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Weight watchers - struggling to eat points daily

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INeedThatForkOff Sat 26-Jan-13 22:16:49

If you're not eating pasta and potatoes you're bound to struggle to eat all your points, unless you're replacing them with, say, couscous. I can't see it being a problem, but you could always boost your intake with nuts ...

fledtoscotland Sat 26-Jan-13 19:41:54

Am on wk 2 of weight watchers. Lost 3lbs last week smile and am on 36pts daily but really struggling to actually eat that!

Breakfast is bran flakes with berries, lunch is a wrap,with salad, ww crisps and a WW choc bar. Dinner is a sensible meal. I genuinely don't like potatoes or large amounts of pasta. My downfall is portions and chocolate which I'm addressing but I still struggle to eat more than 29-31 pts without eating when I'm not hungry.

What am I doing wrong?

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