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I F - 5:2 - 4:3 - Maintaining the healthy weight

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TalkinPeace2 Fri 01-Feb-13 16:59:38

This thread is for those who have been doing IF for quite a while and are now at or nearing their target healthy weight.

How do we experience fasts and balance a stable food intake while having little or no weight to lose?

How to we ensure that this WOE does keep us at the healthy weight long term rather than revert to yoyo games?

I have now been at the same weight for a month. I'm happy with that. I'm also still enjoying the 24 hour fasts because of the clear mindedness I get during them.

How about you?

Alaska77 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:14:11

Thanks for the thread TiP2' can I join? I've lost 15lb to date and still have a small way to go but I'm happy with this WOE and see it as a long term thing. I've been doing IF since September, some weeks with more fast days than others.

I love he clear mind that fasting gives me, the sense of control from the cleanse and the positivity it gives me. I'm going through a period of change in starting a new job and I couldn't possibly have tackled it a few months ago with my fuzzy over fed mind.

Thanks to everyone for your continued inspiration grin

Bordercollielover Sat 02-Feb-13 21:19:42

I have a way to go before I reach my weight and BMI goals but would like to move over to this thread if that's ok? I have been on the original since Thread 1 but feel that it is now really for people who are not only new to fasting but also don't appear to have seen the programme or done a lot of reading. I realise they need to chat but its really the opinions of those who have been not only doing 5:2 but also thinking about it that I really want to keep up with.

TalkinPeace2 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:43:05

Splendid, we are nearly all here ...

I am still slightly gobsmacked how easy it has been too. Bearing in mind that I totally relaxed over Christmas, put on 7 pounds and shifted it again in three weeks is just amazing. I'd almost given up on losing weight as I near 50 ....

And yes, it's the clarity of mind on the afternoon of a fast that is almost the best bit. I'm doing some investigation type work at the moment and I get real brainwaves when I've not been eating.
Of course it makes complete evolutionary sense - when you've not got food you need to be alert.

virginposter Sat 02-Feb-13 23:44:44

I'd like to say thanks to B&W for pointing the way to this thread and to TiP for the idea of an oldies moving on thread.
Isn't it strange that we are at this stage now after only 6 months and also I've noticed how many of us say ”I can't believe how easy it's been". I also find that when people say how slim I am I often say "am I?" in a genuine way.
I find that I have to stop and ask myself "how much do I weigh? 12 stone 2lbs - oh, no, it's now 10 stone 8lbs!! Amazing!!

SpiralSkies Sun 03-Feb-13 11:56:52

I think I might come and loiter here too - terrific not having to read the same questions every day so thanks for setting up the thread! I've been doing 5:2 since August - haven't lost weight, particularly, but happy to be maintaining without actively dieting.

It's all about the health benefits for me - though you'll hear me squeal with joy if I ever shake these last pesky 7lb!

literarygeek Sun 03-Feb-13 13:38:30

Hi all, and thanks TiP2. May I pop in, too? I am not yet at my unofficial target but am at BMI 21 and much closer to my happy zone than I was 3 months ago when I began. I am small-framed and bmi 21 looks a lot bigger on me than it does on some people.

I feel way more in control and I am enjoying my food a lot more: just taking my time and savouring everything feels so good.

I just have one question, though...

What is a TDEE?

Only joking wink

Ezzza Sun 03-Feb-13 13:53:28

literarygeek hahahahahahaha! Had a mental image of a few heads exploding on this thread at your question there. Hee hee! [evil grin]

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 03-Feb-13 14:58:41

hello everyone, can I move over to this one? I've been doing this since September (I think) and lost all the weight I was aiming for... TBH I was hoping I would lose more and have to move to 6:1, but perhaps that was too much to hope for! Anyway, DH still has some to lose...

Does it count as a NSV if my boss asks if I've lost weight? IN theory it should but I just found it kind of... disturbing... confused

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 03-Feb-13 14:59:46

whoops, that was meant to be in italics not underlined blush That'll teach me not to read the instructions or preview the message!

Laska42 Sun 03-Feb-13 15:22:00

Adefinate NSV sarah.. as long as he/she isnt creepy /slightly overtactile like my (thankfully just left ) boss was....

I had a NSV (of sorts) as I spent yesterday morning with my 7 week old grandson and the photos DH took show me looking , well quite frankly a bit skinny ( for me that is!) as although I'm 10st I'm 5'6 and quite large framed ..But they have also made me realise i definitely do need to stop making excuses to tone up though .. The photo of me looking adoringly down at my gorgeous DGS definitely showed a slightly - shall i say - 'wattley' neckline ..You see I have no fat left there to plump it out any more... (Oh I am so vain!!).

literarygeek re TDEE its a kind of cream bun that you can eat on non fast days I think..grin.

Thanks again TIP" you were right it was a good idea.. I hadn't thought of making a maintainers thread.. good call.. the lunch sounded good.....
Ill be making this later on today carrot, cardamom and orange spiced soup (sans cream and with only a spray of olive oil ) for my fast days this week. If its good ill l post it on the recipe thread .

B&W crumpets were a stunning success! im just about to post a picture of them up on my profile

(and also one of the slightly scary grandmotherly wattles and the gorgeous grandson for a short time only if any of you would like to see)

Laska42 Sun 03-Feb-13 16:04:47

so for a short time only i have some more photos up on my profile ..

Breadandwine Sun 03-Feb-13 16:47:34

Rats! I'm not a happy bunny! I've just spent over half an hour responding to you, Laska, plus other random thoughts - and I've just had a 2 minute server outage and lost the lot!

