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Want to lose 2 stone...

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Erebus Fri 04-Jan-13 21:08:05

...from 12st 8lb to 10 1/2 stone. I'm 50, 5 foot 6 and am currently in size 18.

Why do I want to?

Largely because I can't find 'normal' clothes to fit me any more! I also have a form of body dysmorphia (entirely self-diagnosed grin) in that I don't think I'm that fat, til I see the inevitable holiday photo or try and buy say underwear and see myself in those mirrors confused & blush. I can self deceive quite well.

My plan is to eat less, eat more mindfully and exercise more. And stop drinking pinot like a fish. DH is along for the ride, too.

My current goal is to lose 2 lbs in one week (Friday morning is weigh-in day).

Just my own little check-in!

Erebus Thu 31-Jan-13 20:49:25

I didn't do MPC I did PMc.

MPC could be a tarmac laying company for all I know!

sprucedup Fri 01-Feb-13 00:08:20

I'll be there tomorrow morning,.after coffee to sort tmi ishoo but before breakfast! I don't have high hope for the two lb tho.

Oh mamaus iforgot - i run at night in hi - vis bib, on main roads as much as poss and try to conceal headphones. The only time i had any trouble was broad daylight on a main road when s man reached out and grabbed my tit as i ran past, i was so surprised i ran on for a few seconds and when i turned back he'd vanished! i give everyone a wide berth these days.

sprucedup Fri 01-Feb-13 08:43:34

Week 2
That's 2.2lb off. [Emoticons not working on android but I am grinning]
I genuinely though I'd have gained, I've spent weeks making no progress and suddenly this. So it looks like you guys are making the difference. Thank you, thank you. Wedding dress and future life of food calm is in reach.

Good luck today both of you

Erebus Fri 01-Feb-13 10:01:06

spruced -fantastic news, what a boost! I like 'food calm'- I get exactly what you mean!

My news is good, too.

Week 4:
11st 13lbs
BMI 27.3
weight loss this week 2lb
total loss 9lbs in 4 weeks.

I too was rather surprised, having lost a measly lb last week (despite having been 'trying') but I think a combo of AF and the TMI issue didn't help!

Now have to negotiate my way through 2 socials- a leaving do tonight, but I may not eat at the pub- a wine and a diet coke, perhaps; and a meal out next Tuesday but again, I can have soup and salad if the menu's a bit 'heavy'.

I must say, though, I would love to get to the PMc endorsed stage of not thinking about dieting and food for large slabs of my day, just reacting to hunger signals!

tripletipple Fri 01-Feb-13 13:22:23

Hi erebus (and others)
I said I would be back later, I just didn't say how much later grin
I have decided to join you for the Friday weigh in. I will apologise in advance for sporadic posting, as I know I am guilty of this, as I get "lost" in RL sometimes, but I am still here!

Anyway, 1st February seemed like a good day for Day 1. Unfortunately I woke up with both AF and a cold and felt more like crawling under the duvet with a packet of biscuits than embarking on a diet. However, have resisted so far!

So, weighing in at 12st 5lb. BMI is 29.7

Congratulations on your weight loss so far. Keep going, it will be so worth it!

Erebus Fri 01-Feb-13 14:51:07

Hi triple, welcome back.

I'd agree entirely that you need to be 'in the mindset' to start a diet. Hope you feel better soon!

I see that your BMI is where I was at my heaviest, which was 13 stone, 2 years ago. Somehow and unconsciously, my weight did fall from there to stabilise at 12st 8 or 9 for ages, which is where I was when I started this WOE on Jan 4th.

What's your goal weight? And time frame?

Look forward to hearing from you!

sprucedup Fri 01-Feb-13 16:33:12

Excellent news erebus, clearly we're doing better than we though. 9lbs in four weeks is fantastic! If i could do that I'd need to get the Dress taken in again - I'm redoubling my efforts now.

I've got friends for diner tomorrow, doing salmon baked and some tarted up veg, plus a sort of mascarpone custard rhubarb tart thing. I will make it big enough to serve three and a half people and spend the entire day picturing myself not finishing it.

Hello triple welcome on board. Biscuits do seem better when you're poorly i agree, but consider that they wont taste so good with a blocked nose so you could just wait for when you can enjoy them? Logical...

mamaus Fri 01-Feb-13 21:08:12

Hi ladies, quick check in from me so I don't miss the Friday deadline!
Week 2: 11stone 11, so down 3 pounds! Yay!
Thanks to your motivation, I also broke out my 30 day shred DVD last night, and yes, I felt great for it today!
Going to force myself to go and do the shred again right now, when all I really want to do is drink a gallon of 2 year old is having some serious bedtime regression out of nowhere. But, want to see the scales go down again next Friday, so I will pass the fridge and go for the weights, pretty exciting Friday night here! smile
Will be back in a bit, well done all!!

tripletipple Fri 01-Feb-13 21:35:13

Hi all, done not too badly on my first day all things considered, although I did have a bit of a run-in with a bagel and raspberry jam earlier. I'm going to have a hot bath now and then straight to bed so no need to visit the kitchen again tonight. Haven't drunk any wine either, woohoo!

