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threestepsforward Mon 28-Jan-13 16:19:36

New thread for the Julian Monkeys!!

Here's to a new year Shedded and Shredded, Ripped, with Killer Buns and Thighs, a 6 Pack, a Revolutionised Body and No More Trouble Zones grin

Any practitioners of Insanity, Turbofire and all other such insane DVDs come and join us too if you like smile

DiamondDoris Mon 28-Jan-13 17:57:54

I'm doing the Ripped in 30 and KBAT (I'm only on d1/l1 of each, rest day today). They are bloody hard going, ache the next day but the pain is worth it. I'm combining these with lowish carb diet. I've only got 3 or 4 lbs to lose but I want to maintain this and tone up at the same time.

PeggyO Mon 28-Jan-13 18:25:49

Woohoo, new thread! Thanks threesteps, hope your back is continuing to feel better! And hello DiamondDoris, are you doing both every day or alternating? Those workouts will definitely tone you up - and if you're getting nice and sore it sounds like they are already working!

No Julian for me over the weekend - I went for a run with a friend on Saturday morning, we went while it was still dark (!) and it was so beautiful running through the park as the sun rose with all the birds singing around us. Yesterday was my rest day, and today I was back on L2 6W6P with a pilates tricep workout to follow.

My exciting news of the day - I have ordered KB&T AND S&S! And some 3kg and 4kg weights. I am quite tragically excited about this so felt the need to share with some people who would understand!

gingercat, alternating L1 and L2 sounds like a really good plan - I will finish my 4th week of 6W6P tomorrow (2 weeks on L1 and 2 on L2) so maybe I will stick with it for another 2 weeks and just alternate between levels each day.

MissT, WELL DONE YOU on reaching your magic number! Such a brilliant achievement. It seems like you are really feeling the Shaun T love at the moment! At the beginning of F&F I start to wonder why on earth I am putting myself through it, but it is such a great feeling when you get to that last sprint section!

fadingblonde, the speed of 6W6P definitely makes it tricky. Thinking about it now, maybe that's why Jillian advises that you spend a few weeks at each level - it gives you a chance to start slowly and work on your form. Doing each circuit once would give you a brilliant workout I think, let us know how you get on!

Very impressed by all of you who fit workouts around kids. I don't have children yet so feel like a bit of an imposter really!

fadingblonde Mon 28-Jan-13 18:43:08

Evening all, marking place.

Peggy0 I tried doing each circuit once of 6w6p today and it felt alot better, more like I'd worked out and not so boring. I think I'll keep doing this and hope my form improves so I can go faster - even on the first circuit I'm wobbling.

Oh and ditto your exciting news - I ordered Killer today and thought 'why not get S&S while I'm at it'!

DiamondDoris Mon 28-Jan-13 18:46:04

Peggy I should just be concentrating on RI30, but couldn't wait to try KBAT (wish I hadn't). I think I should have started on the Shred but never mind. I had fairly good biceps to start with but have discovered I have no upper body strength whatsoever and coordination not so good either, but when I start something I get obsessed grin. Whether you're a parent or not it is difficult to fit it in!

DiamondDoris Mon 28-Jan-13 18:47:45

Oh and Peggy you sound like a veteran - hope I can keep it up too.

PeggyO Mon 28-Jan-13 19:35:51

fading, glad to hear your new 6W6P plan worked out better for you. How funny that you ordered the same DVDs, we will have to compare notes once we've finished 6-packing!

Diamond, haha, love the fact that you couldn't wait to start KBAT! I also have rubbish coordination and upper body strength although it is gradually improving thanks to Jillian. Like you once I start something I get pretty obsessed! I reckon you will be able to stick with it - keep checking in here, it's really motivating to hear what everyone else is up to. (blush & grin at being called a veteran!)

MissTFied Mon 28-Jan-13 20:47:51

Shiny new thread to fill with thrilling tales of Ms Michaels! Thanks threesteps!

Hello diamonddoris. I am barely holding myself back from starting KB&T. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Good to hear you ache though!

