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I F - 5:2 - 4:3 - Maintaining the healthy weight

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TalkinPeace2 Fri 01-Feb-13 16:59:38

This thread is for those who have been doing IF for quite a while and are now at or nearing their target healthy weight.

How do we experience fasts and balance a stable food intake while having little or no weight to lose?

How to we ensure that this WOE does keep us at the healthy weight long term rather than revert to yoyo games?

I have now been at the same weight for a month. I'm happy with that. I'm also still enjoying the 24 hour fasts because of the clear mindedness I get during them.

How about you?

Talkinpeace Fri 15-Mar-13 17:53:11

B&WThe initial headlines said that she had banned carbs, but then they clarified that she had banned refined carbs.
I still wonder how that would work if they travelled to other than rich parts of the world - where rice, pasta, polenta and bread make up the bulk of the meals.

And I'd respect her health messages a lot more if she did less botox.
She wants her kids to live naturally and then freezes her face ...

catsrus Fri 15-Mar-13 17:57:40

Yes well done TiP and great news that medics are taking this seriously! Well I'm fastIng today - and have finally (after what -7 months?) cracked the going without milk in tea thing - I've discovered Lady Grey tea, similar to Earl Grey but orangey - its the only non-herbal tea that I've been able to tolerate black - and I MUST have my large mug of tea in the morning :-)

No friday night wine for me this week as I'm out with a friend tomorrow so will really try to keep the under 500 fast today - though im not sure what there is to eat in the fridge or freezer due to the presence of grown up offspring in the house who "discover" what I've hidden away smile. Worse case scenario I make a quick stir fry with a pack of frozen veg and some superglue noodles. For some reason they don't seem to vanish as quickly as my delicious home made curries and stews hmm. I know I've got tofu so might treat myself to some of that in it too.

Anyone got interesting plans for the weekend?

Talkinpeace Fri 15-Mar-13 18:03:01

I do but it would out me!

NurseEzzzaChapel Fri 15-Mar-13 18:20:13

AmericasTorturedBrow, thanks for asking! smile I was fine the first few days back but had a bit of a wobble for a week. I was finding fast days hard to get through now that I'm back in the real world and not in my cosy academic bubble anymore. I had to abandon my fast on Tuesday due extreme grumpiness, but planned Thursday's fast better and found it ok again. So today I'm back to loving this WoE.

It was quite fun today when I was having tea and a biscuit with a friend who happened to mention she wanted to lose a stone but wasn't sure how. So I told her about 5:2 and now she's thinking of trying to persuade her DH to do it with her. There's something about a healthy happy looking person stood in front of you who has been doing this WoE for months and lost weight on it too that heads off the "it's unhealthy" nonsense so you can get straight to talking about the benefits. smile

catsrus Fri 15-Mar-13 20:24:25

Ok - product placement alert! I was in a sainsburys today in a big city near one of our offices - looking for Miso Soup - when I came across "umani powder" - an alternative seasoning to salt (umani being the 5th taste ? IIRC) well I used it on my stir fry tonight and it is amazing well worth getting a tub.

Sadly it contains anchovies so no good for vegans or strict vegetarians but it's definitely going to be staple in this house I think. I found the same thing in waitrose online store here. It might be widely available but I've never seen it before - probably because I'm faithful to our tiny local co-op smile

Anynway, now nicely stuffed and well under 500 cals for the day <result>

Bordercollielover Fri 15-Mar-13 20:55:11

I still can't do links on my iPad but if you google Vegan Umami there are some interesting articles and suggestions for vegan sources.

AmericasTorturedBrow Fri 15-Mar-13 21:10:42

oooh that sounds nicecatsrus (finally remember to type your name right), is it japanese? If so I might be able to get it round the corner (we live by "Little Osaka")

RE GP totally agree with TiP, I dunno, just all seems a bit "I'm such a perfect mother"...I do my best to avoid refined carbs with my two as well (they seem to prefer wholewheat pasta) but everything in moderation and I also never tell them food is bad for them so I think there is a place for introducing them to everything but keeping control over what they have that's good and bad. I find her and CM just a it too bloody worthy to be honest - not the save the world stuff, I think if you have a voice then brilliant if you use it to the good - but all this domestic bliss and brilliance, I don't think she does anything massively different to hundreds and thousands of monthers and just encourages parental competitiveness! Or she just has a terrible publicist who allows this image to be given of her!