I didn't have any particular goal weight but as the thread title is Want to Lose 2 Stone that seems as good as any ie. 10st 5lb. which would take me just inside normal weight range for BMI. Time scale? ASAP! By the summer would be good realistically.

Now, the weekend to tackle.....

sprucedup Fri 01-Feb-13 22:08:14

mamaus that's great! 3lbs! And shred too - have you been on the Jillian Michaels thread? I was just there. Well, I think we should all feel very pleased with ourselves. 7lbs between us

I'm hoping this is the start of the viruous cycle that goes eat calmly, exercise, lose weight, feel positive, eat calmly etc untl it all just becomes the default setting. I just ran 6.5k off the back of this mornings success so maybe here it is!

triple, good luck with the weekend - i think we've all got potential danger situations coming up actually, but lots of thinking positive and taking our time over food should keep things on track. Here's to a good week everyone, not too many sneaky weigh ins (I did two i have to confess, both came up as no loss)

Erebus Sat 02-Feb-13 13:34:11

Hi all- last night's 'do' went well- a couple of work mates leaving which is sad as they're both well liked and good at what they do. As predicted, I had a glass of wine- then (ahem) a small wine spritzer but I decided I wanted it so I had it. They were all tucking into gourmet burgers and chips or fry ups but I must say, having had my Hairy Dieters crumbed chicken and salad (and 2 dinky pitas) for dinner before I went, I didn't really crave any of it.

The one thing I haven't done was my 'run' which is my 3 or 4 times a week power walk on a treadmill. I walk 1.75 miles at a rate to double my heartbeat and make me sweat. Any faster and I'd be running- need a better bra for that grin. The reason is that I am a bit under the weather. I've had a sinus headache for days (not uncommon) and a scratchy throat since Weds. I will see how I'm feeling tonight.

Onwards and downwards!

mamaus Mon 04-Feb-13 14:09:11

Hi all, hope the rest of the weekend went well for everyone.
Erebus hope that you are feeling better now.
sprucedup I can't believe some random guy just grabbed you like that on a run?! What a weirdo. Actually, I can believe it, but just wonder what goes through people's heads sometimes. Haven't been on the shred thread, just quietly do my DVD after the kids are in bed. It's short enough that I can't make excuses for not having the time, but enough effort that I feel like it is making a difference toning wise. (Hopefully!)

I didn't realize that we were only supposed to weigh ourselves on Fridays. I had been checking throughout the week, but only reporting on Friday... I am going to try not to peek this week and just stay focused on the mindful eating, and keeping active.

"Food calm" sounds like a good place to be! Here's hoping we all get there this week,

mamaus Mon 04-Feb-13 14:10:29

Oh, and welcome tripletipple smile

Erebus Mon 04-Feb-13 20:14:55

Grr. Did my back today! It's a long standing 'weakness' of mine, on and off since I was 19, but I hadn't had an 'episode' for over a year. Thankfully, although initially I actually thought 'I have to go home from work!' (NHS front line...), it settled to just 'uncomfortable', so I am taking great care with it right now! So no 'run' tonight- and an upcoming wrecked night's sleep as I just woke up from an hour's Cocodamol inspired sleep after a very hot bath...

It's fine to weigh yourself every day, of course, mam as long as the odd up doesn't cause you to say 'sod it, this 'diet's' not working, I'm quitting- when the next day you might be 2 lbs down! I sneak in the odd 'weigh-in' myself, too, but I think Friday 'counts'.

