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Stop Bingeing and Start Eating Healthily Thread

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SnowyWellies Thu 24-Jan-13 06:21:40

Would anyone like to join me? I am a yo yo dieter, a failed WW (could not bear the small portions) failed SW (went wild on Free foods) and I eat too much of the wrong sorts of food. I binge then starve and I want to get out of that cycle. I also enjoy my evening 3 glass of wine a little too much! I feel bloated, pasty, tired and I hate how I look in the mirror. I am about to hit 40, and I refuse to spend any more time hating myself. I want to deal with my psychological food issues, and I want to finally be the woman I am meant to be.

I am 5 ft 2 and weigh 11 stone 3.

My aim- to increase fruit and veg. To cut out wheat as I bloat very badly on wheat. To take as much care over my own diet as I do over the diets of my children and my husband. To not treat my body like a rubbish bin.

As of this morning. I am tired. My skin is pale and blotchy. I am very bloated in the stomach. I am aiming to lose 24 pounds, but want to do it properly and without feeling deprived. I want to make this process luxurious, with a focus on gorgeous healthy food.

Today's plan:

Breakfast - fruit and natural yoghurt with a drizzle of honey.

Lunch - home made carrot and coriander soup.

Dinner - fresh veg risotto.

I need ideas for delicious alcohol-free drinks. Currently I love a splash of grapefruit juice and soda water.

Anyone want to join me? The focus is on good food, and to deal with the psychological issues around bingeing and self hatred. I am not a psychologist, just someone who needs- and can offer support!

Weigh in days will be Mondays and Thursdays.

coolkat Sat 23-Feb-13 18:13:04

Avoided take out tonight by getting a meal in from m and s. meringue and strawberries for pudding smile

twinklestar2 Sat 23-Feb-13 23:18:20

I had:

Bacon egg and beans for brekkie

Went to a burger bar for lunch and had a falafel burger without the bun but with salad smile
Skinny latte

Too full from lunch for dinner so snacked on a couple of ryvita thins with houmous

MissWooWoo Sun 24-Feb-13 08:11:24

M&S meal sounds like a great takeaway alternative to me coolkat love their food. Big fan of ryvita here twinkle but never tried the thins, must try them.
The curry got postponed as dh forgot to soak the lentils so we had a lovely chorizo and cannellini bean stew with green beans.
Really tired today as dd has been awake since 5.30!!! Food choices are always tricky for me when I'm tired as want a quick fix so to speak. I think eggs on rye bread with tomatoes for breakfast is the way to go as the usual yoghurt and fruit is just not going to cut it!
Have a great day everyone

Labootin Sun 24-Feb-13 10:02:11

Room for another ?
I have truly screwed up eating habits (I did modelling/promo work in the early 1990,s it was not unusual to eat tissues and snort a line and consider that a balanced diet blush

I can go days without sight of anything that has been sourced naturally and having hit 40 I can't get away with it anymore (I admit to being incredibly vain and shallow !)

So I shall attempt berries and nuts and yoghurt for breakfast as a start instead of black coffee and a silk cut

Labootin Sun 24-Feb-13 10:05:38

it's 2pm where I am so will start tomorrow

I'm also guilty of the wine and crisps binge (I can eat a family size back of walkers sensations in about 10 mins ...) and then polish off a bottle of wine and call that dinner (that sounds dreadful written down ..)

twinklestar2 Sun 24-Feb-13 10:14:15

Welcome labootin!

Labootin Sun 24-Feb-13 10:22:55

Ah thank you twinkle ! I suspect planning what to eat will be helpful, I have a housekeeper but she does the childrens food (I am strict about vegetables and proper food for them .. But I often say i'll sort myself out and then fail miserably)

MissWooWoo Sun 24-Feb-13 13:06:37

haha Labootin those were the days wink

Flossiechops Sun 24-Feb-13 18:59:51

Welcome to the pack labootin! Well I have been at work all weekend and have managed to not binge which is fantastic. Went for a curry with dh and dc last night but our local do a low fat balti which is divine. Today has been ok too. I have decided that my first priority is to sort out the binging then weight loss is sure to follow. I'm trying to do mfp but 1200kcal is brutal tbh! I would love to be at my goal of 9st by the end of June so 4 months to lose 24lbs.
labootin your diet (minus the fags) sounds similar to mine, I eat nothing with any nutritional value for days and days realistically it's more like weeks.