Ezza interesting to hear how it's bene settling back in - was talking with a friend from St Louis the other day (she lives in LA too now and also has young DC) about the whole dairy debate we're currently having - we both give alternate cow's milk with coconut milk, allmond milk etc for ourselves and our children, and talk a lot about health and nutrition (she does a ton of research and I pick her brains over it - she introduced me to juicing), and found out a while ago she's been fasting every Monday for about 3 years to maintain her weight and control weekend excess. She does a full 24hour fast and doesn't massively restrict her calories at dinner, but knowing her I doubt she goes much over 500 anyway

TiP that's really interesting about the cancer patients - my old yoga teacher told a tale of a friend of hers who's husband got I think pancreatic cancer, she did lots of research after he refused chemo and drastically changed his diet - something like 18months later he got the all clear. Amazing

AmericasTorturedBrow Fri 15-Mar-13 21:18:39

ugh my appetite has utterly disappeared. Before this WOE and generally getting on the healthy and exercising train I'd be delighted if it meant losing a few lbs, but I want my appetite back, I feel so unhealthy at the moment, just can't face any food...even tried a bit of banana, carrot and beetroot cake amde earlier by DS and just had one mouthful before spitting it out. Don't want to go into survival mode and massively reduce my metabolism.

Anyone had D&V or similar recently? How were you afterwards?

I'm desperate to get back in the pool or on the bike or go to yoga but have no energy because I can't face eating. This sucks

Talkinpeace Fri 15-Mar-13 22:44:08

ATB I have to admit I'd be utterly astonished if that was the case for Pancreatic - it is the most devastating of cancers with a 3% 5 year survival rate - even Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze could not pay enough.
And I've attended funerals of such patients who died too soon.

for things like colon, stomach, basic liver etc etc, where reducing visceral fat by 1% imporoves operation chances by 10%

Appetite : stick to fluids - smooth soups, tea, milkshakes, lassi. When you are hungry you will be. And lots of ginger ale and other alkali foods.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 16-Mar-13 03:30:43

You're probably right, tbh I can't remember exactly

Breadandwine Sat 16-Mar-13 10:56:48

BCL many thanks for the vegan umami suggestion!

I use many of the suggested umami-type ingredients already - but there is much scope for increasing my repertoire in this area.

I look forward to my next foray in the kitchen with renewed vigour. That's tonight, as it happens, when I plan to bake my pizzas in my wood-fired chiminea! I bet the flavour that imparts is another example of umami!

Can't wait!

Breadandwine Sat 16-Mar-13 11:23:01

Had a great night out last night, here.

Beef tomatoes (2 of!) stuffed with risotto for starter. This was a big starter and I left half of one of the tomatoes - with regret, because it was delicious - but I wanted to be able to do justice to my main meal, really.

This was a Thai veg curry with a side order of chips. I managed to eat almost all of this, it was so good! There were only about 8 large chips, which was just as well.

Nothing on the sweet menu for a vegan, but I never mind that nowadays. I came home and had 3 (was only going to have 2, but...) crepe suzette with soya cream and Benedictine!

OK, the orange sauce was only homemade marmalade with added apple juice and the pancakes were just flour and water - but they were absolutely gorgeous. With a slug of Benedictine I was feeling no pain! grin

One habit I've completely discarded since discovering I won't collapse if I don't eat for an hour or two is to have a couple of biscuits or something about 5pm before eating out. I used to figure that, if I'm not eating until 8, I'd probably faint or something. At the very least I'd be ratty and impatient! How things have changed, eh! smile

Laska42 Sat 16-Mar-13 13:23:34

HI all, back in.. well my 'crisis' with DS is getting sorted , we have found him a decent studio flat to move into in a week or so and some volunteering work (if not a paid job) and so I'm feeling less stressed..though significantly poorer (grr letting agency fees are EXTORTIONATE

Also i'm trying to make a huge effort to chill out a bit this weekend as I do recognise that a lot of it is me putting stress on myself ...

But I do just need to concentrate on getting my coursework complete now....

I haven't been fasting at all, or exercising AND my scales have broken!! , but I tried on my most unforgiving dress this morning and its a bit loose now! .. so now things have calmed down a bit I'm going to get right back into it tomorrow..(after sausage and mash tonight)

Hope you are all doing well, I'm off to write a 1000 words and then ill read back and see what i've missed.....

