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Tesco Ultra Slim

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LadyArtois Thu 10-Jan-13 22:45:51


I've had a look to see if I can find any threads about Ultra Slim shakes but I can't find any and would love to hear from people that are on/have been on it too. I'm starting to think these shakes aren't very popular compared to Slim Fast. I know Ultra Slim and Slim Fast are practically the same thing, but I didn't get these results with Slim Fast..

I need to lose 90lbs. I started Ultra Slim on Tuesday and, to be honest, I wasn't expecting great results.. but I naughtily weighed myself a few hours ago, and I have lost 4lbs grin 86lbs to go!

Obviously I have a long way to go, but I feel with a bit of time I can actually reach my dream weight. The shakes are so filling and I'm never hungry!

So, anyone out there that's on this diet or has been on it before? What are your stories? smile

Kayla993 Sat 12-Jan-13 11:15:44

Hi. I started this diet this week. I've been looking for people who are also on this diet to see how they're getting on but couldn't find anysad so glad I found your postsmile

What do you like to snack on?

LadyArtois Mon 14-Jan-13 08:27:11


Yeah, I couldn't find any on here. I have now signed up to a weight loss forum where a lot of people have heard of it (obviously!)

To be honest, I snack on quite bad things.. not 'unhealthy', but stuff like veg pasta. The thing is, the shakes are just over 200cals, and my main meal of the day is never over 200 calories a portion, which means I need to eat like an extra 400cals (AT LEAST). It's weird.

How're you getting on? What kinda things are you snacking on?

I can send you a link to my food diary on a weight loss forum you can have a look at if you want? you never know, you might want to sign-up aswell, it's great!

Kayla993 Mon 14-Jan-13 17:20:39

Hismile not getting on too bad. I really like the taste of the shakes so it helps a lot. I mainly snack on sandwhich meat and wrap lettuce and cucumber inside so it's like I'm having a sandwhich or wrap without the bread lol. Also started to snack on fruit but I'm not sure if we're meant to have it because of the sugar content.

Yeah I'd love to have a read though smile & good luck with your weigh in tomorrowsmile

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