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I had my hypno gastric band 'fitted' by Paul McKenna last night...

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lynniep Fri 11-Jan-13 11:01:11 far so good! Admittedly its not even 11am yet, but I havent eaten my snacks which are sitting on my desk and not even tempting me! Normally I don't allow myself anything till 10am, then I pounce!

I am doing this in conjunction with weightwatchers, which Paul McKenna would not approve of, since he despises 'diet clubs' (boy does this come through loud and clear in his book).

However since I don't know the man personally, and I feel I need the WW sessions for support, I am carrying on with pro- pointing and hoping that my gastric band will provide the backup I need to not binge and eat more than my body needs.

I've been (back) on weightwatchers for several months now and failed miserably because I am both a compulsive eater and a (hopefully) reformed bulimic.

I'd like to think this will help me - and I'm willing to try it because I am now as heavy as I was just after I gave birth to DS2 3 years ago (my heaviest, unless you count when I was 40 weeks pg!)

If anyone is interested I will report back smile

dundeemum Thu 07-Feb-13 20:43:05

ive read the book and am away to listen to the pre-op cd for two weeks while cutting out takeaways and processed foods (dont eat a lot anyway but will make sure i have none). Once you have fitted the gastric band, how often do you listen to that cd? Book says once a month for 6 months to maintain but i thought it wasnt clear if your still wanting to lose?

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 07-Feb-13 20:53:34

Hi dundee - the book says to listen to the CD trance at least once a month until you have been at your target weight for 6 months.

I installed my band last Thursday, and I listened to the CD again today as I felt I wanted to. I think you can listen as often as you like.

ripsishere Fri 08-Feb-13 00:16:31

It all sounds very positive, especially the not feeling sick after four tbsns.
Must get on to ordering it. I won't be able to keep it quiet from my DH, all our non Malay mail goes to his school so he'd have to pick it up.

ShhBoom Fri 08-Feb-13 07:29:03

I had mine fitted last night. I have to admit I did it all in the same evening, so I haven't waited. But I didn't eat much junk yesterday & I know that if I told myself I couldn't eat any rubbish food for a few days that's all I'd want to eat, which is exactly why I've decided to give this a try. I've tried SW and its made me feel more guilty & crap than ever about eating.

I haven't eaten yet today but I'm ready feeling excited & liberated about not having to "diet". I'm going out for lunch & it's a weird feeling knowing that I don't have to worry about eating something that's low in syns.

TheMaskedHorror Fri 08-Feb-13 08:15:31

I have lost 7lbs!!

I'm so chuffed.

I am bfing so perhaps my weight loss is more than normal but this is dc3 and I've never been able to lose weight whilst bfing unless I diet.
And I've been eating what I want including proper meals, biscuits and chocolate. The only difference is that I've only eaten when I'm hungry and I've chewed my food properly and eaten slowly.

Fairygen Fri 08-Feb-13 09:14:15

Wow that's amazing! Desperately trying not to jump on the scales at every opportunity as I get disheartened when my weight increases some days ( which I know it does naturally)

Only day 2 for me but really enjoying eating rather than stuffing myself stupid, and chewing has changed my whole outlook on food. No more walking around feeling bloated. I love not being on a diet .I spend a lot of time eating at my
Families houses . Now I don't have to worry about preparing and taking my special lunch etc and then eating what they do, spending the rest of the day beating myself up about it.....I'm free at last !!

Just wondered if anyone noticed that they are running to the loo more? Perhaps I've just been drinking more fluids.

Also, I enjoy a few glasses of wine at the weekend. Obviously we are eating less so less food to absorb the alcohol. Does alcohol affect anyone differently now?

