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HELP - i am bloody clueless

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GlitterySkulls Mon 14-Jan-13 04:39:31

i've just weighed myself and i am 15 stone (at 5"8).

ironically, i've dropped some weight since xmas,by doing absolutely hee-haw. (my weight fluctuates a lot, always has done)

so, i obviously need to lose weight.

i'm a member of myfitnesspal so i can keep track (ish).

i have a toddler & a baby, so run around after them a lot.
i have a dog, who i walk regularly.
i do the majority of the housework.
my DH has disabilities & has seizures, so it's not always possible for him to look after the kids so i can go to the gym/ excercise class etc (plus money's tight)- i reckon realistically i can walk more/bus less, walk the dog more & probably commit 30 mins or so to the wii fit/ wii zumba plus another 30 mins or so to basic excercise such as sit-ups, press-ups, ab crunches etc (DH did fitness & excercise at college so that's useful grin ) per day.

now to the point- i am fussy. i can drink 2 litres water per day easily, eat plenty of fruit, some veg, skimmed milk & soya & linseed bread no problem. substitute butter (not much of a fan anyway, only take it on toast) for vitalite etc

main meals are the problem.

i don't like : fish (except haddock in batter or breadcrumbs)
: cheese
: eggs
: anything green except tinned marrowfat peas
: salad
: sauces - ketchup, brown sauce, mayo, salad cream etc
: things like coleslaw, potato salad etc
:a million other things i won't bore you further with

when i'm trying to lose weight, i end up having weightwatchers/low cal ready meals or meat, potatoes, narrow selection of veg, weightwatchers beans/tinned spaghetti on toast, wholemeal pasta with sauce & quorn chicken & veg, homemade soup or cereal for dinner & i get so bored!

i've googled all sorts of recipes & it always shows up things i just wouldn't eat- anyone got any ideas for a fussy bastard?

also, how can i more easily incorporate excercise into my day?

GlitterySkulls Mon 14-Jan-13 04:40:39

jeez that was longer than i thought- sorry, & if anyone ploughs through that i'll be extremely grateful grin .

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Mon 14-Jan-13 05:53:01

Which vegetables do you actually eat? Your problem is that given you dont eat salad or any green vegetables, you are excluding a massive proportion of the foods that fill you up for very few calories and tend to form the mainstay of any given diet recipe.

Do you like lentils?

What would you have for dinner if you weren't on a diet? Can you adapt those to make them healthier?

If your list of liked foods is really narrow, you might be better off just focusing on portion control.

GlitterySkulls Mon 14-Jan-13 06:13:25

RichMani like lentil soup, don't think i've had them in anything else. (although i know you can use them to pad out stew, etc)

veg i eat- potato, (i know that doesn't count) marrowfat peas, i like onion, mushrooms, i like peppers in pasta dishes. i like leek, carrot, parsnip, & turnip in soups or stews, can eat turnip & carrot as a side but don't particularly "like" it. (unless mashed together- weirdo that i am grin )

dinner usually consists of oven-stuff, fried stuff, or takeaways at the min, but when i'm not in a "cba" phase it's bolognese, stews, steak, chops, chicken, curry (although i eat curry with pasta as i'm not a fan of rice- i can eat it, but i'm a bit "meh" about it) quorn chicken now & again, baked potatoes, pies. mostly stodgy stuff.

it's true, i will need to cut my portions right down, they're huge.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Mon 14-Jan-13 12:25:01

Wow. I'm kind of stumped- There's nothing that I typically make for myself that I think you'd like. I think the only way forward is either to

- just halve your portions, and see if that works
- work on liking some vegetables grin

Tbh, I use the portion thing quite a lot vs. cooking "healthy recipes"- just had cottage pie for tea (BBC Good food recipe) but had a small portion (and a salad, but that's not mandatory). You could make it with more carrots and celery in it than the recipe says and make the mash with skimmed milk. That would then be quite healthy.

GlitterySkulls Mon 14-Jan-13 17:17:16

yeah, i don't think i'll be liking vegetables any time soon grin

good idea re cottage pie, think i'll just have to think of things i like eg spag bol and pad it out with veg i will eat.

i know i'm a pita to cater for, i annoy myself lol

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Tue 15-Jan-13 04:24:47

Yeah, for spag bol I always use a lot more veg and halve the meat, and for chilli I use more pepper and beans and less meat.

If you like lentils you could make dhal (curried lentils basically- lots of different types)

Sleepwhenidie Tue 15-Jan-13 09:52:43

Sounds like portion control is definitely the best answer, but cut right down on the pasta, pastry, bread, potatoes etc more than on the meat, the meat is probably the least of your problems and its a lot easier to eat too much carbohydrate than it is to overeat protein...big bowlful of minced beef anyone? Big bowlful of pasta however? See what I mean?

See if you can cut out carbs altogether in the evening (except any in veg) - have steak or chicken with the mashed veg you do about roast stuffed peppers with some lean mince cooked with onion and celery in tomato sauce and cheese on top?

GlitterySkulls Tue 15-Jan-13 19:35:35

i do love my carbs, thing is, i'd also be equally happy to eat a huge bowl of mince blush .

having beef stew tonight, a gazillion veg, very little meat & i've bunged a load of lentils in. smells lovely, let's hope it tastes as nice grin .

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