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Did you watch the Dispatches programme on WW? I was so shocked.

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CuriousMama Tue 29-Jan-13 20:42:43

I've never followed WW or any diet tbh but watched out of interest as I know a lot who do. Not very successfully tbh. They seem to lose then gain?

What shocked me more was the cost of WW products per 100g compared to other foods with similar point values. I can see people will buy these out of convenience though as they have the points written on. But other products do too don't they?

Just out of interest has anyone had good long term success with WW?

CuriousMama Tue 29-Jan-13 20:44:11

Oh and what also shocked me was the additives in them. The icecream shock They compared it to Hagen Dazs which has around 5, all natural. WW ice cream had around 25, some sounded scary.

craftynclothy Tue 29-Jan-13 20:46:20

It is very easy with WW to eat really crappy food and stay within their points allowance. You do also have to stick to it long term or the weight just piles back on.

Hegsy Fri 01-Feb-13 11:08:16

I thought it was utter rubbish! So patronising and implying that every member of weight watchers is too lazy to calculate points/eat products not made by weight watchers. I have lost nearly 2 stone now and very very rarely buy weight watchers products. I prefer to cook my own and find most people who attend my class do similar. Also the sample was disproportionate. The 2 people they interviewed were not 'typical weight watchers' i.e never stayed to class, didn't track accurately had no motivation. You need to be willing to change for this WOE to work(just like all WOE) but these women hadn't. The meeting s they went to IME are also not 'typical' meetings. My leader doesn't push products in the examples shown and I have visited other meetings and again never felt pressured to buy.

Also why just weight watchers? Why didn't they investigate things like slimming world where you have to buy the expensive books to get proper syn values etc or Cambridge diet/lighterlife where you have to stick to shakes/soups that you can only buy from them.

I just thought it was an ill thought out programme with no major revelations to back up what they were saying.

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