

Cyclistist the thing I've found is that I can relax for times and then snap back in and shift the bulges.
Breadandwine So So true about WW targets! much too high most of the time.

Breadandwine Mon 08-Apr-13 10:17:23

Mike Mosley in a pub in Winchester in May:

Anybody close?

(I think I can hear several hearts a-fluttering! grin)

mumofcrazynamedkids Mon 08-Apr-13 12:20:12

Morning all, and thanks for all the lovely comments, I've been up on the Wirral for a week and now I'm back at work and child free as they are with their dad for a week in Wales.

To be honest I came back to london last night and started crying at the thought of leaving, this place is home and I hate the thought of leaving, but maybe one day the Wirral will feel like that too....or maybe I'll just enjoy visiting london lots, anyway I need to get positive.

So I am intending to fast at least 3 days, start shredding tonight, not drink any alcohol til Fri.....(hhmmm) and generally achieve lots off my to -do lists, I need to start de-cluttering(packing?) the childrens room while they are not about to stop me, I've ordered vacuum storage bags from argos to get me started.

But while I was visiting I saw my 28 year old Brother, he started 4:3 in mid september after I talked to him about it - he was obese and weighed 104kg to begin and now he's 82kg, so he's lost over 3 stone, he's just gone out and bought his first lot of smaller clothes and he's so impressed that he's a 36" waist for the first time in his adult life, he's also bought weights and started working out and is developing some muscle tone, he's aspergers and doesn't usually show much emotion, other than extreme discomfort in anyones presence, but he was obviously so pleased with himself he had to come and show me his new clothes, I'm so proud of him and feeling inspired to continue, he has never not fasted or abandoned a fast, he did plateau and realised he was overeating on non fast days (I also do this a lot), but has now rectified that. I'm so looking forward to seeing him continue and anticipate how this may improve his confidence.

I hope you all have a good day fasting or not.

TheCyclistist Mon 08-Apr-13 15:46:03

Afternoon all, well had my first successful Fast day yesterday for about a month and got to admit that I feel 100 times better than I have done recently, both mentally and physically. Tuesday's my next day so got to get my head set right in order to get through that - hopefully the memories of how good I feel today will help if things get tough tomorrow.

Yeah I agree TIP2 in the past I'd been able to relax and then step things back up again when the warning signs started flashing. The trouble was this time I'd got too relaxed and then had to play mind games with myself for a couple of weeks. The problem with me, in all areas of my life is I'm an all or nothing kind of person...not something to be proud of, just something I've got to work on over-coming.

I think when I'd got down to what was basically my lowest ever weight as an adult I lost interest in the Fasting and gained a lot more interest in Curries, Pizza and chocolate smile. I know this isn't the case for everyone but one of the downsides of this WOE for me is, when I was doing 4:3 I could basically eat everything I wanted as often as I wanted and still lose weight. So when I knocked the Fasting on the head I still had the 'unhealthy' eating habits and before I knew it the belt strap had to be loosened a notch. My target this time has got to be to eat healthier on my 'up' days so when I go back to 6:1 or whatever I don't carry with me bad habits.

Although this WOE isn't a panacea for all health issues I reckon it has a lot going for it. Obviously there's the oft stated caveat that for some it should be followed with caution (those with a previous history of eating disorders, health conditions, the young or even people like me who seem to have very little self control) I reckon one of it's huge strengths is the ability to fall off the wagon, not beat yourself up and get back to 5:2, 4:3 or whatever and quickly get back to a healthier way of life......if that makes sense. Basically because the skills you learn from doing this stay with you, whereas with a diet that excludes food types or long term calorie restriction it seems a lot harder to get back on once you've fallen off.....and the one thing you can be sure is that everyone at sometime will stop a diet that excludes food types when the food around us is so easily attainable. It's a lot easier to limit food for 1 day when you know the next day you'll feel great and be able to eat well (within reason blush )

Apologies for my meanderings.....see given the opportunity I always get carried away

MOCNK, brilliant news for your brother and as you say, sometimes it's the other side effects of this WOE not just the weight loss or improved health that count, such as in your brother's case with the improved confidence. Long may it continue.

ATB well done on getting the knocked down deal on your bike smile, how did your 100 mile trek go at the weekend?

On another note has anyone heard from AftereightsareNOLONGERallmine or ThinkIcan, I haven't seen any of posts from them recently and they used to be regulars.

