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Stop Bingeing and Start Eating Healthily Thread

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SnowyWellies Thu 24-Jan-13 06:21:40

Would anyone like to join me? I am a yo yo dieter, a failed WW (could not bear the small portions) failed SW (went wild on Free foods) and I eat too much of the wrong sorts of food. I binge then starve and I want to get out of that cycle. I also enjoy my evening 3 glass of wine a little too much! I feel bloated, pasty, tired and I hate how I look in the mirror. I am about to hit 40, and I refuse to spend any more time hating myself. I want to deal with my psychological food issues, and I want to finally be the woman I am meant to be.

I am 5 ft 2 and weigh 11 stone 3.

My aim- to increase fruit and veg. To cut out wheat as I bloat very badly on wheat. To take as much care over my own diet as I do over the diets of my children and my husband. To not treat my body like a rubbish bin.

As of this morning. I am tired. My skin is pale and blotchy. I am very bloated in the stomach. I am aiming to lose 24 pounds, but want to do it properly and without feeling deprived. I want to make this process luxurious, with a focus on gorgeous healthy food.

Today's plan:

Breakfast - fruit and natural yoghurt with a drizzle of honey.

Lunch - home made carrot and coriander soup.

Dinner - fresh veg risotto.

I need ideas for delicious alcohol-free drinks. Currently I love a splash of grapefruit juice and soda water.

Anyone want to join me? The focus is on good food, and to deal with the psychological issues around bingeing and self hatred. I am not a psychologist, just someone who needs- and can offer support!

Weigh in days will be Mondays and Thursdays.

coolkat Wed 30-Jan-13 21:16:33

Ps welcome celestial - looks like a small Number of us trying to drop our vices to become healthier and lighter in the process smile

SnowyWellies Thu 31-Jan-13 07:02:33

Good morning all! Hi Celestial H everyone.
'official' WI this morning, and I am still 10.13 so am prepared to accept it grin

4 pounds since last Thursday. That is amazing for me really.

As soon as I weighed in I thought 'right, now I will only do this..' before catching myself and reminding myself to deal with one thing at a time. So for today;

No calorie drinks except for my hot chocolate after dinner.
Breakfast- club sandwich again- I am loving them! And by using lots of salad veg and no mayonnaise it is pretty healthy.
Snack - grapes and a babybel cheese with crispbread
Lunch- bean soup again
Dinner- grilled steak, jacket potatos and green beans.

I think I might do spag bol tomorrow, cool. It has been ages and I love it. I usually use lots of olive oil and butter to fry the onions- we do not have a slow cooker but if I sautee the beg just in stock I bet it will taste good too.

What do you do to stop yourself eating sweets cool? I need good technique ideas. So far when I want a glass of wine I tell myself 'not today, tomorrow perhaps' and that so far is working and I am not bothered about it. But usually when I start 'allowing' myself food I find it hard to stop- hence the bingeing.

But, so far I am pleased with my progress. Baby steps for me, but I have decided that I have spent 40 years with disordered eating, so I am prepared to spend this entire year really unravelling all my hang-ups over food, and getting healthy.... PROPERLY healthy.

Celestialstarlight Thu 31-Jan-13 11:40:56

Morning all.
Thanks for the welcome and pleased to join you.
Day 3 of my healthy eating regime and I failed spectacularly on day 2. But I’m not getting down about. Today is a fresh start. Temptation was too much to bare yesterday at work when someone came in with a monstrous cream cake. So I had a small slice convincing myself that I would work it off being on a 12hr shift. But then I came home and started binging on crisps and biscuits blush So quite clearly I will need to work on this willpower malarkey. However 3 days ago I signed up to MFP so hopefully that will help to keep me on track from now on. I wonder though, does working a 12hr shift count as exercise? I only work 2 days a week. On my days off I am quite sedentary due to health reasons but I am trying to walk 45min – 1hr most days (not today though unless the weather improves!) So I don’t know whether to count my 2 working days as exercise. I’m on for feet for most of the 12hr shift! So perhaps I had a huge calorific deficit throwing my body into binge mode hmm
Thankfully so far this week I have managed to avoid wine. Yaaaay. Like you snowy, once I settle down with a glass of vino it opens the floodgates for crisps and copious amounts of other trashy food.
So todays food plan:
Breakfast – Granola cereal with natural yogurt and a handful of blueberries
Lunch –Butternut squash Soup with a couple of rivitas
Dinner- Roast chicken breast & avocado with salad
Drinks throughout day - tea with semi skimmed milk, peppermint tea and water (I’m not much of a fizzy drink/squash drinker)
I have located a battery for my bathroom scales so maybe….just maybe… I may take the plunge and weigh myself in the morning. [wishes there was a "scared" emoticon]

coolkat Thu 31-Jan-13 17:32:32

Well done snow - great weightloss.