I hope you are having a good day today TIP - would have loved to have come along - but I'm going to try and schedule a few 'work at home days' in the next couple of weeks so hopefully we can meet for lunch then .. and despite the fact I hate the shop, I may need an Ikea trip as DS new studio is totally unfurnished . )

frenchfancy Sat 16-Mar-13 13:58:55

Good to see you laska. I've got a busy weekend with DD2s birthday. To try and keep calories down I skipped breakfast. I then took Dd and friend to the swimming pool. The pool heating wasn't working properly so we got in for free, but I had to keep moving to keep warm. I couldn't swim lengths as I had DD3 with me so I ended up doing all the shred cardio exercises in the pool. We were there for an hour and a half and I didn't stop moving. I think I can eat guilt free cake later grin . I've only got 5 lbs to go until target so I really don't want to take my eye off the ball.

I am intreged (sp?) as to what tip could be up to this weekend.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 16-Mar-13 15:27:29

glad things have settled a little Laska - I've had a week of no fasts and no exercise too but have decided fine, I was sick, everyone was sick, start again on Monday. We met some brand new Londoners in the park on Friday so in the spirit of sharing the Brit love invited them over for a BBQ tomorrow, which I'll need after a training ride.

B&B your dinner sounds delicious! And absolutely, I used to eat BEFORE going out so I wouldn't be too hungry hmm

Failed fast yesterday but not beating myself up due to illness etc, going to just be healthy this weekend and not worry about calorie intake, just get better again

Breadandwine Sat 16-Mar-13 15:52:30

ATB I agree wholeheartedly - if you're not feeling well, spoil yourself!

As we now know, there's always tomorrow! smile

Northstarmum Sat 16-Mar-13 19:29:00

Hello everyone, I too am intrigued as to TiPs activities this weekend. laska good to hear you have made progress and are able to look after yourself for a bit. And filly more hugs than I can squeeze in a post, thinking of you and hoping you can draw some strength off all the positive vibes for you and your mum on this thread. Things have been a bit mad here over the last couple of weeks with a hormonal 10 year old ds stirring things up but nothing compared to what others are coping with. Failed my first fast yesterday but just rolling with it and starting again Monday. Cheered myself up with new dress today smile which I hope to give an outing next week. I'm desperately hoping for some sunshine soon to lift our spirits and our immune systems....fingers crossed.

tomorrowweeat Sat 16-Mar-13 19:44:07

Am not yet at maintaining state for a long while yet but didn't want to post this on main/newbie thread as may cause confusion. The more I research. the more it seems a longer complete fast is beneficial - 16+ hours. My problem is I find the not eating part easy but have medication that I need to take with food. Am tempted to skip medication on fast days - metformin for diabetes and lisinopril for blood pressure. Any thoughts?

Talkinpeace Sat 16-Mar-13 20:22:57

I could tell you, but WOULD have to shoot you.
The day went really well. New toys worked excellently. Have had chinese take-away with our house guests, now chilling as VERY VERY tired.

Laska : email me - I'm working lots over the next few months but Ikea is near the feryy :-)

Breadandwine Sat 16-Mar-13 21:12:25


Why not post your query on this sub-forum on the 52FastDiet forum:

I reckon many more people would see it on there. smile

Breadandwine Sun 17-Mar-13 00:56:46


AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 17-Mar-13 02:14:05

We ordered pizza and chicken wings for family dinner. I have overrated Nd feel full and suck sad

Bordercollielover Sun 17-Mar-13 12:19:57

Anyone got any views to share on hula hooping as a general toning up exercise? There's lots of enthusiasts about, but can't find any "real" information. I am still in a wheelchair and looking ahead for something that won't be too hard on my feet but might replace serious walking as a sustainable exercise.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 17-Mar-13 16:11:53

I've heard hearsay about it too - no real information but can imagine it must be amazing particularly for your mid area and saddlebags (now THERE'S an idea)

apologies for last night's boring message - I think last of the illness. Feeling slightly blocked today but much better so egg and spinach breakfast, out on my bike, veggie (therefore healthy) BBQ with friends this afternoon then tomorrow recommencing morning juice and Shred. L2, finally.

Juicing Monday, fasting Wednesday and Thursday

how is everyone?

Talkinpeace Sun 17-Mar-13 16:18:30

stuffed, and tired but having waved our house guests away, enjoying a silent house!
looking forward to fasting tomorrow
just wish spring would come so I could get the veg garden underway
its nearly the Exuinox FFS

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