It's so inspirational to hear everyone's success stories and advice x

Mummug Fri 08-Feb-13 09:33:21

Hi all, been doing this for 3 weeks now and I have lost 11 pounds. Delighted! I lost 2 stone last year on the ICMYT, but got caught up changing my life (thanks to PMsmile) - opening a shop/starting a brand new business that I relied on convenience and grabbing what I could when I could and didn't follow the rules! Needless to say, I was back to where I started 3 weeks ago. 10 months on, I am in a routine now and can plan my eating more and it's so liberating I am euphoric!
Paul McKenna really has changed my life. My business is going from strength to strength, my relationship with my (Aspergers) husband is on the mend (maybe that's for another threadwink) and I am finally in control of emotional eating habits that have meant I have been obese for most of my adult life.
I have a lot to lose (7 stone in total) but nearly 1 off, 6 to go. Will keep you posted. It's lovely to have like minded people to share the journey. Thanks for the inspiration x

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 08-Feb-13 09:52:06

Brilliant news Masked and Mummug! That's such a lot! Well done! grin

brainonastick Fri 08-Feb-13 10:18:45

Wow, congratulations Mummug and masked!

angelinterceptor Fri 08-Feb-13 12:37:06

Well done on your weight loss so far masked and mummug - its stories like yours which inspire me to give this a try.

I have the book, but didnt get a chance to read it last night - went to tennis instead. Maybe get an opportunty over the weekend.

Just really want to get started though - dont think I could wait another 2 weeks! Or cut out sweets and fat - I mean if I could control my cravings for sugar for 2 weeks, I wouldnt need to be doing the plan in the first place!

chinhealer Fri 08-Feb-13 12:58:38

@angelinterceptor and emmie - I bought Hypnotic Gastric Band from ASDA in the morning. I told nearest and dearest the Four Golden Rules I intended to follow (while I was making the evening meal that day.) She guffawed like a loon. Until she saw the hurt in my eyes. She stopped laughing and started mollifying me! Over the next three weeks, she has seen the wholesale transformation in my eating habits, my portion sizes and my body. And she has joined me (although, perhaps, less assiduously) in following the rules. (Mind you, she is not overweight at all and doesn't need to lose all the fat that I do.) She has also been incredibly supportive and encouraging to me. And, to be fair, I don't begrudge her the initial mockery. My food-faddishness in the past laid me open to a smidge of scepticism! And even I was doubting my ability to stick to the rules. But I have done so religiously and am feeling great and motivated and lighter and like I've found the Holy Grail!

chinhealer Fri 08-Feb-13 13:16:23

@lynniep - I think one of the issues with Weight Watchers is that they encourage neurotic beliefs about and behaviour towards food. PM's approach is very natural and sensible indeed. And he would want you to relax around food rather than obsess over it, like diet clubs tend to.

Personally, I'd say that you should try just following the Four Golden Rules (to the letter!) for at least a month before even contemplating the gastric band hypnosis. If you can train yourself to be sensitive to your body's signals of hunger and satiety, if you can eat only when focusing 100% on each mouthful (by chewing a minimum of 20 times and away from all distractions including TV and reading material and, even, conversation), then I think you can achieve what you haven't been able to achieve with WW.

I haven't counted a single calorie. I have stuck rigidly (but that has been effortless and truly enjoyable) to the Four Golden Rules, I have savoured every single mouthful of food I have eaten and I am exercising sensibly too. I have never been able to lose weight before. And I have always exercised, so my activity level was never the problem. My food intake (quality and quantity) was.

Please have a look at my blog to see that I haven't been denying myself any food at all:

I simply have had no desire whatsoever to eat a single crisp or chocolate or biscuit or cake etc for three weeks now! I've never in my life gone more than a day or two without at least one of those! (And, more often than not, many of those together!) I think that, by maximizing the enjoyment I do get from the wholesome food I do eat, I have, basically, forgotten about junk food altogether! (In the knowledge that nothing is banned or even frowned-upon the PM way!)

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 08-Feb-13 16:58:05

I've been out all day today and just got in. It was only when I was sorting DD's dinner that I realised I had forgotten about my lunch. I have never forgotten a meal before.

TheMaskedHorror Fri 08-Feb-13 17:27:53

Its weird isnt it?

I listened to the cd again last night. I still dont know what PMK says as I fall asleep at the counting bit every time.

I went to a friends house and she put out a plate of cakes with coffee. I was not even tempted by them.
I didnt feel hungry at all then all of a sudden I felt and heard my tummy rumbling and realised it was 1.30!

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 08-Feb-13 17:49:17

Chin - did you wait a month before listening to the CD trance? I can't imagine that I could have made any real headway if I hadn't listened to it.