Don't beat yourself up about a bad day - chalk it off and move forward its when the days roll into one another the problems start.

Today has not been as good as yesterday.

Cup a soup, rice cakes and Philly and half a flapjack with a colleague (so like 2 of the mini bites you can buy)

Tea spag Bol and the smallest bloody potato with spoon of grated cheese (done quite well no cheese for 2 weeks so only small spoon) piece garlic bread - I feel full but I am bored so going to get changed bath dd2 then perhaps download a new book. Evenings and boredom are my problem - I need to take up knitting or something !!

Snow re sweets - for so many years I had such horrendous will power - obsessive that I was so good with food - the problem Is that this has lead to such a bad relationship with it that I can't believe where my will power has gone. Years ago i would never believe losing 7lb would be so difficult! So at the minute I remind myself of this thread and how we are trying - MFP did not do it for me I need motivation of others grin

MissWooWoo Thu 31-Jan-13 18:19:53

may I join please? I go through cycles of over eating, weight gain, fad diets, weight loss, over eating, weight gain ... have put on 2 stone in the past 4 months and am now at 13 stone 5 sad. My downfalls are booze, bread and biscuits - I have issues with stopping at one or two glasses/slices/biscuit.

I'm going to concentrate on giving myself healthy, nutritious food that has flavour and watch my portion sizes. I have got off to a good start today but could do with the extra support from people in a similar postion. So today I've had:

breakfast - egg white omelette with mushroom, red pepper and spring onion
lunch - home made vegetable soup with a slice of ham
snack - mini baby bel and a few slices of choritzo
dinner will be smoked haddock with poached egg and spinach and possibly some natural yoghurt.

I'm going on holiday in 7 weeks and am using this as an additional motivator.

SnowyWellies Thu 31-Jan-13 19:20:52

Welcome MissWooWoo sounds like you are in the right place, as I can SO identify with what you say.

Eveneings and boredom are my problem too, coolkat. The last few nights I have gone to bed as soon as the Dcs are in bed- so by 8.30.

I made a spag bol - inspired by you- for tomorrow. It is now thinking about things in the fridge. It is interesting what you say about willpower. I want to get to a place where I can say 'enough for today' and then not worry worry worry like I will never have the opportunity to eat again. My DFather used to say 'dinner will happen again tomorrow' but I eat like it will not and I have to build up.

DH opened a bottle of red over our steak tonight and I thought 'why not' and 'I have been so good'. So my 1 glass turned into 2 - sipping my second now. But I have turned the kettle on and will stop now and will go and have a shower and a cup of herbal tea. Then bed again. Thankfully DH is on bathing bedtime duty so I will potter and clean the kitchen and mn and get through my desire to eat icecream and have a baileys.

MissWooWoo healthy and nutritious food is my aim as well. I pride myself on my cooking and feeding my family well- yet I am happy to throw any old piece of crap into my own stomach. Almost like I feel I do not 'deserve' to eat well. I like also how you are having protein at each meal- that has helped me too I think, whereas I have experimented with all sorts of things- low fat, low protein- raw - soup only. I am tired of experimenting! I want to have a normal, healthy relationship with food - and a respectful relationship with myself! (If that makes sense).

rusmum Thu 31-Jan-13 19:38:51

Can I join ?

coolkat Fri 01-Feb-13 07:45:27

Hi welcome rus mum.

So lay night no snacking as read and went to bed early as shattered.

I am going away in feb and have thought about pushing myself to exercise 10 times out of 15 possible days. Going to make myself a chart today!! Even if I do wii fit

Happy Fridays - usual lunch for me and then chicken tikka masala for tea with rice and veg - use a low fat jar of sauce!

SnowyWellies Fri 01-Feb-13 08:30:38

Welcome rusmum!

happy Fridays!

MissWooWoo Fri 01-Feb-13 11:01:19

thanks for the warm welcome Snowy. I'm trying to "eat clean" as they say so really that means steering clear of over processed high fat and/or sugary fooods. I'm not eliminating any food groups this time round as I've done in the past and I'm going to try and make wiser choices. It think half the time if I just stopped to think rather than acting on autopilot I'd get on a lot better. I had a very big night out on Wednesday and last week thought well there's no point in "starting" any kind of regime until after I'd recovered from the hangover on Thursday but then er it's the weekend so I might as well stuff my face til Monday. Then we booked our holiday and I thought to myself look there's always some bloody excuse isn't there? So why not change the bad habits you've got into over the last 4 months NOW, still go out on Wednesday, enjoy it, have a nice meal, have lots to drink and then the next day carry on with the frame of mind that you're going to take care of yourself much better than you have been doing. So, I decided to start making better choices on Tuesday and I carried that right through to the evening meal and yes I did have a lot to drink and I was quite hungover the next day but rather than spending the whole day eating a load of rubbish I made myself some soup - it didn't take long and I think it helped me recover more quickly. I was so proud of myself for stopping and thinking - do I really want to put even more crap in my body after all that alcohol? Will it make me feel better? Actually, no it won't so what will? I suppose it's about listening to the quiet voice inside your body that tells you what you needs to eat rather than the shouty one in your head that tells you to feed it's addiction.