It's a pity we can't all weigh in on the same day? When do you all weigh in?

coolkat Sun 24-Feb-13 19:45:05

Welcome laboutin. Flossie I am terrible as I weigh daily unless I know I have been struggling with digestion (tmi) then don't weigh for fear of it being more. I have had an incredibly bad relationship with food in the past and it's the cycle of this I want to break. By coming here hopefully I find myself talking less about food etc in real life sad

Not a great day but have been very active and weekends are always worse for me. I did work days much easier. Helps that I meal plan for the week.

Anyone setting a small target for the week? I shall try to exercise at least 4 times again. smile

twinklestar2 Sun 24-Feb-13 20:23:15

Not a great day food wise but within cals on mfp (if I don't count the wine!)

Flossiechops Sun 24-Feb-13 21:39:33

coolkat I have also weighed daily in the past but I'm really trying to stop that as if they tell me I've gained I just give up and binge. I need to turn the 'sod it I'm not worth it' into 'come on Flossie you can do it'!! I find it really difficult to fit exercise in when I'm working and I don't have a day off now until Thursday. Will try and run tomorrow after work but my legs are lumps of led at night! Have a good week all smile

twinklestar2 Sun 24-Feb-13 23:23:03

Feel so sick at bad food and wine sad

Labootin Mon 25-Feb-13 04:12:01

thanks for the welcome .. I weigh myself daily my mood is so linked to the scale it's ridiculous ...

I've got a month until I go on holiday (back to England .. My hols are weird I am in a bikini at home and thermals on holiday!) and I'd like to have made a significant (ie wow labootin you look AMAZING ..heh heh)difference by then , it doesn't have to be weightloss though I could happily lose a stone!

last night I had a tuna salad, and that was it ! no glass of wine because I need to "unwind" no cheese crisps and biscuits because I was starving .. Had rather odd dreams though!

started as I mean to go on .. Handful of nuts, porridge oats, blueberries and a splash of milk. if I eat sensible meals (with protein) I won't (so my theory goes) get the 8pm red mist ...

SnowyWellies Mon 25-Feb-13 07:05:17

Good morning all!

Welcome Labootin. Your dinners of wine and crisps sound familiar to me!

I weigh in Thursdays. Anyone want to join a Thursday weigh in?

Hope you feel better today twinkle

I had a so so weekend. We were very cold so went to the local pub for lunch yesterday. I had three small white wine spitzers, and chilli nachos. But I got bored of the fat and grease so stopped halfway through. No dinner, just another glass of wine and then the entire family were in bed snuggled into our blankets at 7.30.

Goals for me for this week:

Food goal - to write down daily in advance my menu and to stick to it. I have been skipping meals lately.

Drink goal - herbal teas and water.

Mindset goal - Yesterday I thought to myself that maybe I should eat like I was already slim, and already had the attitude to food that I want to have. i.e. sensible, straightforward, not fearful. So instead of working towards that as my (unachievable) goal, bring the goal to me and behave as if I am already that person.

So that is my mindset goal for this week.

Today's menu:

Breakfast - natural yoghurt, handful of cashews, dried figs and honey
Lunch - vegetable soup, 1 slice pumpkernickel bread with green leaves and a boiled egg
Dinner - chicken casserole with broccoli, beans and a small amount of rice.

Hope you all have great days!

Labootin Mon 25-Feb-13 07:29:58

morning Snowy very positive re mindset !