Take care all

Laska42 Mon 08-Apr-13 21:17:27

phew! assignment written and posted in.. and 'only' 3 large glasses of wine and a big plate of H/M potato and courgette Latkes needed as writing fuel tonight.( ho, hum) blush. Good job its a fast day tomorrow.

Cyclistist .. I need support ! its good to know to you are doing 4:3 again, as so am I. i'll be fasting with you tomorrow
MONCK that's so great about your brother.
TIP good hol?
B&W would be good to go as I'm IOW do could be do able , but I think that's election day, if so ill be in a polling station doing my civic duty (and earning my holiday spending money!..)
Everyone else , I'm off to bed with my book (if the wine doest make me fall asleep quickly), but will catch up with you all tomorrow x

Talkinpeace Mon 08-Apr-13 21:48:18

Have put Michael Mosely at Winchester Library into my diary : I'm working near there that day ....

Laska Holiday was FAB - 25 degrees in the shade yesterday lunch :-)
MONCK How cool that your brothers view on life is helping him take control through fasting.
And do not worry about missing London. You will. Anybody who has ever lived there will. BUT you can still visit while having massively improved quality of life in Wirral
B&W much of the amazing bread on Crete was sourdough : but because the air is warm it rises faster than normal bread so is light and fluffy.
Cyclistist its all about balance : hard to achieve after years and years of imbalance, but we will all get there.

WellHurrahAndHuzzah Mon 08-Apr-13 22:04:57

Hi all

I've finally taken the plunge and joined MN after a few months of lurking. Hello!

I thought I'd share with you my experience of the 5:2 WOE. I've been doing this since the new year, and have found it has really, really helped me to maintain my ideal weight. I'm in my late twenties, and although most people would say 'oh, you don't need to lose any weight!' I guess that honestly there has been that half a stone which I always, always wanted to get rid of. And now - it's gone.

When I first downloaded the book for my kindle and started, my OH was eye rolling and thinking this was going to be another 'I have to stop drinking beer / eating cheese / eating anything' type phase. But it wasn't.

As soon as he saw how I was doing, he joined me. He has lost 3 stone since last year through exercise, and the 5:2 has helped him lose another half a stone. This morning, he calculated his BMI. And, for the first time since he was about 11 years old (seriously), he is now in a healthy weight range.

I am so, so proud grin

The thing that has really struck us about this WOE is how really, bloody easy it is. We were both of the mind set of 'if I didn't eat anything in the morning I'd be fainting' and 'I'm tired, my body needs fuel to keep going'. We were in unshakeable habits with our eating (and boy, do we loooooove to eat!).

We are both passionate about creating wholesome, nutritious, delicious food, as well as (sometimes) eating outrageously unhealthy food and drinking copious amounts of beer wink And this WOE seems to allow us to do the latter, occasionally, without it having adverse effects on us.

So I hope to be able to contribute to this thread, to encourage others and to keep myself and my OH motivated. MN seems a fantastic source of support, so thank you!

Talkinpeace Mon 08-Apr-13 22:15:07

welcome ...
this thread is rather a backwater
the big fun one is currently number 17

TheCyclistist Mon 08-Apr-13 23:52:03

Good luck with it tomorrow Laska smile. I reckon if I can get through to midday I'll be Ok. Let me know how you get on.

Well done WHAH, hope the success continues!

Breadandwine Tue 09-Apr-13 00:50:38

MOCNK, lovely story about your brother! I guess you'll be able to see more of him after your move?

Thanks, TiP - it's the traditional breads the peasantry used to eat that interest me. For instance, I got a great Sardinian recipe, Pane Frattau a few years ago from an Italian woman on the old BBC Food boards. This involves soaking very thin sheets of dried bread in a broth, then using them instead of pasta in a lasagne type dish. Absolutely gorgeous.

Cyclist, I think the trick is to never let a week go by without at least one fast. That's certainly my intention! smile

Breadandwine Tue 09-Apr-13 01:52:43

All hail to thee Bread&Wine !! You have inspired me (admittedly along with your Wirralite almost-as-famous alter ego Paul Hollywood) to try breadmaking for the first time in about 30 years. Have to say the result is Very Nice Indeed!! My previous results were somewhat solid, now I realise that's because my dough wasn't soft enough. So ... that's the bread sorted - on to the wine!

Molly - you sort of slipped off my radar, there! Sorry for the delayed response.

It's brilliant you're now making good bread - there'll be no stopping you now!

About the wine - here's my over-30-year-old home-made red table wine recipe that has never let me down, yet.

I began making it because this was the only way I could afford a glass of wine each evening - now I make it simply because it's good stuff! smile

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