So, good choices from here on in. Sausages tonight for tea but they are very good quality ones and I will grill them and have them with broccoli and cauliflower. I'm thinking a tuna nicoise for lunch and have had an actimel and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Hope you all have a good day

Celestialstarlight Fri 01-Feb-13 13:38:18

Hi MissWooWoo and Rusmum and everyone

Woo I have that inner voice too but I am constantly ignoring it! What you say rings true though and I am definately going to try and be much more mindful of it.

Well the battery I found yesterday didn't fit my scales so I've had to order some online. When I do finally manage to get them up and running I promise to weigh myself and assess the damage!

So todays menu is as follows:-

Breakfast 2 oranges and 1/2 cucumber & papaya juiced

Lunch Butternut squash soup & 2 rivita crispbreads

Dinner Roast chiken and roast veggies

I love the healthy eating approach everyone has adopted. I might just ditch the MFP. In the last few days since I started it I've been totally consumed with counting bloody calories that I think I lost track of my initial aim of eating healthier and moving more. I love food and don't want to stop enjoying it. I just want to make more healthier choices to help me feel and look better. Really quite simple isn't it? So why is it so bloomin' hard!

Hope you are all having a good day and making fabulous eating choices smile

SnowyWellies Fri 01-Feb-13 15:03:21

I have that inner voice as well.

Your juice breakfast sounds delicious, Celestial.

Me today;

Breakfast- toast with chicken breast and grapes.

Lunch - Vegetable soup (not homemade but out of those plastic 'fresh' pots from the supermarket. It is a busy day - technically- but I am procrastinating and MNeeting blush

Dinner- spag bol with one glass of red wine while cooking and one during. The sauce has lots and lots and lots of vegetables in it as the 2 year old has gone on a vegetable strike, so it is packed full with carrots, onions, courgettes and pureed.

coolkat Fri 01-Feb-13 19:58:43

Sounds good snow. so far so good here today - have stuck to this mornings plan - even declined a Cadbury cream egg!

Had a fun size Milky Way after tea but I have done the shred DVD and booked into a class on Monday night shock

Dh working all weekend so just me and the girls. Tomorrow lunch bacon and poached eggs - tea corned beef hash made by my mum! Essentially corned beef sliced potatoes (she does not add anything else!) incinerated until just mush but very tasty. I may try and fit a walk in but have a fairly busy day so am not to worried.

Right off to make a cup of tea.

Aiming for 3 lbs by 15th - I won't hold my breath as really struggle to the point i thought my scales are stuck!But I will try grin

tkay123 Fri 01-Feb-13 20:39:56

Hi, have also been on a diet roller coaster for a long time but now at age 49 I find myself 2 stone overweight! Pre menopausal, bloated, with all my clothes just too tight - am living in tracksuit bottoms at the moment, ie elasticated waist!
Am starting the Atkins Diet tomorrow. Has anyone had success with this?

rusmum Fri 01-Feb-13 22:21:06

Thanksgrin just finished 7 day detox and lost 8 lb. now ready to get going! Ran tonight, only 2 miles but started!! Lost 3 stone last year, put 7 lb on over Xmas. Need 1 stone ish off ish serious toning!!! Planning on mfp snd exercise plus limiting wine to 1 night per week only x

SnowyWellies Sat 02-Feb-13 08:44:27

Good morning! Welcome tkay. I never tried Atkins, but did my own version which was eating lean protein and salads and no bread/pots/pasta/rice. I lose weight, but got bored quite quickly. But fish and salad and steak and salad are all on my favourite lists so that part was easy. Let us know how you go!

3 stone is amazing rusmum! coolkat cadbury eggs are about the only sweets i really REALLY like, so I am not sure I could have declined it!

Last night DH came home with 'goodies' from the shops, and declared himself a spag bol free zone. He bought dips, and crusty bread and cheeses and olives and fresh anchovies. So I had olives, peppers and anchovies- the salsa type dips and avoided the cheese, so not too bad and I am not going to beat myself up. More importantly- and very very rarely- I did not think 'oh well, it's all gone to pot' and go wild. So I am pleased about that. Tonight we will have the bolognese and a green salad on the side. Mmmmm. Tomorrow we will have a roast and I have not decided yet what we will have. Usually I roast the veg in goose fat, but will dry roast tomorrow. We have our sunday roast for lunch/dinner and then settle down for the evening, so about 5 pm. So I plan to just eat lightly during the day.