The post must have been about 6" long - and every word a gem, honest! grin

Ah, well, back to the drawing board (via a Word document this time!!).

Just to say, Laska that your grandson definitely belongs in the 'bonny baby' category! (I expect you're claiming full credit for that! grin)

Laska42 Sun 03-Feb-13 17:40:14

Rats indeed B&W but looking forward to your reply..

Now , naughtily, and IN SPITE of what TIP2 said, I will ( just this once) explain NSV for those who may not have read my original post about this way back in thread whatever..

NSV = Non Scale Victory..(which is term used by us old WW lags and probably plenty of others although i've never heard it anywhere else)

That is those incidents or moments when you or someone else realised you've lost lots of weight by being able to suddenly fit into something you've had at the back of your wardrobe,, That you have to adjust your seat belt or rucksack strap down a notch or two, or can actually get into a canoe without worrying how you will get out.. etc etc .. They are great when they happen grin

Thats it.... NO More acronym explanation will be allowed on this thread.. Hey? winkgrin

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 03-Feb-13 17:52:47

I have just rescued two pairs of trousers from the jumble sale bag!! I had forgotten about the clothes, which were meant to have gone to charity ages ago because I couldn't fit into them, but found them while tidying... so they have gone back into my wardrobe grin

I can't think I would ever get into a canoe without wondering how I would get out Laska... how exactly do you get out of one anyway?

Iwearblack Sun 03-Feb-13 17:55:09

Oo I didn't dare ask what NSV was - I looked it up on google (Urban dictionary very useful for forums)
laska - lovely photos; v impressed with the crumpets but of course grandson adorable.
I love the afternoon euphoria when fasting too -couple it with a double (black) espressos and woosh!

GiraffesEatPineapples Sun 03-Feb-13 18:10:56

Like after8s I have a long way to go but can I stalk you guys lurke please as your posts are so useful (Pookey/Giraffes)

sleepdodger Sun 03-Feb-13 18:23:05

Hi could someone link to this regime please, a girl at work has been doing it sine seeing the horizon programme but I've already asked her loads of questions about it and fear looking like a stalker if I ask any more blush
Post DS I was smaller than before at 8-10 but classic pouch
16 months of ft sitting at desk eating has see me creep to 10-12 but without time to exercise properly this is of interest!
Is there anything I should know or be aware of before starting?

GiraffesEatPineapples Sun 03-Feb-13 18:28:43

sleepdodger you need this thread will see you there grin

GiraffesEatPineapples Sun 03-Feb-13 18:30:12

that came out a bit weird but it is 5:2 thread 11. The book is really useful too

Laska42 Sun 03-Feb-13 18:36:54

sleepdodger yes, have a look at t also look at 5:2 thread 11 linked to by giraffeabove and also the hints and links and recipe threads.. you'll find all you need to start out there,, good luck and we'll be waiting here to welcome you to this maintainers thread when you've got there smile (hopefully not too long..)

Laska42 Sun 03-Feb-13 18:39:59

sarah well not with a crane any more anyway! its an interesting manoeuvre, and I usually get wet.. but at least I dont feel so much like a beached whale now.. grin

Breadandwine Sun 03-Feb-13 19:02:45

B&W crumpets were a stunning success! im just about to post a picture of them up on my profile

Excellent, Laska, they do look the business! You’re well ahead of me in the crumpet stakes – I haven’t the patience to wait when I can be tucking into a pikelet in half the time.

(Don’t have any crumpet rings, either. sad)

Next time you do them – or now, if you have some batter left over (I suspect not, looking at how many you made!) – add a handful of sultanas to the batter. Fruit pikelets (or fruit crumpets, if you insist) are an excellent variation on a theme. If you leave the batter overnight with the dried fruit in there, they plump up very satisfactorily – but you’ll need to add more water to get the right batter consistency again.

Here’s my take on ‘em – probably one of the easiest things you can make in the kitchen:

Is it OK to be spoilt if you know you’re being spoilt?

I ask because I’m currently in bed with a bit of a fever. My wife brought me up a mug of coffee about lunchtime, but I was fast asleep – so she went downstairs, made a flask of coffee and put it by my bedside! So when I awoke, about 3.30, there was the hot coffee just ready for me. I realise I’m a very lucky bunny, indeed!

I’ve just drank my second mug – whilst munching on some chilli chocolate and pieces of crystallised ginger. Mmmm!

TDEE – it’s a musical term. When you get fed up of beating time with TDUM, TDUM, etc – you can vary it with TDEE, TDEE! grin

Laska42 Sun 03-Feb-13 19:49:25

its ok to be spoilt once in a while B&W .. hope you feel better soon..will definitely try the pikelets.. I have a Dan Lepard inspired sourdough starter - its a few years old now.. Also may try them with some buckwheat flour added.. sort of blinis..mmm

GiraffesEatPineapples Sun 03-Feb-13 19:49:59

Natasha my fasts -feel- a lot more effective when I stop eating in the early evening before the official fast day and go to bed having already been fasting for 5 hours or so - it makes a really visible difference to the flatness of my tummy by the end of the fast day too, so clearly something I am eating on fast days (toast or dairy) is really bloating. If nothing else 5:2 is giving my tummy a break from these foods.

GiraffesEatPineapples Sun 03-Feb-13 19:53:35

Sorry will go now... but B&W well thought your wife to use a flask- when dp is sick and I leave him a hot drink it always ends up going cold. Laska the crumpets look amazing. Hairy dieters reccommend them as healthy french toast alternative with yoghurt and hot berries.

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