I fell asleep the first time, but have read up on it and apparently even if you fall asleep the hypnosis message still goes in. I don't think I would have managed to follow the 4 Golden Rules without cheating or lapsing if I hadn't had the hypnosis.

ShhBoom Fri 08-Feb-13 18:12:13

Congratulations masked & mummug that's fantastic!

Well my first day with the band "fitted" has been a bit of a disaster. I had horrendously painful heartburn this morning, i was doubled over in pain, and phlegm pouring from my mouth & nose.. delightful! My mum rung the doctors and straight away he said to go to A&E! After 2 hours of it it eventually calmed down, and i'm okay now, although still suffering with a bit of heartburn. The doctor at the hospital did all sorts of tests but didn't find anything & he wants me to have an endoscopy. Anyway, my mum is CONVINCED it's because i had the Gastric band fitted... I think that's completely mad, but it is a bit of a coincidence. I think i'll listen to the CD again tonight as since i've been out of hospital i've eaten loads, and haven't stuck to the 4 rules at all.
I'm so desperate for this to work, fingers crossed i'll have a better day tomorrow!

NotHerRealname Fri 08-Feb-13 19:19:01

After a good start with my weight loss (5 pounds in the first week), I have not lost anymore in the last week and a half. I know I shouldn't be weighing myself everyday but I can't help myself! I have been following the four golden rules really well, except a couple of times I have got distracted whilst eating and forgotten to chew 20 times. Overall its going well but I just think I might have reached a plateau this week. Weigh-in on Tuesday so time will tell.

Loumumoffour Fri 08-Feb-13 19:22:46

Great stuff!!

Mummug Fri 08-Feb-13 20:20:37

NotHerRealName, on week 2, I GAINED 4 pounds and hopped right back off the scales! Kept on track and thanks to the havening CD, I didn't get too worked up. I think it's natural to go up and down in the short term. I was racking my brains too - was I eating too much? Did I not chew properly? Was I shovelling it back unconciously? No, I was sticking to the rules and it did show the following week. Keep on track and don't get disheartened. x

chinhealer Sat 09-Feb-13 01:41:48

@AnneEyhtMeyer - I bought the book in the morning. I had finished reading it by evening. And, somehow, during the course of reading it, I knew that this had the potential of changing everything. My eating habits had been so horrendous - up till the day that I bought the book - that following the Four Golden Rules was enough to seriously transform things for me.

I didn't do any of that pre-op malarkey that PM talks about. I just started to follow the rules and I knew instantly that, if I stuck to them, my life with food would be radically different. And it has been! I think I listened to the CD a few days later. But, by then, the rules had become pretty well ingrained and I didn't really feel the need to fit the gastric band. And, actually, I fell asleep listening to the CD. I didn't particularly like the idea of the band. I don't really want to feel full after a few mouthfuls. I don't think a few mouthfuls is enough nutrition for me! And I don't think it 'stuck' anyway. Because I am eating very decent-sized meals. Just nowhere near as much as I used to. And snacking is a thing of the past. It is true that, no matter how hungry I am, I am feeling a certain degree of satisfaction after only a few mouthfuls. But I was feeling that as soon as I began following the rules anyway.

The biggest change is that, over the past three weeks of following the rules, I have become very good at distinguishing between the various stages on PM's Hunger Scale. So I am now pretty adept at predicting where I'm going to end up on the scale when I plate up! This means I'm not wasting food at all and not having to leave any behind. The only exception to this is the bowl of fruit'n'nuts which accompanies almost every meal of mine. It is the last thing I tuck into at any meal. And I know that, if I am full or pleasingly satisfied or, even, neutral after a couple of mouthfuls of fruit'n'nuts, I'll just leave the rest and resurrect it for the next meal.

I understand that some people overeat/eat the wrong foods because of emotional reasons. I don't think I was particularly an emotional eater. I had just fallen into awful habits over many years. And my body's satiety signals (and my interpretation of them) was completely wrecked! But distracted eating was the major reason for that. (Primarily TV, but also radio or music or a newspaper or a book or conversation!) Three weeks ago was the first time I actually focused on my food - on every single mouthful - since I was a young child. I think I remember PM saying in Gastric Band that unless you're not willing to give up TV and all other distractions when eating, he can't help you. I agree. I took that to heart. I think almost all of my crisps/chocolate/junk food consumption in the past has been distracted eating. And my supersized portions and second and third helpings have also been as a result of distracted eating.