PeggyO - your run through the breaking dawn sounds great. I used to love a ramble through the countryside. Certainly clears the head.

Peggy and fading - it IS exciting ordering and receiving new DVDs! I have two more to keep me going and then I shall do some research into what next. Dare I leave Julian? Do I cheat with Chalene? Of course then there's Shaun....

What I like about F&F is you seem to go straight into it. He does a warm up, but it's quite full on, then you get a nice rest with a few stretches, the BAM! In you go!

threestepsforward Tue 29-Jan-13 11:31:17

Good morning all smile

Ooo lots of lovely shopping going on here! Peggy great news on the new weights - will they deliver them by post?!? (let's hope the postie is a Shredder lol)

Peggy no DCs here either! (perhaps not ever going to happen - age again!). We can be DC-less infiltrators in crime grin. Absolutely, hats off to everyone exercising around their DCs, I only have to avoid the dog - but he's used to it now and long-sufferingly watches the crazy lady flying around the room!

I really hope you guys enjoy Killer. After Shaun it may seem a bit, hmm, tame, but I can vouch for the fact you really will have killer (titanium) buns and thighs if you do it! There are good cardio bursts in there too...

Back feels much better today but I'm scared of doing it in again, gah! I'm thinking I will do killer L1 today as it will be the least likely to aggravate it. That way I can see how it feels, hopefully without setting it off again.

I mentioned the age issue mainly in gest, but thinking about it I am getting way more niggles than I used to, and like someone pointed on the previous thread, they all take that much longer to mend [sad face]

Fingers crossed, will check in again later. Have a great day everyone smile

threestepsforward Tue 29-Jan-13 11:31:52

And welcome DiamondDoris, great to meet you!

DiamondDoris Tue 29-Jan-13 14:20:56

And hello to you threesteps and everyone else. I'm going to do D2/L1 of Ripped now before picking DCs up from school. Should have eaten lunch earlier, but I'm going to do it anyway on a fairly full stomach!

prettybird Tue 29-Jan-13 18:18:29

I'm on Day 2 of Level 4 of Ripped. It's tough angry <= my face. blush

There are some of the exercise I just can't do: like the burpees - can only do them at less than half the speed that they're doing at.

But, combined with doing Boot Camp, I have lost a stone since 7 January! smile

threestepsforward Tue 29-Jan-13 18:34:39

Wow prettybird, 1 stone this month? That is absolutely brilliant!!!! How does boot camp compare to Jillian? You must feel amazing right now!

Burpees are tough - is it Ripped that you do them on one leg? I know you do somewhere in Killer Buns and it's blinking impossible!

Doris, hope Ripped on a full stomach was without mishap grin

I did L1 Killer as a compromise for my back. It all went fine actually, so here's hoping... I might stick with Killer for the rest of this week and look again at S&S at the weekend.

Hope everyone's had a good day ...

prettybird Tue 29-Jan-13 18:48:32

I don't know Jillian's diet regime; Boot Camp is the Low Carb/High Fat/High Protein Way of Eating being led by BIWI and her big stick.

I'm just generally trying to be fitter and more energetic - as well as Ripped, I am running up and down the stairs, walking to the shops rather than taking the car, jigging in the car to good tunes on the radio much to ds' extreme embarrassment winkgrin

threestepsforward Tue 29-Jan-13 20:03:49

Ah, I got the wrong end of the stick - thought Boot Camp was another exercise regime!

That plus Ripped / Jillian M is obviously a winning combination. Massive congratulations on what you've achieved this month Prettybird <high fives> smile

Ponks Tue 29-Jan-13 20:38:02

Hey Prettybird, well done with the weight loss! Level 4 sounds v.tough - haven't had my DVD yet but given that I am only on Shred L2 I can't imagine getting to L4 of anything grin.

