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Want to lose 2 stone...

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Erebus Fri 04-Jan-13 21:08:05

...from 12st 8lb to 10 1/2 stone. I'm 50, 5 foot 6 and am currently in size 18.

Why do I want to?

Largely because I can't find 'normal' clothes to fit me any more! I also have a form of body dysmorphia (entirely self-diagnosed grin) in that I don't think I'm that fat, til I see the inevitable holiday photo or try and buy say underwear and see myself in those mirrors confused & blush. I can self deceive quite well.

My plan is to eat less, eat more mindfully and exercise more. And stop drinking pinot like a fish. DH is along for the ride, too.

My current goal is to lose 2 lbs in one week (Friday morning is weigh-in day).

Just my own little check-in!

sprucedup Thu 07-Feb-13 22:36:23

I just did Nell "blerted" McAndrews DVD to make up for choc but it won't have cancelled it. erebus dognuts are just not worth it, think of all the treadmill hours you won't have to do and how you won't feel vommy later

mamaus Thu 07-Feb-13 22:48:51

Hi spruced , Trying to think of a new expletive and got nothing.

dog nuts is good, certainly makes them sound less appealing!

Erebus Fri 08-Feb-13 09:09:08

Thanks all! I feel better knowing everyone else agrees it's a 'right rum do' (read: The F word plus others!) regarding my car which I've just retrieved.

Thankfully, I got back home late enough to not eat, I just had a nice cup of tea (thanks, DH) and I wasn't called in again.

Anyway WEIGH-IN!

In other news, erebus has managed to keep the 2lbs off that she was attributing to an explosive No. 2 on Tuesday night!

Week 5:
11st 11lbs
BMI 27.0
weight loss this week 2lb
total loss 11lbs in 5 weeks.

No exercise as such this week as my lungs are full of mucus and my back is still very delicate!

Now off to do battle with the optician's.

mamaus Fri 08-Feb-13 15:15:09

Quick check in from me:
Week 2: 2lbs lost, yay!
11 stone, 9 lbs
2 weeks in and 5 lbs lost, feeling very happy with that!

Challenging weekend ahead, visiting my in laws, my MIL is a bit of a pudding pusher, and very thin!
I really don't want to discuss being "on a diet" with anyone there, luckily my 2 kids provide plenty of distraction.

Well done Erebus !! And thanks for the thread, I really think the accountability is making a difference for me.

tripletipple Fri 08-Feb-13 17:25:23

I haven't forgotten weigh-in, I've had no electricity all day so couldn't get online. I can get connected, supposedly, with my ipad on 3G thingy, but it is so slow it makes me want to cry. Actually, I suspect there is something wrong with it/I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what.

Anyway, 1.5lb loss, not great (for a first week) but still good considering I've been ill and DS has been ill and had to keep him at home and things have been a bit topsy turvy.

So currently 12st 3.5lb and optimistic for next week although I have already cracked open the wine tonight and it is not even 6pm yet wine

Doughnuts are one thing I find easy to resist, not my favourite thing, but if anyone ever blocks my car in like that I may well eat a bagful grin

Erebus Fri 08-Feb-13 18:14:39

triple- 1.5lbs in one week, especially a difficult week, even if it is 'the first' is perfectly respectable. Your body has been burning your fat, not storing any excess you've put into it so you've succeeded! It's always really hard to stay 'on track' when your routine is out of kilter. And no electric all day shock! Not good.

I, too, will be having a swift glass of the noble grape any minute grin.

And well done mamaus for your weight loss. I am actually very heartened to see we're losing 1 to 2lbs a week. I always groan when you see other OPs where people have apparently lost like 8lbs in the first week. I will always celebrate any weight loss but I do worry that they're setting themselves up for inevitable failure. I believe that if your weight takes years to put on, it'll take at least months to take off, especially in a way that your body doesn't really 'notice'! I also believe that massive losses like like, done on the back of 'out there' eating regimes really don't go any way towards re-educating the 'habits' that put that weight on in the first place! They're doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

My MIL was a food pusher. Used to drive me NUTS. She'd carefully serve out more or less equal portions, then, upon sitting down, silently but purposefully redistribute half of her food onto everyone else's plate. What she was saying was 'Look how I sacrifice for all of you'. I'd as forcefully as politeness bears say 'No' but from time to time, DH would have to intervene and say 'Erebus has already said no 3 times mum. She doesn't want it'- cue a bit of a sulk, mind! And my own mother tends to grill my DSs as to what's 'wrong' with food they don't want on their plate but I swiftly interject (if I feel they have actually eaten enough of the 'good stuff') and say 'They've had enough, I don't require them to finish all the food on their plates'...

And if anyone blocks me in again, I will lob fortnight-old weighted cream doughnuts at them!

sprucedup Sun 10-Feb-13 00:30:51

Also having g tech probs- using Android and it's jumpy on MN to say the least. Anyway, no change this week. Hmmmmph. Better week coming though. Went to run club this morning, ate well today so onward and downward. By the way "Arse Biscuits" always cheers me up. Got it from DP, but suspect he didn't invent it

Erebus Sun 10-Feb-13 09:56:46

spruced I wonder if your 'lack of weight loss' is actually muscle gain? I bet your dimensions have reduced if not your actual weight!

