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threestepsforward Mon 28-Jan-13 16:19:36

New thread for the Julian Monkeys!!

Here's to a new year Shedded and Shredded, Ripped, with Killer Buns and Thighs, a 6 Pack, a Revolutionised Body and No More Trouble Zones grin

Any practitioners of Insanity, Turbofire and all other such insane DVDs come and join us too if you like smile

Ponks Tue 19-Mar-13 21:07:26

Hi all.

Congrats on your race time PeggyO! Great feeling to beat your time especially in bad conditions.

All this Bobbing sounds very impressive - I haven't even googled it yet to see what the sessions are like but they sound HARD. I'm sticking to Jillian at the mo.
Well I would if I felt up to it ... had long weekend away with DH but unfortunately something we ate must have disagreed with me as I spent most of Saturday night vomiting ... <romantic>. Have taken couple of days to recover & hopefully get back into things tomorrow. Meanwhile DH is Shredding solo.

PeggyO Wed 20-Mar-13 15:23:46

Hello everybody! brew / wine for fading, threesteps, Ponks and anyone else still struggling along with injury / illness.

Ponks, so sorry to hear your weekend was marred by illness. I hope today has been a better day for you - take it easy as you get back into things, your body is probably still feeling a bit weak and woolly.

gingercat, am super-impressed at you doing warrior 3 with weights! I usually fall over without any additional weight to worry about...

Yesterday I did the full ES&S for the first time, I really love the fact that it's a double workout that has been planned as a double IYSWIM. Rather than me just picking two random levels, Jillian has planned the whole thing to give every part of your body a really good workout. I love it! And I was especially pleased to manage all of the isometric holds in the last circuit with a 3kg weight.

Today was a running day (less than 12 weeks till my half marathon so am officially in training!) and tomorrow it will be back to Bob. I haven't felt as much muscle pain as I had expected after doing it for the first time, so I suspect I will have to go heavier with the weights...hmm

PeggyO Wed 20-Mar-13 15:26:13

Ooh, I just remembered what I wanted to ask you all - has anyone heard about Jillian's new US DVD? No idea when it's out here, but there's a trailer on youtube:

The DJ guy cracks me up! Not sure about the workout itself, it looks like the format is similar to ES&S but without the mix of different workout styles that makes S&S so much fun.

threestepsforward Wed 20-Mar-13 15:45:21

Afternoon everyone smile

After a sunny day, the sky here has gone black and we're just about to receive one hell of a downpour, so glad I'm not outside!

Fading I think those superman / swimmer can be a bit iffy if you have lower back twinges. I see how they feel and stop if it feels wrong. And definitely steer clear of any weights on those exercises! I'm not sure whether it strengthens or strains to be honest - I guess strengthen in the long-term, but strain if there are already niggles there? <clueless emoticon>

Aw Ponks, so sorry you were sick sad Take it easy and hope you're feeling better now.

PeggyO I can't wait to get back to S&S. I only did it all the way through once but really enjoyed it. That new DVD looks fun, wonder when it comes out here. Agree the DJ was funny grin Although the last windshield wiper move they do had me wincing (back).

Day off yesterday as a friend was round, and day off today as I have to take dog to the vet, but it will probably do me good to rest a bit more til my chiro next week. Also away this weekend so will be desperate to get back into it in earnest!

Have a good rest of day all smile

MazzR Wed 20-Mar-13 16:05:19

Hi everyone can I join in? I've been doing Jillian DVDs on and off for 2 yrs now or so. Also taken up running,eating well. Next thing is to conquer the cigs! :-( anyway,I'd gotten up to L2 of 30ds day 5, this time got bored,started 6 wk 6 pack, hate hate hate it! Ha done it before but I cannot do those side planky things at all,just can't. Also didn't have enough pain after... Should I go back to 30ds? It's my belly that really needs to tone but don't want to abandon my arms,arse legs....thing is,I haven't done a thing since Friday but I want to get back to something and stick at it! Any advice?? Thanks

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 19:00:52

Aloha all!

MazzR - welcome! If I were you I'd stick to doing 6W6P, and do L2. I think it gives quite a good all round workout. When I went back to it recently I'd forgotten how much arm work was in it. Then, after that, do NMTZ or BFBM. Just for fun and to really get you going! Do that for a week or so, then switch to something else for another week if you are getting bored.