I've also lost weight - 1/2 stone! - since new year - through Shred and eating sensibly i.e. no snacks/puds etc. BUT damn and blast I think I have aggravated my achilles injury. sad Think it must be the high impact stuff - high knees jumping etc. One reason I liked Shred was the limited cardio so as to put as little pressure on my ankle as possible. I'm having a night off tonight and will try again tomorrow.

threestepsforward Wed 30-Jan-13 16:49:47

Ponks, oh no sad I've been on and off the injury bench too, it's so frustrating. Take it easy and hope it feels better soon...
Massive congratulations too on the weight loss, just brilliant smile

Everyone is kicking January's ass grin

I managed another L1 Killer this afternoon and my back still feels okay, hurrah! Going to stick with this for the rest of the week, by which time hopefully it will have forgotten what it was grumbling about!

Hope everyone's doing well x

Ponks Wed 30-Jan-13 23:09:39

Thanks threesteps, I did Shred L2 tonight and just took it a bit easier on the cardio jumping ... achilles didn't hurt during or afterwards so fingers crossed. I couldn't bear to get injured just when I am starting to get into it!

Incidentally ... plank jacks!? squat thrusts!? They are torment! I simply cannot maintain a proper plank with my shoulders over my hands while I do it!

threestepsforward Thu 31-Jan-13 09:13:47

She luuuuuves the plank stuff, does Jillian grin
They are tough but stick with it - you'll suddenly find you get stronger / they get easier... I think the consensus is that L2 Shred is the hardest of the Shred levels!!

Just thinking about your achilles injury - you could substitute the high impact stuff until it's better? You could do boxing and there's also a cardio in Ripped where you stand in a lunge, so your bottom half is still, and furiously pump your arms (bit like power walking). You could add weights to either of these too for more oomph if you wanted to.

Hope it continues to get better smile

More Killer for me later. Will check in later. Have a good day everyone!

joshandjamie Thu 31-Jan-13 09:47:07

I have just completed day 30 of the 30 day shred. On 1 Jan I went for a 3 mile run. I started 30 day shred on 2 JAn. Just finished (with a flourish I might add by doing levels 3 and 2). I will be celebrating with a large glass of wine tonight

gingercat12 Thu 31-Jan-13 12:22:00

Ponks Half a stone?! Wow!!!!

JoshandJamie Well done! Enjoy your treat!

Prettybird I think there is a reason that warm-down at the end of Ripped L4 is just lying around on a mat grin. It gets much easier in time though. Just like L2 of Shred, Ponks.

Threesteps I love Killer, hopefully it eases you back a little bit.

If eveytthing goes well, I'll finish 6W6P tomorrow and start BR next week. So excited!

threestepsforward Thu 31-Jan-13 16:46:19

Gingercat woo hoo at finishing 6W6P tomorrow!! And woo hoo at starting BR next week! Can't wait to hear what you think of it smile

JoshandJamie brilliant, well done finishing Shred, and ending on a double to boot! Enjoy that big glass of well-deserved wine tonight!

Another Killer for me today. Added 3 kg weights to the lunges and butt kicks. I definitely didn't add weights to the swimmers, and I also substituted the judo bridge move as I'm not risking anything twisty at this point...

sooooo far so good!

Hope everyone's doing well smile

prettybird Thu 31-Jan-13 17:20:42

Only one maybe two more day of Level 4 Ripped. smile

Will start on the Shred again from Monday. It'll be interesting to see if I find it easier this time around.

DiamondDoris Thu 31-Jan-13 18:06:34

Not done Ripped today (feel really guilty) - my ankles have gone - maybe slight arthritis. Hoping to do it tomorrow. God, I admire you lot.

Rollergirl1 Thu 31-Jan-13 18:23:17

Hey everyone. Lovely to see a shiney new thread and lots of new faces!

I have 2 more days left of BFBM and as of Monday i'm starting on 6W6P. Can anyone tell me what is the format of that one? I have read that there are two levels and the second one is super fast. But how long are they?

This is quite good timing for me starting this one as I think I may have spotted my obliques beginning to show and the beginnings of that line down the middle of your torso (can't remember what that muscle is called?) this morning when getting dressed. Not sure i'll ever have a six-pack but am looking forward to getting a bit more defined!

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