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threestepsforward Mon 28-Jan-13 16:19:36

New thread for the Julian Monkeys!!

Here's to a new year Shedded and Shredded, Ripped, with Killer Buns and Thighs, a 6 Pack, a Revolutionised Body and No More Trouble Zones grin

Any practitioners of Insanity, Turbofire and all other such insane DVDs come and join us too if you like smile

notyummy Sat 27-Apr-13 09:53:39

In hotel gym walking on treadmill -makes a change from walking laps of my town! One lot of Callenetics done- one more to go. Inspired by you lot to buy another couple of Bob H DVDs for after my recovery.

fadingblonde Sun 28-Apr-13 22:07:16

notyummy if I could keep up with your 'injured' exercise regime I'd be happy! I bet you are bobbing before you know it smile

I've ended up having another week off...I was all set to finish killer this week when I got another bought of sinusitis. I'm beginning to think this dvd is cursed....

bettycocker Mon 29-Apr-13 13:30:32

Hello everyone. smile

notnowbernard, my thighs seem to hurt constantly. My knee is worrying me though. I tore a ligament in a martial arts injury and it has been a bit dodgy since then. It feel quite tight. Doing Jillian's DVDs also aggravates my achilles injury. Then again, I don't run these days, so it should be ok.

Jillian uses a lot of jumping jacks and other jumping type exercises. When I first started, it was apparent that my pelvic floor wasn't in good condition, if you catch my drift. blush

I battled through it by clenching as hard as I could, and it's all working perfectly well down below. So, these Jillian Michaels workouts have also done wonders for my pelvic floor.

Jacksterbear Tue 30-Apr-13 13:02:37

Hey all. Just popped in to share this new "T25" workout which looks exciting!

Shred L2 yesterday and contemplating what to do today.

fading, hope the sinuses are better and you are back on Killer! betty nice work on the re-gained pelvic floors! grin

Gavotte, yes it's the shoulder stuff (planks/arm raises) that I find hardest in all Jillian workouts.

notyummy good to hear you are doing as much as you can. x

notyummy Tue 30-Apr-13 16:34:08

Wow- that looks exciting! My DH was watching me doing Insanity once and started muttering about Shaun T being 'a freak of nature with abs like baby new potatoes.'

Happypiglet Tue 30-Apr-13 21:42:56

Hi everyone... I used to be on this thread but fell 'off the Jillian wagon' in October when we went to Disney on hols.... I rocked my bikini there but since then have done literally nothing blush
Until yesterday....
I did L1 Shred and again today. I anticipated awful aching! As I have restarted before and been thru that pain. When I woke today I was Ok but I am starting to seize up this evening.
I could do all of Ripped before I stopped and feel like I have gone right back to square one... But at least I am back on the trail now!
Wish me luck everyone!
I need to catch up so will do some back reading!

CHST Wed 01-May-13 10:58:23

hi happypiglet great to see you back! Push through the will go away in a few days I am sure! Could you do some extra stretching? I found down dog poses very good for tight hamstrings for example,
Jackster I am excited about the T25 workout but it will be ages before we can get it here.
I haven't checked in for a while but have been doing an Body Revolution Insanity hybrid. I have been doing a lot of BR with 5kg weight to push myself. Currently on weeks 5 and 6 as I did week 1 and 2 one week and 3 and 4 one week instead of 2 each. It is good and I think Chalene extreme really helped me to push with bigger weights.
I have been doing insanity on the cardio days of BR and I can't believe i used to do that 6 days a week. It is tough going back to that level of intensity
anyway I got a new Jillian...*kickbox fastfix* which is region 1 still but 3 workouts of 20ish minutes. I decided to punish myself for all the crap eating i have been doing so I did all three back to back. The first focuses on upper body and has a little weight work. on its own it is pretty easy but a good quick workout when short of time. I think the best thing to do is probably double ups. So after that was workout 2 which focuses a lot on lower body so a lot of kick combos. After that workout I felt quite tired but pushed through to workout three which focuses on cardio and wasn't mega intense cardio though.
All in all I'd say workout 2 was hardest and some of the combos take a little while to get down.
I love kick boxing anyway and feel like I have had a good workout.
Hope everyone with injuries takes care of themselves, particularly notyummy I really hope you can do some Bob soon

Happypiglet Wed 01-May-13 14:40:06

Thanks CHST... All that stuff you are doing sounds intense! Maybe I should join a more beginner thread!!! I remember you were all nutty doing double ups and stuff and clearly things have moved on Jillian wise in six months!
L1 again today. Getting easier altho even at my fittest I hate star jumps! Legs ache badly but that's good I suppose..

notnowbernard Wed 01-May-13 15:08:19

Hi to everyone!

Still bumbling through Shred Level 3 - was crazy busy last 2 days so missed Monday and only had time to do 2 of the circuits yesterday (but did Yoga in thf evening do felt a bit better)

Definitely seeing changes... Can see the start of abs for the 1st time in my life EVER!! <faints>

And DP said my backside was feeling a bit firmer

Really want to punch on now. Have finally found something that I can easily fit into my lifestyle - love that it's only 20 min a day, makes it so much more manageable!

threestepsforward Wed 01-May-13 17:50:47

Hello everyone smile

I'm back after a really great few days away. It was freezing but mainly sunny so we were very lucky. Ate so much but luckily there were a few steep coast walks to burn off some of the excesses grin

Site seems to be playing up today so just a quickie to say hello and well done everyone - the great results and new challenges nailed are fantastic to read!