Threesteps - I hope your dog will be ok. He's been through a lot recently.
May I have some more of those virtual deep heat waves please?! I thought I was managing Bob pretty well, but today I really ache in my arms and legs. I can only think I must have been concentrating on the form and contractions a little harder today. Still, that's why I'm doing it, I love that ache!

I have been checking out Bob's other DVDs reviews. Takes me back to when I first discovered Jillian. I love reading them over and over. I have ordered a Jackie Warner DVD now. It's called Xtreme Timesaver. I thought I could do it when I don't have enough time for Bob. I believe it's 30 mins long and gets a good review from 'Sharnie' on amazon ( she seems to know her stuff).

Ponks - sorry to hear about your weekend. What a shame! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

PeggyO - pleased you enjoyed the whole S&S workout. I haven't put them fully together yet. I think I did 3/4 once. I did see the new Jillian DVD on It's called Hard Body. It gets mixed reviews. I'll have to watch your link. I heard about the DJ!

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 19:06:56

Just watched that link PeggyO. The workout itself looks fine, it's the music that is just awful! May be one to have on mute with your own music once you get used to the moves. Not sure about the DJ - looks like a bit of a joke!

Bobloblaw Wed 20-Mar-13 19:20:59

Can I join you? I bought 30 day shred last year and did it twice but I'm trying really hard now and finding it quite addictive.

I have 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30 and Killer Buns and Thighs. I was alternating, 30 day shred L2 with Killer Buns and Thighs L2 and I'd like to add Ripped in 30 possibly...

Do you take any breaks? I'm on day 9 without a rest day, may calves are aching a lot but I would rather not miss any days.

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 20:14:04

Hi Bobloblaw and welcome! I think workout DVDs are an excellent thing to be addicted to!

Sounds good what you are doing, and good to hear you are aching nicely. Personally, I don't have a break and push on each day, but you have to do what feels right for you. If you are enjoying it, then carry on!

Bobloblaw Wed 20-Mar-13 20:27:53

That is good to know, I think I will power through. I can't get out to exercise very often and the dvds make me feel loads better.

Are any of the Jillian Michaels books any good? I have been browsing on amazon but the reviews are pretty mixed.

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 21:10:32

Don't have any of her books, so can't help you there. Maybe someone else on here might have them? Are they more diet than exercise based?

Bobloblaw Wed 20-Mar-13 21:54:58

I have an amazon voucher burning a hole in my pocket but I don't think I will bother,they seem to be self help/lifestyle books which isn't really what I'm after. Thank you

threestepsforward Wed 20-Mar-13 21:59:50

Welcome Mazz and Boblo!

Mazz I second MissT in that L2 of 6W6P is a bloody good all over workout so stick with that if you're in the zone at the moment smile

Boblo I think Jillian actually recommends at least 1 day of rest a week at the start of one of her DVDs. You need to give your muscles time to repair after the bashing they're taking, and they do take a seriously good bashing with her stuff!! I'd take at least 1 day a week off, take a deep breath and enjoy, ah... grin

Well done you for getting stuck in though - I know you just want to keep going and going and going when you get into it. (I'm also convinced MissT is actually a titanium-made superhero lol!)

MissT, only joking wink You are an amazing exercising woman though! Let us know about Jackie, it's always good to hear about new stuff and reviews...

May not get back here before next week, I will be mostly being slovenly and lazy and on trains, but hoping for good things at chiro next week smile

Take care all x

MazzR Wed 20-Mar-13 22:02:20

Thank you!! Level two it is!!! I never got that far before. Love this thread.

threestepsforward Wed 20-Mar-13 22:08:33

No worries Mazz, stick with us for a kick up the bum encouragement!

MissT, I meant to add dog is fine, it was his ear this time! His ears are a serious design flaw and collect all sorts of nasties as they are so big and they stick up! Prescription ear drops should do the trick smile

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 22:12:56

Ha ha threesteps! blush I wish I was a titanium-made superhero!!! Hope all goes well with you chiropractor appt, look after yourself traveling around x

Bobloblaw - an amazon voucher wouldn't last long in my pocket!