Made an obvious 'discovery' today- that if you can't taste food (heavy cold continues...) you completely miss full signals.

Will have to be a bit wary this week as I spent all of yesterday under a blanket on the couch, but I think I ate the same as normal. It also 'worries' me a bit that I wonder if, once I stop actual 'weight loss', if I eat a few calories more per day (ie what should be 'maintenance'), the weight will just pile back on. I guess a problem is that I'm supposed to not be thinking about food much of the time, only when I register 'hunger' but I am thinking about it! Not in a craving way, I should add, but I am constantly thinking about 'being on a diet'..

catgirl1976 Sun 10-Feb-13 11:19:18


Can I join (I know I'm a bit late)

I'm 5ft 6 and on Friday I weighed 12st 6. I also want to get to 10 st 7 (would love 10 stone but I think it's too far away)

I'm doing low carb and feeling a bit disheartened today so a thread like this is just what I need

Italiangreyhound Sun 10-Feb-13 16:57:24

Hi, I need to lose more than two stone but wanted to just say hi as Erebus invited me to pop in. I am someone who has struggled with food for a long time, had a bit of a big break through after some prayer ministry last year and now just need to eat sensibly until I am normal size!

Just looking for encouragement.

Thanks. And best wishes to all.

mamaus Sun 10-Feb-13 21:56:04

Hello everyone. Welcome catgirl and Italiangreyhound !

Not too shabby this weekend, although after successfully avoiding the pudding pushing I did congratulate myself with a bit too much wine last night. The difference, I hope, from previous attempts is that today I didn't say oh well screw it and have a giant breakfast. And back on the shred tonight, so onwards and downwards and all that smile

I know what you mean Erebus about worrying about the maintenance side of things. I need to finish reading my Paul McK book, but at the beginning he goes on about reaching a point where you don't really think about food. I do most to all of the cooking in our house so i am constantly thinking about food, I have to! From meal planning, to ensuring there are healthy snacks available etc.
I guess it is more about changing my entire attitude, so I suppose that is why I think slow and steady on the weight loss will truly win the race. I have always struggled with moderation, but I am working on it smile

Hope everyone is feeling better and good luck to us all this week.

Erebus Mon 11-Feb-13 12:38:29

Am struggling a bit with being more or less bed-bound, unable to taste much but trying to eat 'mindfully'. I am eating much the same as I have been over the past 5 weeks but of course, with no exercise I need to be eating less, don't I? sad

I am feeling weird with my normal routine blown out of the water, off sick from work, unable to sleep at night, lying in til about half an hour ago, getting up to an immediate shocking headache and being able to read or look at a VDU for 10 minutes before the nausea kicks in.

I need shooting. But somehow I'm still managing to eat!

Still, it's snowing prettily outside though not settling.

Welcome to Catgirl and Itailangreyhound!

mamaus Mon 11-Feb-13 22:16:41

Sounds like a nightmare Erebus. I wouldn't worry too much about not exercising until you feel better. Hope that you feel better soon!

Italiangreyhound Tue 12-Feb-13 01:27:19

Went for a run tonight, very cold!

mamaus Tue 12-Feb-13 14:03:08

Well done for going running Italiangreyhound. I keep toying with the idea of running or starting couch to 5k or something, but have yet to actually do anything about it! Still doing my shred DVD though, so that is something I guess.
I told my dh that the hardest part of shred for me is pressing start on the DVD, once I get started its fine, goes quickly and I feel better for it. Maybe it would be the same with running and I just need to get some shoes on and get out there...
Anyway hope everyone is doing well today, and you are feeling better erebus
I haven't been very disciplined with food so far this week, need to turn it around I think if I want to see a difference by Friday. Hmmm, maybe should rethink the pancake plan for tonight!

Erebus Thu 14-Feb-13 11:47:13


Home from work again today! I went in on Tues and Weds but was aware at 5pm on both days that it really had been a mistake so this morning, when I awoke after another rubbish night's sleep unable to breath properly, coughing like a fool and feeling distinctly nauseous, I decided tot to inflict myself on work today. So I went back to bed til 11!

Right royal fed up with this, I am! I had the first inkling of unwellness, that soapy feeling at the back of my nose 15 days ago, now! And I feel it's playing havoc with my weight loss plans at it's easy to over eat when you can't taste anything! (despite the bouts of nausea, I'm still eating confused) and I can't exercise as walking up the stairs leaves me gasping.

However, I steeled myself and got on the scales this morning and it appears I have lost 1lb from last week, so hopefully I'll still have kept that off for tomorrow's weigh in. It'd be too, too depressing otherwise!

Hope everyone else is on track!.

mamaus Fri 15-Feb-13 09:02:57

Weigh in:
Week 3, 2lb loss!!
11 stone 7lbs
Down 7 lbs in 3 weeks and feeling very happy with that.

Going to look at 7 lbs butter in the store today, and celebrate the fact it's no longer around my middle! smile

I bet you are getting fed up of being sick Erebus hope you feel better soon, and hope the scales continue to move in the right direction for you.

