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5:2 beginner with a couple of questions!

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justonemorepie Mon 07-Jan-13 10:25:11

I started 5:2 last week but i have a few questions if anyone can help!
Right am i right in thinking that going in to a fast day you need to not eat for 16 hours? ie have the last meal at 5pm then not eat until 9am on the fast day?
Also is it better to spread the calories over the day or have one meal on a fast day?
Anyone got any filling recipes or tips to get through the fast days?
Any support will be a help!

frenchfancy Mon 07-Jan-13 11:21:57

Come on join us on the big thread here:

There are 8 full threads now, so plenty to read through. There is also a link to the recipe thread.

My advice would be at first don't worry about the 16hr thing and don't complicate things. So if you want to fast on say Monday and Thursday (which is what I do) then eat normally on Sunday (don't worry about timings for now) then have just 500 cals on Monday, eat normally Tuesday and Wednesday then 500cals on Thrusday etc.

Once you get into the swing you will probably find skipping breakfast on fast days is the easiest (give yourself a couple of weeks first though). Then 16hrs becomes easy (8pm to noon for example) after a bit more time you may ever be able to do 24 hrs (I do 7pm Sundday to 7pm Monday then eat 500 cals).

Anyway come and join us, there are lots of people all doing it a little bit differently.

justonemorepie Mon 07-Jan-13 13:23:40

Thanks Frenchfancy. I had been looking through the exsisting thread-lots of ideas to get through the fast days. I have done 2 fast days now(thursday/saturday) and the second was alot easier than the first and encouraginly I lost 5lbs. Will pop over to the main thread now!

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