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Thoughts on personal trainers ladies?

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Manfikins Sun 13-Jan-13 20:55:07

I agree completely! I go to a new club in twickenham called Stoke health - any one heard of it?! My PT Alex there is great and defiantly isn't one of those trainers who just stand there and give orders!

Well worth the money! Plus I can have a well earned massage after the session as well as they have a great therapist there - JoJo - has saved me from the many back problems that come with having this lovely bump!

Snowkey Sun 13-Jan-13 14:10:23

I go to a class in the park run by a PT and I agree he pushes me beyond what I want to do but also he ensures that I am doing each exercise correctly, with the correct posture, gives me modifications for exercises when I have a niggle, as part of a class it's brilliant value for money and I can absolutely see why people get personal trainers to plan to achieve their fitness goals and encourage them to work harder.
Lots of people go to the gym and achieve very little and lots of people sign up for costly memberships contracts that tie them in for a year and never turn up....with a personal trainer you just don't get away with the same excuses.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Sun 13-Jan-13 11:49:54

A good trainer will always be able to push you that little bit further than you can yourself- especially if they focus on mini-circuits etc, and you crawl out of there. My last trainer was an ex- marines fitness instructor and he was awesome. I got amazing results in both cardio and strength.

However, there are plenty of mediocre ones who just are not hardcore enough and just sort of stand there whilst you train in your comfort zone.

Have you tried British Military Fitness classes? I think that is absolutely fantastic in terms of quick results and "no frills, big results" training. There has to be one near you I reckon.

Manfikins Sat 12-Jan-13 16:43:24

Well I have been taking advantage of a deal I got at the Club i go to - £25 an hour for personal training and I love it!

For me its well worth it - I go to the gym on my own and its just not the same feeling afterwards.

I am a motivated person but just the feeling of working with someone who really knows what they are doing makes me feel so much better when I'm working out

NoGinorWine4Mu1berry Sat 12-Jan-13 16:22:07

Are you totally unable to motivate yourself without a trainer? I'd design a plan for myself, stick to it, and spend the money I saved on clothes and hair!

How much does a personal trainer charge these days?

Manfikins Sat 12-Jan-13 16:17:45

Ok so very new to all this - so help me out if I make any newbie mistakes!

Wanted to know everyones thoughts about personal trainers?! Baby no1 due in March and have been having amazing Personal training sessions in twickenham recently to be prepared to beat the bulge after little one arrives!

Not doing many sessions as getting very close to due date now but planning to step it up a gear after baby gets here!

Any one else sharing my views on this? I think its making a huge difference to my confidence with my new found pregnancy body - maybe its just me and an excuse to spend some me time!?


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