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 22:15:34

Oh good re your dog threesteps!

MazzR - let us know how you get on.

Good night all x

MazzR Thu 21-Mar-13 10:40:19

Ok,so I did circuit 1 of level 1&2 6 wk 6 p. would just circuits 1 be enough to make a difference? I can't cope with double time!!!

MissTFied Thu 21-Mar-13 16:17:45

Hi MazzR - I'm sure doing circuit 1 of both levels would make a difference over time, but for faster results, I'd say try to step it up and do the faster circuits. Honestly, you WILL be able to do it, it's amazing how quickly your body adapts if you push it. It may take three or four days of trying but you will be get there in the end!

YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck!

MazzR Fri 22-Mar-13 11:04:48

So I went back to shred,level 2. I couldn't bear the thoughts of any of the others at the moment. Plus I always found the shred effective. excuses .hows everyone else doing??

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Fri 22-Mar-13 11:37:18

hi can I come and join?
have just started 30 day shred (again) also have 6w6pack no more trouble zones and boost mat and burn fat. I love Jillian but have fallen out of sync for about a year and having recently noticed how my body is starting to umm sag so need a kick up the butt and a workable regime (back at college two little ones and a business tend to keep me too busy for myself). I also have a swim membership at the local pool but my body has got so that I don't really want to go. Did my first day of shred this morning and had forgotten how good it was may even attempt it again tonight 20mins is nothing, love it.
I would really just like some like some like minded people to chat to about it and keep kicking me up the ass motivated.

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Fri 22-Mar-13 11:40:32

ooh meant to say have also weighed myself and taken measurements of my trouble zones waist hips and thighs and will be tracking it every 10 days, I only have 7lbs to lose but really need to tone and firm so measurements should confirm if I have

PeggyO Fri 22-Mar-13 17:57:10

Happy weekend everybody! And welcome to MazzR, Bobloblaw and mothersmilk, lovely to have some new folks with us.

MazzR, I too hated 6W6P at first, and couldn't do the side planks at all either - I took a break from it for a couple of months and focused on other DVDs instead, and when I went back to it I surprised myself by not only really enjoying it but managing to do all the side planks! It's a tough workout so you may just have to work up to it and just try and push that bit further each time. Mixing it up with the Shred sounds like a great plan to me.

Boboblaw, I am a big believer in a rest day once a week (clearly not as hardcore as Titanium MissT grin!) Most fitness trainers will tell you how important it is not to over-train - any short-term gain may well be cancelled out in long-term injury issues if you are not giving your body time to repair and recover. So it's probably best to listen to your body and if you need to rest, rest!

Well done on getting back into it mothersmilk! This thread is brilliant for motivation and support so keep posting. Are you going to focus on the Shred for now, or do you think you'll mix in some of the other DVDs too?

I did Bob's Super Strength for the second time yesterday, and used 2.5kg weights for most of it (except some of the isometric extensions and those killer T-stands at the end, where I dropped down to 1.5kg.) I find Francisco, one of the backing people, hilarious - he's clearly using weights that are too heavy, as his form is shocking and every time Bob turns around he stops lifting and bends over to catch his breath!

This morning I went back to the full ES&S, my new favourite! I'm a sweaty mess by the end but I'm always buzzing afterwards, it gets my endorphins rushing round like crazy!

I'm meant to be going for a run tomorrow, but have managed to strain a muscle in my foot somehow so if it's not better by the morning I may substitute in another Bob workout instead - hardly any jumping around so hopefully foot friendly.

Aargh, sorry everyone, I have once again written an essay...I'll hit post and stop talking now, I promise!

Bobloblaw Fri 22-Mar-13 18:31:07

I did rest yesterday and it felt hard today, I'm not sore anymore though which is nice.

Is it best to alternate dvds or stick to one then change? I like killer buns and thighs and would love to tone up my bum but there is no ab stuff and they need work too!

I have only been doing this for 10 days properly and my energy levels are loads better. Also my dd needs a lot of lifting/manual handling and my back hasn't been hurting as much.

MazzR Fri 22-Mar-13 19:36:45

What bobs super strength?

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