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Anyone else using Raspberry Ketone tablets to speed up metabolism?

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Mum2DS1andDS2 Fri 25-Jan-13 12:36:10

Hi, I am 5 foot 8" and currently weigh a rather hefty 16 stone 8lbs shock blush !

I have 2 gorgeous healthy sons, one is 5 years old, the littley is 13 months. I need to get slimmer and fitter for their sakes and my own. I am disgustingly unfit and look horrible. Don't want to be all woe is me, it's my own fault, I eat faaaar too much and all the wrong things. It's time to change! So I have invested in some Raspberry Ketone suppliments and colon cleanse tablets to try and clear out the toxins. I have started eating healthily and trying to keep active.

I am trying to lose about 5 stone but it's not easy is it?!

grants1000 Fri 25-Jan-13 13:37:40

Hi I am similar to you 5 8 and 15 9 stone and have two sons, even though one is 10 and one is 5! I read about raspberry too but not have bought any yet. I am just taking it week by week and have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks but wating less shite and moving more, I bought an cheapo exercise bike for argos and sit on it in front of the tv, not cycling like a maniac but just MOVING. I also got this free app on my Ipod called My Fitness App, where you input all your details and it tells you how many calories you need each day, so you just put in what you eat until you've eaten enough, no arsing about counting points or red or green days etc etc a mate has been doing it since Jan 1 and lost 11 pound, you can also link up with friends to see what they are doing and eating. Don't think of it as 5 stone either, I be happy with being 12.5 stone, I am thinking of it as a stone at a time!

Mum2DS1andDS2 Fri 25-Jan-13 14:25:38

Grants1000 I like the idea of the phone ap but I have a blackberry not an iphone so not sure if there's anything like that. Well done on losing the 11bs! That's very good and tangible progress.

I am taking your advice and trying not to think of it as 5 stone which just sounds like an enormous amount. I am going to think of it in terms of pounds and maybe split it into groups of 10lbs rather than talking in terms of stones.

Each pound off is a success!!!

whatsforyou Fri 01-Feb-13 19:43:45

Found this thread and was just wondering if you had any luck with the raspberry ketones? I am always such a sucker for the latest miracle fix!

Movingforward123 Sun 17-Mar-13 20:51:52

Hi. I'm also wondering if it has worked? Please report back and let us know grin

Pollymagoo Tue 26-Mar-13 09:04:35

Complete load of rubbish. A con and misleading in terms of price. Says you can trial for 14 days but this starts running from time of order and the. It takes another 5- 6 days t get your order so you really only have less than a week to trial and cancel if it doesn't work
Don't spend the money use it to go to the gym or out for a good walk or buy yourself something nice and stop fretting
I can't believe how many intelligent women like myself are suckered into the magic diet when we all know that we must eat better, less exercise more and accept that we might not have the figures we did per kids and when we were 25
I am currently fighting I e of the companies to be reimbursed because I believe they are breaking UK law by misleading statements about Terms and conditions
They are almost I possible to contact
If there were reputable company they would respond to e mails

MrsTowMater Sat 22-Feb-14 19:30:17

Hiya moving forward it's me under a different name! Can't really say whether the tablets worked or not to be honest. My gut instinct would be to say no because I probably would have lost the weight through healthy eating anyway but they did kind of inspire me to stick to healthy eating so perhaps had some kind of placebo effect. Not sure! I ended up ditching the raspberry ketone tablets and joining slimming world instead. I have gone from 16 stone 8lbs to 14 stone 7. Still about 4 stone over weight but I am sticking at it and it's coming off about 2lbs a week which I am thrilled with. My advice (though probably too late) would be to not bother with the tablets and just go for healthy eating. Sounds boring but there isn't a quick fix. xx

How did it turn out Pollymagoo? Sorry you got sucked into it all. I should add I did cancel my order within the first week so I wouldn't get charged but they sent me out another months worth of tablets which I am yet to pay for and haven't actually opened!

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