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Started Couch to 5k, but my knees are killing me - help!

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hopefulgum Sun 06-Jan-13 22:40:58

I have started the C25K and I'm up to week 3 day 3. I really enjoy it, and feel incredibly motivated too (so unlike me). I really want to finish the nine weeks but I just don't think I can because my knees hurt too much. I haven't done any running in a long time, but I am reasonably fit, as I swim and do yoga regularly.However, I am no spring chicken - I am 46 years old, so perhaps it has been too long (I was running on a treadmill 5 years ago)?

Does anyone have any advice? I started running on the beach barefoot for the first week, which was lovely but probably stupid, so I'm now wearing shoes. I'm still running on the beach because I am in Australia and we are experiencing a heat wave, if I can't run on the beach,I won't run at all, it is just too hot.

I strapped one of my knees and an ankle yesterday, because they hurt so much, but could barely jog in a shuffle. But it didn't make a lot of difference. I came home feeling sad that I probably won't be able to keep it up.

Should I take a break from it til my knees and ankle stop hurting, then start again? Should I start where I left off or from the beginning after a break? Should I see a physio about it? Should I push on through the pain (which feels really wrong).Do I have to give it up?

It is so frustrating, because I love it, I don't get puffed, enjoy the feeling of freedom and love how I feel after doing it, except for the fact that I am struggling to walk up the stairs, or at all. I spent yesterday with ice packs on and off my knees all day!

Would love some advice, thanks thanks

ILoveTIFFANY Sun 06-Jan-13 22:44:22

I wouldn't push through it.

My aches and pains appeared at week 3 tho this was shin splints and disappeared. I used to take some ibuprofen before a run to help with niggles

Think you should rest and see a gp... If that's what you do in oz

No sympathy about the beach/heat tho, that's tough!!! grin

BonzoDooDah Sun 06-Jan-13 22:49:37

I'm about your age and started this last year - I loved it too.
My knees started clicking. So I invested in some really decent running shoes. I bought the most cushioned I could find with anti-protonation (rolling over sideways). They are brilliant and worth every penny (were ~£50 in an outlet shop so should have been about £100).
I reckoned that if I paid £5 per gym visit (then not as running outside for free) the shoes would be paid for in a few weeks. Knees were great with the new running shoes and they were really light too.

I'd speak to your Dr too to check the type of ache.
Have you had Knee trouble before? Are you overweight - things to consider.

Also, I pick a route with lots of grass verges and run on those or tarmac when I can as it is easier on the knees that concrete or paving stones.

I need to get back doing it - you reminded me how I really enjoyed it!

hopefulgum Sun 06-Jan-13 23:47:39

Thanks for your replies. Yes I am overweight. I lost 10 kgs recently, but need to lose another 10 (thought the running might help), so, yeah, my poor knees have a lot of weight to carry. I've not really had knee trouble before.

I have been wearing the same shoes I've had for about 5 years, I am guessing they just aren't good enough anymore. I am waiting on a new pair that I have ordered.

I think I will rest until the aches have gone and try again with the new shoes. If I still hurt I go and see a physiotherapist.

BonzoDooDah Mon 07-Jan-13 12:57:38

Good idea! If you're running regularly you should change your shoes often. the cushioning wears down and the rubber and stuff does perish. So it may (hopefully) be just that. Good luck and fingers crossed!

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