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Running bra for mahoosive boobs..

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Binfullofresolutionsfor10thjan Wed 09-Jan-13 00:34:44

Fab suggestions ladies, I will look into them tomorrow once my battery has recharged!

Nice to have a few choices, and I can already see my size available.

I think getting the right bra will be half the battle to exercising with confidence!

BovineUddersAkimbo Wed 09-Jan-13 00:27:32

*massive- norked, obviously. Although massive-normed could be a contraction of massive and enormous I guess.

BovineUddersAkimbo Wed 09-Jan-13 00:25:39

Elomi Energise

Is very, very firm, normal bra-style to put on, holds everything in place, not a wobble to be seen. Lots of stores on Ebay sell it reasonably cheap (as cheap as massive-normed bras can be, I suppose)

It's bloody good, I speak from experience (see nickname) smile

aimingtobeaperfectionist Wed 09-Jan-13 00:22:16

Try wearing two. Normal bra under a sports bra.

timidviper Wed 09-Jan-13 00:21:57

I have an Enell from Boobydoo, looks like S&M wear but is very efficient!

Binfullofresolutionsfor10thjan Wed 09-Jan-13 00:19:21

I always fancy the Freya swimwear.

Thanks I will have a search for my size.

SorrelForbes Wed 09-Jan-13 00:08:28

I'm a big fan of the Freya Active underwired sports bra. It's runs small in the band so you may need to size up and then size down in the cup.

Binfullofresolutionsfor10thjan Tue 08-Jan-13 23:48:02

Can anyone recommend a decent running bra and a fitness bra for large chests?

Preferably one that can be ordered online, and is easy to put on (I have nerve problems in one arm, so struggle with over the head vests).


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