If the gastric band works for people, that's fine. But I don't know quite how to process ShhBoom's terrible experience. Was it really as a result of the band? Was it coincidence?

Unlike many who will try the Gastric Band and the Four Rules for the first time, I have never, really been on a diet as such. I've never calorie counted. I've never been to WW or SW etc. I think I am lucky that I never did any of those things because I get the impression that they tend to mess with most people's brains and attitudes towards food and hunger. Maybe some of those who are having difficulty with the Four Rules and/or the gastric band have a lot of that diet industry programming to uninstall and that's why they are not finding PM's methods easy to follow?

Is there anyone else on here who has never really bought into the diet industry before? And if so, how are you finding PM's methods?

Jeez! That's a ramble-and-a-half! Apologies! But I am passionate about the Four Golden Rules and it saddens me somewhat that some others are finding difficulties with them.

chinhealer Sat 09-Feb-13 01:45:55

"unless you're NOT willing to give up TV and all other distractions when eating, he can't help you."

should read:

"unless you're WILLING to give up TV and all other distractions when eating, he can't help you."

neverputasockinatoaster Sat 09-Feb-13 14:54:09

Hi, I wonder if I might join you?

I have always felt PMK talks a lot of sense and tries ICMYT a few times last year but fell easily at hurdles.

Then I read this thread and the gastric band book was reduced on Amazon so I bought it. I 'fitted' the band on Thursday but then spent Friday out with my mum. Friday am I had a small breakfast, I wasn't hungry but I had to drive my kids to school and then on to Peterborough ( 2 hours or so ) and didn't want to get to the point where a service station (and chocolate) were succumed too. However I was satisified by only the smallest of slices of malt loaf. I did take a cereal bar in the car and ate that as mindfully as I could! On arrival at the Shopping centre Mum and me normally have a cup of coffee and a cake but I only had coffee as I wasn't hungry. It was a struggle to eat mindfully at lunch as I was with mum and chatting so I know I ate too much. However I didn't want our usual biscuit with afternoon tea. Once I got home I had far less of my tea than I normally would.

Last night I listened to the CD again and today I have only eaten when hungry (so far!). I had a mini pot of peanuts and raisins after lunch but I hardly ate any as I just didn't want them. This is nothing short of miraculous!

However, I feel I am going to struggle with the undistracted eating thing.... My DS has an ASD and we are currently trying to get him to eat sociably at the table so meal times are about teaching him. We HAVE to eat together to set the example. So mealtimes with the children are tough! I am putting my knife and fork down and trying to count mouthfuls and I have stopped having a drink with meals.

Breakfast and lunch will be OK I think......

Wish me luck!

educatingarti Sat 09-Feb-13 15:06:20

Hi there - delurking to say I was inspired by this thread to get the book etc earlier this week. I need to lose about 2 stone. I've been trying to eat more healthily for about the last year which I have achieved to a significant extent but have only lost a few pounds in weight ( maybe 4 or 5). I read the book and then listened to the CD last night.

I've just eaten my first main meal since listening to the CD. I've tried to eat it more slowly and mindfully and listen to my body's "full" signals.
I now seem to be suffering from a lot of wind - keep burping and my stomach hurts and feels like a bit of a hard knot inside. Did anyone else experience anything like this? Ive eaten the same sort of lunch that I've eaten on other occasions (chilli con carne with pasta, a banana and a small portion of dried fruits, nuts and seeds) and I've never had a reaction like this before. Anyone know what is going on?

educatingarti Sat 09-Feb-13 15:14:51

Oh - and another question - on the CD where you do that counting back from 400 bit - are you supposed to be keeping going with that while you listen to all the rest of it ( or at least when you remember to) and if not, when do you stop - I wasn't sure!

I have to admit as I was listening to bits of it, part of my mind was saying "oh yeah, right" sarcastically but he does say you don't actually have to believe in it for it to work so I'm hoping this isn't too much of an obstacle!

TheMaskedHorror Sat 09-Feb-13 15:28:44

Sorry educatingarti I've never got past 388! I've always just fallen asleep.

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