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7lb in 7 days Jason vale

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rusmum Thu 31-Jan-13 19:26:25


Annianni Thu 31-Jan-13 09:45:22

I've done it in the past and lost a stone and half over a couple of months.

I ate a meal in the evening though and had 2 or 3 juices during the day.

I've just started again today and i'm planning on having chicken, rice and veg for tea.

It was going without bread that made the biggest difference for me and I had so much energy.

rusmum Wed 30-Jan-13 11:12:21

Anyone tried this juice diet? Currently on day 5 and just cheated ( has a slice of toast!).
hmm hmm hmm
It's tough , am worried I have made a mistake starting although 5 lb off in 4 days, worried I've slowed metabolism down and will regain more ?


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