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The Biggest Loser - are the meal plans decent?

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MsVestibule Sun 20-Jan-13 17:56:01

Groupon are offering The Biggest Loser Fast Trak 8 Week Challenge for £29. I've been tempted to do this before, but the price put me off. However, as this is more affordable, I might go for it. The main problem, though, is the meal plan. They send you the menus; I'll eat anything (and do, hence the need for this programme!), but DH is a right fussy bugger.

Cooking for both of us is one of my jobs, and my question is, are the menus varied? Is there enough choice so I can avoid fish, shellfish, pork, steak, squidgy bits in tomatoes and mushrooms? I'm used to posting in AIBU, so I'm half expecting to hear cries of "Let him cook for himself, the lazy bastard!"...

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