Have been to the supermarket and stocked up on healthy stuff I'll actually eat (rather than mung beans sat forlornly in the salad box destined for the bin)

Today's menu : Breakfast done (oats/berries/nuts)

Lunch: sandwich (seedy bread with ham and salad) probably a yoghurt possibly a biscuit (I'm not going to go totally barnstormingly crazy as this is a lifestyle change see I'm already making excuses )
Dinner: feta salad with homemade wedges and salsa

snacks of fruit and copious cups of tea

Will attempt no alcohol but see how it goes ...

Labootin Mon 25-Feb-13 07:32:55

Oh and will do Thursday weigh in (Thursday is my Friday as Middle East has Fri and Saturday as weekends)

SnowyWellies Mon 25-Feb-13 07:42:07

Good morning Labootin!

I am envious that you are ina palce where salads seem like a good idea! I am so tired of this cold bleak weather!

twinklestar2 Mon 25-Feb-13 09:28:38

My menu today

Fruit and yogurt

Houmous salad wrap

Lamb steak and veg

MissWooWoo Mon 25-Feb-13 13:42:14

afternoon all

I've not had anything to eat today yet shock as had to take dd to the dr's first thing following a shitty night, turns out she's got an ear infection. The whole thing has got me completely out of kilter and I'm so tired that all I fancy is cups of tea/coffee - most odd.

Lunch is going to be a hearty vegetable soup with ryvita, hummus, cucumber and red pepper.
Dinner is roast chicken with lots of veg, a small amount of potato and some gravy.

Goal for the week is to keep making wise choices and to have another booze free weekend.

Flossiechops Mon 25-Feb-13 18:32:58

Ok labootin and Snowy lets weigh in in Thursday and post our results, hoping it may keep us motivated grin

coolkat Mon 25-Feb-13 19:23:19

I will post my Thursday result as well grin

Labootin Tue 26-Feb-13 03:07:44

morning ! (though I suspect you are all fast asleep so I'll be talking to myself!)

Stuck to my plan yesterday, no alcohol = no binge

I drank about six glasses of water last night with ice and a slice of lime.(surprisingly nice WHY have I not done that before???)

Am off out for coffee with a friend this morning, will stick to a skinny latte which always fills me up.

Lunch will be a sandwich of sorts and dinner will be chicken and rice

have a good day y'all

SnowyWellies Tue 26-Feb-13 07:11:36

Good morning!

Well I did quite well yesterday, but got hungry late afternoon so had a few slices of ham.


B- yoghurt, nuts, dried figs, chopped apple and honey. plus two white coffees
L - veg soup, slice of rye bread with lettuce, cucumber, ham and a boiled egg
Dinner - bangers and mash but I will have 1 sausage, 1 small scoop of mash and will fill up on green beans and broccoli. I will also have one glass of red with it.

Hope your daughter is better soon MissWooWoo.

Ugh I have a busy and stressful day ahead. I am currently very very unhappy in my job (although working out my notice) and it is the kind of situation where people get scapegoated for things. Quite a toxic nasty environment to work I think. I always say that we have 'responsibility without power' so if something goes tits up you get clobbered, but you do not actually have the ability to change things, as decision-making goes further up the line. I am in that situation now where on a contract the other party have at the last minute changed the conditions so the project will fall apart and I am going to be kicked by my boss, even though I could not forsee it, and they have done the nasty on us. I am not even meant to be working today and I am sitting at my desk stressing about it. So hopefully no confort eating.... sad

That is just one reason why I handed in my notice before Christmas........ I know I am on the last stretch, but it is still a bit anxiety-provoking.

hence the rewarding glass of red with dinner......

Hope everyone has a good day.

Labootin Tue 26-Feb-13 11:06:16

Snowy sounds stressful.. I recommend a desk calendar and a big fat marker pen to cross the days off ...

hope miniWoo s earaches better ds gets awful earache it's horrendous.

I went shopping today and bought a new nail varnish am going to paint my nails tonight as a distraction (crisps and wet varnish do not mix)

Dinner has turned into pork chops roasted veg and couscous as I went to the pork shop (supermarkets here have to have special licensed pork sections for non Muslims)

I do feel a lot more energetic today and dare I say it my skin feels a bit smoother .

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