Happypiglet welcome back!! Don't go away, we're all bumbling along on here doing different things so stick with us all for motivation and a kick up the backside where necessary grin

Will check in again tomorrow...

bettycocker Thu 02-May-13 07:06:21

Hello overyone. smile

So, it this T25 workout good then and is it better than the Jillian Michaels DVDs?

I am on level 2 of 6w6p and it does more than just work your abs. Your shoulders, legs and bum get a pretty good workout to. Mine are aching. The second circuit is so fast though. I've been mixing it up with Kickboxing fast fix, BFMB and Killer buns and thighs.

I just got Body Revolution, it looks a bit scarey. Would anyone be able to post a mini review please?

Ahh, those steep coast walks threestep. They can be worse that a Jillian Micheals DVD. grin

CHST Thu 02-May-13 09:34:51

hi betty I have completed BR and am on my second round. There are 12 workouts in a similar format to ripped. 4 circuits of 4 moves done twice with a cardio interval inbetween.
There is a kickstart month where you can do 2 workouts a day (see schedule) but I think this is more for people who are starting out to exercise.
The first two weeks you do workout 1 and 2 and cardio 1
so monday w/o 1, tuesday w/o 2 wednesday cardio 1, and repeat over the next three days...sunday is rest. Weeks 3 and 4 are workouts 3 and 4 and cardio 1, weeks 5 and 6 workout 5 and 6 and cardio 2 etc etc.
Odd number workouts focus on front of the body, evens on the back.
I found generally the odd numbers to be harder than evens, workout 5 has a lot of cable work I don't like, 7 and 11 I found are probably the most challenging.
If you are quite fit, you will probably find the earlier workouts quite easy think level 1 shred. BUT you can make these harder by adding plyo or weight or upping weight.
All in all I love this my fav along with killer buns.
You might get a little bored with the cardio as there is only 1 cardio workout a month so sometimes I subbed for another cardio.
I like how there are lots of people in body revolution.
I think you will love it.
As for T25 it hasn't been launched yet,....will be summer but in the US so will take a while to make it across the pond

threestepsforward Thu 02-May-13 10:00:17

Betty, I barely ached the next day so I'm sure I have Jillian to thank for that! I stupidly drank on one of the nights, which I shouldn't have done as I'm on tablets and they don't mix well blush Ah well! It was interesting not drinking on the other nights and seeing everyone progressively fall apart and end up talking bollocks grin

Well done on L2 6W6P! Easily one of the hardest of JM's I think...

CHST you are the giver of great reviews! Thank you smile

Isn't it annoying that US stuff takes so long to reach here? I don't see why they can't release it at the same time, it's not as if there's not a market for it over here ?!

L2 S&S for me later today. Did L1 yesterday and L3 Shred the day before. This weekend I "Make a Plan" so my exercise starting next week is more structured.

Hope everyone has a lovely day - enjoy the sunshine if you have it!

Happypiglet Thu 02-May-13 10:02:44

L1 Shred done again - that's four in a row! Pleased with myself.
I still find the first cardio section the hardest but managed to push thru most of it today without stopping!
I had forgotten the hell of a whole minute of squats, lunges etc... she doesn't do a minute of anything in Ripped and actually its quite hard to keep going!
Going away from tomorrow so not going to be able to do much... feel all fired up now so that's a bit of a shame! Back to it from Tuesday.
Body Revolution sounds interesting- who is the trainer?

Jacksterbear Thu 02-May-13 19:56:10

Ahh I thought for minute that "steep coast walks" were a new Jillian move, a la duck walks etc! grin

Happypiglet, welcome back and don't leave us! Although I exercise regularly I'm definitely one of the less hardcore on this thread! I love being inspired by the more hardcore, though. smile actually did L1 shred myself today and found it quite tough. Tried to do proper push-ups and got through the first set but then was knackered and never quite recovered. Had to do the second set of push ups on knees, but did do weights with all the cardio.

notnow, that's great re your abs and firm buttocks! grin

betty, sounds like you are doing brilliantly; and good work everyone else too.

threestepsforward Thu 02-May-13 20:38:24

Lol Jacksterbear re the 'coast walk/duck walk' confusion grin
It was great actually, and my back only grumbled the tiniest bit!

Shred always seems challenging whenever I go back to it - I tend to gravitate to L3 as I find it the easiest!

I did L2 S&S today and hopefully will do the double tomorrow.

I have been rather cagey when the subject of smoking has come up on the threads, because I have been a shameful smoker of Silk Cut Silver. Have been for years blush

It annoyed me so much that I embrace exercise and a good diet with chocolate and cake but I still did what is doubtless the worst thing you can do for your health.