Today will be herbal teas, as I want to get a 5th alcohol-free day in this week and I will enjoy some wine with DH tomorrow. All in all, I am feeling pretty good today! I am not hungry tet so will wait until I am before eating breakfast or lunch. Also unusual, as usually I would just eat anyway!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

coolkat Sun 03-Feb-13 08:43:09

Morning everyone - I managed a walk yesterday so all good on that front.

My meals were ok although my corned beef hash portion was large but I didn't snack in the evening.

I did have a small pick and mix as my weekly treat. blush

Today's challenge is costa coffee as meeting a friend there. Hoping to shred later and chilli that I had cooked and frozen for tea - possibly with a jacket potato.

Anyone doing anything nice? grin

MissWooWoo Sun 03-Feb-13 12:37:10

not doing too well here despite all my good intentions earlier up in the thread ... I was got by the white bread ... noooooooooooooooooo! I know exactly where I went wrong, no breakfast and then out til way past lunchtime with only a "tuck" shop" providing any chance of sustinence - chocolate, crisps etc so I passed on all that and had a coffee. By the time I saw I returned home I was STARVING and very grumpy (not helped by dd being up half the night) and well it was just there so I had a thick slice toasted with butter and then another 2 thick slices as a sandwich and then another slice later in the evening. Aaagrrggh. I've also had a slice this morning. So much for making better choices. Still, I did actively resist a biscuit this morning when I had a cup of coffee and I've not had a drink all weekend so maybe it's not all bad? I've got the rest of the day ahead to make good choices right so no need to beat myself up. I guess.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend

SnowyWellies Sun 03-Feb-13 12:52:33

Don't beat yourself up!!!! You are right, one slip is not a problem. It is a cumulative effect of eating well that works. (I tell myself this too!).

I am taking the day 'off' sort of. Sundays are roast days my fave- and we are having roast chicken with all the trimmings. mmmmm. Nigella's bacon brandy chicken. But, I am not having any alcohol today- so am 'swapping' the alcohol to allow myself to enjoy creamed potatos.

MissWooWoo Sun 03-Feb-13 13:05:08

well that's it isn't it Snowy I could easily have thought "oh well I've blown it now might as well have 5 biscuits and a kit kat". I think logging my thoughts on here really helped as I promptly went away and decided on a really lovely spicy moroccan soup with some dark ryvita for lunch which in my book is a pretty nutricious and tasty choice. I too am having a roast chicken dinner later but I never add an extra oil and will be having lots of steamed veg and a roasted sweet potato instead of the usual kg of king edwards wink. Nigella's bacon brandy chicken sounds delish' btw. Enjoy!

SnowyWellies Sun 03-Feb-13 13:20:14

I think logging thoughts on here help me too. I usually have a slip and go wild. Usually on Sundays I think 'bugger it' and eat my roast and drink copious glasses of wine then more often than not eat ice cream afterwards and then eat up all the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Today I am consciously thinking that I can have the pots as I am not having wine, and that the crunchy bacon bits will go to DH and then we can make chicken sandwiches with the leftovers for everyone, not just me! So I think (says hesitantly) that my mindset is starting to shift. I hope so anyway!

Enjoy your chicken too! And have a great day. smile

Sunnywithshowers Sun 03-Feb-13 13:34:43

Hello all

Can I join? I'm 5'2 and weigh 16 stone. I'd love to be a size 10 again - but more realistically I'd just like to be at peace with food.

I'm not going to weigh in as it's a binge trigger for me. I'm going to stop alcohol as that almost always leads to binge eating for me too.

SnowyWellies Sun 03-Feb-13 13:45:46

Welcome Sunny!

coolkat Sun 03-Feb-13 15:49:23

Welcome sunny.

Jealous of your chicken dinners but dh working all weekend so no roast here!

Been to visit my nan and last week we promise cream cakes this week so have had a cream meringue thing - 130cals but you know what I enjoyed it was a treat and I have done the shred - sounds bazaar but I don't feel guilty about having a cake whereas before I'd me beating myself up - I haven't binged and I don't need anymore I enjoyed the one small cake. grin

Does everyone else's weight fluctuate. Mine does. Yesterday 142lbs today 143.8. I find that really hard. Perhaps as well as improving my relationship with food I need to also step away from the scales. Like I said I no longer know what's normal anymore!

MissWooWoo Mon 04-Feb-13 09:37:10

morning everyone

I'm going to struggle today as dd was up (again) for a couple of hours in the middle of the night and I'm feeling pretty tired and grumpy - thank goodness all the white bread has gone hmm Does anyone else struggle when they've had a rough night or is it just me?

My weight does fluctuate coolkat from day to day and this can sometimes be a real downer if I weigh myself on a daily basis, it's hard to stay away though isn't it .... well done for sticking to the one cake!

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