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'Fitbit' step tracker and walking challenge

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wohmum Fri 11-Jan-13 23:58:23

I've posted this over on the sport and exercise topic but thought I'd drop it here too.

I recently bought a fit bit step tracker and am using it to up my activity levels by aiming for 10,000 steps a day.

there is currently a groupon deal with 20% off here

I also found a walking challenge for 1 mile a day for 365 days - it's basically a 15 min exercise video that is just walking steps to cover approx 1 mile, so a very easy way to get more steps in and start a gentle exercise program.

deliasmithy Sun 13-Jan-13 10:16:59

I bought a replacement fitbit through groupon, eagerly awaiting arrival!

PinkCustard Sun 13-Jan-13 10:36:43

Wow thanks for that Wohmum I've had my Fitbit for a while and use it daily, but the 1-mile vid looks good for rainy days.

Snowkey Sun 13-Jan-13 20:27:04

Am amazed and a bit embarrassed by how motivating getting badges for achieving goals on fitbit. Seems to be working for me though.

wohmum Sun 13-Jan-13 22:59:38

It's working for me too, instead of sitting in the coffee shop today whilst ds was at his martial arts class , I did a 45min walk around the streets.

Over on the fitbit website forum someone said that it feels he fitbit 'invites' you to walk more- and that's ax tally how I feel!

Determined to keep up the 10,000 per day!

Snowkey Mon 14-Jan-13 07:03:14

It's interesting to see how much or how little you burn on a normal day too rather than trying to guess.

ihatethecold Mon 14-Jan-13 07:04:51

I know I burn much less than I thought. angryenvy

Snowkey Mon 14-Jan-13 09:36:17

I burn more than I thought which made me very suspicious about the numbers. Normal day no exercise I burn 2000kcal - add in exercise and I easily hit 2300kcal! I average 2200 a day.

ihatethecold Mon 14-Jan-13 11:49:23

mine is closer to 1400 if im not very mobile, if i do 10000 steps its close to 1800

deliasmithy Mon 14-Jan-13 12:21:02

Mine is 1500 if no activity, up to 1900 if I move a lot. Makes me realise why weight loss is so difficult!

WeightyKaty Mon 14-Jan-13 16:24:24

I have had mine for about 10 days and it's brilliant. It makes me want to walk so much. I haven't dropped below 10k steps yet and by best is 17k.
If anyone wants to add me on the website I'm
I'm getting married in June so this along with mfp food tracking and the gym 3x a week is how I am going to get into the dress!

wohmum Mon 14-Jan-13 23:07:17

Hi Katy,
I've sent you a friend request - we're on a similar daily count. My highest is 15k, and also keeping above 10k.

Snowkey Tue 15-Jan-13 06:57:27

If you send someone a friend request do they see your email address? Think having Fitbit friends would encourage me to move more.
I was looking at my stats last night. It seems that the days I burn most are the days were I am less sedentary - I know that sounds obvious but I run most days, which makes a bit of a difference but it's really moving around all day that burns things up, often I can burn 300-400kcals by just running errands and being busy around the house.

wohmum Wed 16-Jan-13 22:29:31

Hi Snowkey,

no you don't see the email address, I'm in the london group if you want to find me. feel free to pm me on here or send me a friend request.

I find really motivating to have a bit of competitiion and it;s really encouraged me to do more

WeightyKaty Thu 17-Jan-13 17:13:14

I agree the competition really helps!

wohmum Sun 20-Jan-13 14:15:17

Hi snowkey,

I have sent you a fried request.

hope to see you on fitit smile

Snowkey Sun 20-Jan-13 15:15:15

What page should I see message, I can't see the request!

ThoughtFox Wed 22-Jan-14 19:50:58

Just wanted to sign in as another FitBit user! Love the competition, love the targets!

and it's fascinating too see how few calories it estimates I'm using ever day.

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