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Week 2 - New Year Low Carb Bootcamp - Half way there!

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BigStickBIWI Mon 14-Jan-13 08:38:07

Sorry to be a bit late this morning - no doubt you're all chomping at the bit to declare all on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

frenchfries22 Mon 21-Jan-13 05:24:40

Thank you all for the lovely messages of support managed to get through yesterday apart from a couple of biscuits blush going to stick with bootcamp for a couple more weeks

BIWI Sun 20-Jan-13 17:11:36

As this thread is almost full, I've started the Week 3 chat thread a little early Here

KerryKetosis Sun 20-Jan-13 17:04:00

oh my go blackAffronted - packs of pig skin?? PHWOAR!

which section are they in - butchers or on the shelves?

Wilding Sun 20-Jan-13 16:32:07

Thanks for the hints, choosandchips

There will be NO MORE DRINKING for me this week, will stand firm. smile

littlermissstan Sun 20-Jan-13 16:30:08

Well, fingers crossed for a few lbs off tomorrow, have been so good this weekend - went to our lovely greasy spoon for breakfast today and stuck with bacon and mushroom omelette whilst avoiding lovely beans, toast and hash browns. I'm going to stick with Bootcamp proper until next Saturday when I'm planning a big cheat at a hen do, which involves afternoon tea and cocktails... Good luck with the scales tomorrow everyone!

BigStickBIWI Sun 20-Jan-13 16:22:17

Oooh - BlackAffronted - how fabulous! When this snow has gone I will rush off to Morrisons.

Doris - pesto is surprisingly high in carbs. I think because it's made with pine nuts.

BlackAffronted Sun 20-Jan-13 16:15:10

Found out that Morisons sell packs of pork skin rolls, for about 80p. I just made loads of homemade pork crackling with it! You get 3 rolls, which made lots of crackling. I dont like porck stracthings, but this is amazing! Definitely the best "crispy" thing I have had on this WOE.

DorisIsWaiting Sun 20-Jan-13 14:56:00

Have been really good sticking to this WOE (apart from friday night when I had my one night of the year out without DC!). I had wine and bread and tart blush on the positive side I only had a couple of mouthfuls of the bread, and left half of the fish main course as I was full (I did manage to all all of the tart tho' blush).

I have got a bit lax at the water consumption so I am trying really hard today to increase it ( my skin felt so much better last week.

Can I as a quick question about pesto as I've made courgette 'pasta' ribbons and pesto a couple of times (ex veggie as I eat a small amount of fish) but in Rose Elliots book it's down as a post bootcamp meal (I was in a hurry so needed something really quick). Why would this be?

Have also shredded for 2 days had a rst day yesterday so need to go again sometime today!

<rubs hands in anticipation> thanks BA!

BIWI - yes I didn't mean going overboard. Obviously one has to factor in the carbs (not to mention the hideousness that is the low-carb hangover - really can't stress enough how much you want to avoid it!)

BlackAffronted Sun 20-Jan-13 14:30:59

Choos, I quite often have celeriac roasties for dinner - they taste fab!

slatternlymother Sun 20-Jan-13 14:30:44

Forgive me BIWI for I have sinned.

I had a teaspoon of chutney with my cheeseboard. But it was lovely.

BigStickBIWI Sun 20-Jan-13 14:28:20

I think it must surely depend on how much wine you drink though? There are, after all, carbs in wine. I think Atkins was referring to alcohol in general.

Firsttimepig Sun 20-Jan-13 14:23:19

Hi black affronted I would consider a senocot tablet if you haven't pooed for that long. Did the trick for me

2.5lb loss this week another step closer to goal. Another 2cm off waist. Spinning is helping I think.

PS wilding Atkins says that wine doesn't knock you out of ketosis, just stalls your weight loss as you use the calories from that first. Pretty sure BIWI has said similar. So if you stick to the WOE, and try and limit the wine as much as possible, and drink lots and lots of water, you shouldn't go tooooo far wrong - at least not going back to bad habits - and can be ultra strict once you can get back to it properly again.

so happy - DH has made me celeriac roasties to go with my Sunday lunch grin <slobbering in anticipation>

Will report back if they are any good.

BlackAffronted Sun 20-Jan-13 14:06:38

Have been spotting now for 5 days ... havent had many periods in the last 11 years, so have no idea really ... but could that explain my 4lb gain? Also, havent been to teh toilet in 6 days sad Hoping these migt have contributed a bit? <clutches at straws>

Had scarmbled eggs for breakfast, creamy veg soup for lunch. Planning on loaded chicken breasts with salad & homemade coleslaw for dinner.

BigStickBIWI Sun 20-Jan-13 13:56:08

Always weigh naked, after you've gone to the loo! If you weigh later in the day, all you're doing is weighing your clothes and anything you've eaten/drunk.

skand1 - you can lose weight without exercising, so don't panic about that.
If you are eating a lot because you're hungry, that would suggest that you're not eating enough fat. Can you list out the meals you've had over the last 3-4 days and let's see if we can spot anything.

"Don't say no to your glass being topped up" - sorry typing too quickly!

gloriafloria Sun 20-Jan-13 13:54:03

Breadfast??? Got bread on my mind today. TOM and craving a little stodge

Widing why not just do the old antibiotics excuse?

Or when I was pregnant in the early stages and not telling people, I noticed that if I took some wine but just didn't really drink it, no-one really noticed. Often it's when you tell people you aren't drinking that they try and sabotage you - if you don't mention it, they don't really notice. Just make sure you have water on the table too and drink that, plus occasionally ostentatious pretend sip of wine, and don't say nomtomyiur glass being topped up (but there won't really be anything to top up). Good luck!

gloriafloria Sun 20-Jan-13 13:52:10

Thanks Prettybird that's what I'll be doing tomorrow!

gloriafloria Sun 20-Jan-13 13:51:14

Forgot to say I made the Almond crackers today and they are really quite nice and v quick. I had them for breadfast with some butter and cheese. I can't remember who posted them but wanted to say Thank you!

prettybird Sun 20-Jan-13 13:51:03

I weigh myself naked first thing in the morning, after a pee and before drinking anything, ie the lightest possible result! grinblush

prettybird Sun 20-Jan-13 13:49:16

I did Ripped in 30 for 6 days out of Week 1 and 5 days out of this week (gave myself yesterday off as I was doing a two hour cycling training session and today off as I'm knackered from yesterday) and have just generally tried to make myself move more!

Still showing a good loss for the week and (if the scales don't change tomorrow) an 11lb loss for the fortnight smilesmile

gloriafloria Sun 20-Jan-13 13:45:55

Sending best wishes to frenchfries and *Bessie*. Hope you are both being kind to yourselves.

I've only lost 2 lbs this week so far compared to 8 lbs the first week but then 10lbs in 2 weeks is still pretty amazing. Hopefully when I weigh in tomorrow morning it might be another lb or 2. Can I ask do you all weigh with clothes on or off and is it as soon as you wake up? I find if I weigh myself after being up for a couple of hours and had breakfast I'm already 1 or 2 lbs heavier. Will be weighing 1st thing!

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