But - I gave up a week and a half ago and I'm still going strong smile I'm using one of the those inhaler things which is giving me my drug while I get use to life without the fags. My dad said every time he caught sight of me out of the corner of his eye I looked like I was on fire - with clouds of vapour hanging around me grin

So onwards and upwards - I can already feel a difference when I exercise, yay!

Sorry for epic post and not to namecheck people. Will check back in tomorrow...
Threesteps x

bettycocker Thu 02-May-13 23:27:51

Thanks for the info on Body Revolution CHST. I'm going to have a sneaky peak at it over the weekend.

threesteps, Well done on the smoking. I'm still chewing gum 4 months later, but it's better than smoking. Stopping makes such a difference when you exercise. Doing laval 1 and 2 of Shred is impressive. Are you seeing a difference?

Silk Cuts aren't proper fags are they? grin

level 2 of 6w6p is total madness. I have a 2 KG weight for the first circuit, but can't use it for the second. It's just not possible to move that fast with my dumbell, so I use a 500ml bottle of water insted. blush . It also hurts like hell and I swear and grunt a lot.

Jackster, thanks. The pain is a good sort of pain. Maybe Jillian fans are just masochists?

threestepsforward Fri 03-May-13 08:25:42

Betty that's what I convinced myself for years (not proper fags)! But the amount I smoked I think made up for it blush

Well done you too! I'm with you on the gum. The last time I unsuccessfully gave up I used the gum and became addicted to that too grin (had to be icy white - no others would do)

Really well done on L2 6W6P. It's too fast for me, and too hard I suspect, and I end up getting frustrated and left behind.

I'm being doing double levels of Extreme S&S which are actually really manageable together. I recommend the DVD if you haven't got it - it's really fun and you can choose to do one 1/2 hour level alone or both together to make an hour workout.

Going to spring clean house today and hopefully do the S&S double later. Feel like I'm rocket fuelled at the mo!

Have a great day everyone smile

notyummy Fri 03-May-13 08:34:26

L2 6W6P is proper hard! The nearest Jillian gets to Insanity! I used to use a 3kg weight and I nearly dropped it a couple of times because my hands were so slippery with sweat. I used to hate the second load of moguls because I was so puffed by then. A good workout though- although ironically as much for bottom and thighs as anything else.

Well done on the smoking. I used to years ago but now have literally about 5 a year when really drink and with friends who lead me astray....

Fab day outside. 5 mile walk in my MBTs beckons.

bettycocker Fri 03-May-13 09:04:13

threesteps, Extreme S&S looks good.

An hour of any combination of Jillian Michaels workouts is hardcore, you must be fit as a fiddle!

Then a long soak in the bath with some ginger and clove essential oils. Btw, clove oil is meant to be great for muscular aches and pains and it does seem to help.

Yup, I've been down the gum addicition route before, but it isn't harmful, so you can still get that sweet nicotine hit. smile

notyummy, in that case, insanity must live up to its name. shock

Level 2 of 6W6P is definitely good for your bum and thighs and your shoulders and arms.

Do those MBTs work?

DP said he can see a difference and that I'm much firmer and more toned. I can fit back into my skinny "thin day" jeans again. smile

bettycocker Fri 03-May-13 09:05:31

Sorry, I meant to just write that I have a soak in the bath after I've done an hour. Damn this multitasking. It's time to close the MN tab for the day. grin

Jacksterbear Fri 03-May-13 10:00:52

See, I love L2 6W6P and weirdly don't find it that hard! confused Ok, it is quite hard. But it doesn't have me grunting and gritting my teeth and practically crying, unlike e.g. Ripped L2/3 or NMTZ. I like the fast pace of it; I prefer fast-paced cardio to strength-stuff-that-really-hurts, is what it comes down to I think!

Congrats on the quitting, 3steps flowers.

notyummy Fri 03-May-13 10:11:08

Ah, you see even with pretty heavy weights I don't find NMTZ/Ripped as bad as 6W6P. Which is odd as until recently I would say that cardio wise I was pretty fit- none of her other cardio stuff seems that hard to me at all, and I did a 1/2 marathon in sub 1 hr 40, which is an ok time.

Yes, Insanity is effectively 6W6P L2....except longer, with more jumping, and more press-ups. Press-ups are turned into cardio work because he does literally at double the speed of any of the Jillian stuff...,

Jacksterbear Fri 03-May-13 13:16:09

Hmmm, interesting, I have always assumed Insanity would be way beyond me, but maybe I should give it a go then?!

Decided to do L1 6w6p this morning, as hadn't done it for ages; in fact had only ever done it a few times, I think, before moving on to L2. I actually find it harder than L2 as, although slower, bits of it require more strength, eg the side planks and spider thingies. Did enjoy it more than I thought I would though.

Thinking of ordering a new DVD. Off to look on Amazon; maybe extreme shed and shred or insanity...

Jacksterbear Fri 03-May-13 13:34:12

Yikes £106 for Insanity! Did someone say they were doing insanity on YouTube? If so could anyone give a link? Have tried searching g but there are so many hits, it's not clear which ones are the actual workout as opposed to people's home movies of them doing the workout iyswim!

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