Good luck everyone, onwards and downwards!

Erebus Fri 15-Feb-13 10:47:58

Nah, no weight loss this weeks at all sad

Week 6:
11st 11lbs
BMI 27.0
weight loss this week 0lb
total loss 11lbs in 6 weeks.

Goes to show what the twin evils of no exercise and not being able to taste food tend to do! Am a bit disheartened but another week, keeping it up! At least I woke up this morning without the overwhelming urge to go back to bed for the morning which is good, I guess. Whole family home today, inset and DH using A/L

Excellent news for you mamaus, really pleased for you! Keep it up!

tripletipple Fri 15-Feb-13 11:36:54

Ladies, I am going to bow out of Friday weigh in. I have been reading Gillian Riley and <<trumpet sound>> I have binned the scales. Well, not quite, I have taken the battery out and put them away.

So wishing you all success in what you are trying to achieve, hope you get where you want to be smile

Erebus Fri 15-Feb-13 19:22:18

Triple- I salute you. I don't have the courage to do so, tbh! I recognise that the 'window' between weight loss and, at best, stasis, but more likely, gain, is so tiny for me I need the visuals of seeing actual loss! My belt hole has vacillated between 3 and 4 all the time over the past 6 weeks when I've lost 11lbs! It was on a wider setting this morning, I note!

I try and weigh only once a week (Friday morning) but I'm not always that disciplined. And a couple of years ago, I did Gillian. I think it's a potentially good method but it didn't work for me because I thought I was doing quite well til one day 4 weeks in, I weighed in.... and I wasn't. But that's not to say it won't work for you! The basics of her 'method' can't be faulted.

Are you going to come back on here and let us know how you're going?

Erebus Fri 15-Feb-13 19:23:53

Sorry, posted too soon- I also meant to say that PMc doesn't 'recommend' weighing in, either- but I still do!

mamaus Fri 15-Feb-13 21:28:05

Thank you Erebus and congrats to you too, I think after the week you have had, maintaining and not gaining is a win! Plus, your average is still basically 2lbs a week, so well done. smile

Triple I wish you the best of luck, everyone is different and we all need to find whatever method works best for us. I am the same as Erebus, in needing to see the results--up or down. Definitely check back and let us know how you do! I will have to google Gillian Riley.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

tripletipple Sat 16-Feb-13 22:17:00

Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate the bitter/sweet experience of weighing in, I have been regularly jumping on and off the scales for 38 years. My current set of scales were a birthday present to me a few years back - it's what I asked for. How ridiculous is that?

I'm not "doing" Gillian Riley. I've only read the first couple of chapters. I just don't need to go on another diet. I need to get off the roundabout.

But of course, everyone is different, and I still wish all of you all the best smile

Erebus Sun 17-Feb-13 09:39:57

I am trying to recall Gillian now- I might be thinking of a different concept as I thought GR was like PMc as in it isn't a diet, it's a different approach to food? What am I thinking about, then? Is is Rosemary Conneley (sp.)?

Am rootling around my memory now- maybe I'll need to rootle around the bookshelves in the loft to see what book it was I'm thinking of!

mamaus Fri 22-Feb-13 09:26:22

Feeling a bit disheartened today. I was feeling relatively confident all week. I have been continuing to do the shred every night, noticing a bit less jiggle and feeling happy about that. My clothes are starting to feel a bit looser and hang a bit better. I still have a way to go, but was honestly starting to feel like I am on the right path.
So, I finally went and got a set of digital scales--they were on sale, sure we will have them a long time, thought it would be good to know more accurately etc. and they have me at 4lbs heavier than my old scales from last week sad
My old scales have me at the exact same as last week: 11 stone 7
I was feeling really positive before and I know that it shouldn't matter what the scales say if clothes are fitting better etc, but that has really got to me this morning.

My brother's wedding is fast approaching, my main motivator for getting started. But now, thinking about it my new motivator needs to be life long health, big picture and all that. Something in the Paul McK book has really stuck with me. He said to imagine yourself in the future, for myself I am thinking 20 years. Either I can stick with healthy eating exercise etc and make a change, or not. If not, I will continue to gain a few pounds every year, more than likely around my middle, and develop all of the associated health problems that go with that. For me, I don't even have to work very hard to imagine the outcome of choosing the unhealthy path. My aunts and uncles are concrete examples of what my future will hold if I don't make these changes. As much as I love them, that is not how I want to live and more vainly, not how I want to look. (Sounds terrible, but its true for me)

So my blow this morning with the new scales will not sway me from the big goal, which started as not embarrassing myself in a bridesmaid dress, but has now changed to overall health and well being, for myself and for my children.

I think I may try seriously reducing my carbs this week. I realize that I eat far too much bread for what I would like to achieve.

Since writing this out I have weighed myself several more times on the new scales--the weight has varied by 8lbs?!! Maybe they were on sale for a reason....
So, after my long ramble, I will stick to the weight from my old scales:
Weigh in
Week 4
11 stone 7
0lbs lost
7 lbs lost in 4 weeks

Time to get serious, onwards and downwards!!

Good luck everyone smile

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