Erebus Tue 05-Feb-13 12:09:45

Did a sneaky weigh-in this morning and am the same weight as last Friday which is 'OK' though, of course, would really have liked to have seen a pound less as I wanted to lose another 2lbs this week in total but having a cold and doing my back probably won't help much! BUT who knows? I may find 2 lbs on Friday! I am being as mindful as possible but other than fetching the car from its MOT 10 minutes walk away, I won't be doing much today as my back hurts!

mamaus Tue 05-Feb-13 20:58:39

Sorry to hear about your back Erebus hopefully it settles down soon. I am sure you will see a drop by Friday.
I have also had a sneaky peek today and it looks about the same for me too, so far... I still need to go and pick up a decent scale, but I am a cheapskate!
I am trying out a new visual motivator that my sister told me about. I now have 2 jars placed in my kitchen. One has a cotton wool ball for each pound that I would like to lose, and when I lose a pound, I move it over to the other jar. Does that make sense? So basically, I have one jar that is crammed with 25 cotton balls and one that has 3, so far...
Will let you know if this helps or just takes up counter space!
At first I was a bit disheartened, seeing how much cotton I need to move, but also I think it will prevent me from celebrating too early, if you know what I mean? I have certainly done that in the past, rather than building on a small success, celebrate and ruin my progress--but not this time!!
I also took 3 cans out of the cupboard and carried them around for a while, they equalled the 3 pounds lost last week, 3 pounds that I no longer have to carry around! Now just to get rid of their 25 friends... smile

tripletipple Tue 05-Feb-13 23:33:17

Hi all, thanks for the welcomes smile

Don't know if it was a cold I had or what, but felt pretty rough over the weekend and didn't really feel like eating much, which was good, but also have expended minimal energy having spent as much time as possible slouched in a chair. So we shall see....

mamaus I love that idea of your sister's, I will go cotton ball shopping tomorrow!

erebus sorry about the back. One of the reasons I want to lose weight is I've developed a bit of a back problem which I'm sure is aggrevated by my weight.

Can't believe Friday is nearly back round already, think I'm going to have to put more effort in if I'm going to see any result!

Erebus Wed 06-Feb-13 20:40:45

HI everyone!

Well, thankfully my back isn't quite as bad as I thought it was the second I did it (I have a loong history!) so I've been taking it easy, no lifting and no 'rapid walking' for a few days.

But I have a bee-atch of a cold! But unlike yours, triple, I haven't stopped eating..! My head is thumping and my stomach all sore and churny (I think the Cocodamol I took for my back has 'upset' it), and my ears feel like cotton wool sad. But not cotton wool balls!

But, funny old thing (depending on your sense of humour and TMI tolerance...), I came in last night from an evening out (where I wasn't terribly disciplined but was 'ok') and suddenly I felt the urge for No 2s- well, I exploded! Again, I assume the Cocodamol was responsible but I suspect that this episode may have been responsible for my apparent 'miracle' weight loss as I, again sneakily, checked this morning- 2lbs down in 1 day grin!

mamm I too have to be careful not to rest on my weight loss laurels, 'celebrating' a loss with being less careful. I do think physically holding the amount of weight you've lost in cans is a good idea, as is the cotton wool balls. I do have 26(lbs)/0, 23/3, 20/6 etc written on my calendar along with my weight and BMI on Fridays. And I -ahem- separated out 9lbs of butter on an Asda shelf the other day to really look at!

mamaus Thu 07-Feb-13 20:49:35

Hello ladies,
Must admit to being a bit nervous about tomorrow morning's weigh in. I have been reasonably disciplined, but I think I know it's going to take a bit more than that to see the results I would like in my time frame!

Hope everyone is feeling better, result on your 2 lbs drop though Erebus ! wink
I finally started reading my Paul McK book last night, and it turns out I haven't been eating as mindfully as I thought!! Today was day one of eating every single bite consciously, well trying to anyway.
Moment of truth, tomorrow.
Onwards and downwards smile

mamaus Thu 07-Feb-13 21:44:42

Forgot to say, good idea on the butter visual, hope to whittle off a few slabs!

Erebus Thu 07-Feb-13 22:13:35

Yes, I doubt I will see that 2lbs 'loss' tomorrow morning! It was, after all, largely No. 2s grin!

Am seething tonight. Am on-call for my HCP 'coal-face' job, which I do 1:6. I don't get called much but was tonight at 7pm, so in I drive, 7 miles, park up in the space I've parked in for every on-call or weekend call-in I had for the last 9 years, did the examination, came out 2 hours later- to find my car was now locked behind a builder's hoarding. And no one answered the 'emergency out of hours' mobile!

So the bloke from switch board had to drive me home at the end of his shift just now and DH has to drive me over tomorrow morning at 8 to retrieve my car (my day off) so I can go to the opticians for a retest because they got my script wrong (£70 worth of glasses later...).

Nuff to make a woman resort to cream doughnuts!

sprucedup Thu 07-Feb-13 22:20:48

erebus don't do it!! I just ate an entire bar of green n blacks so I can remind you that it will make you feel stuffed sicky, and annoyed with yourself

mamaus Thu 07-Feb-13 22:22:30

Step away from the donuts!!!!!
You will be proud of yourself in the morning. That is a crap day though,
maybe a non-food based treat in the morning after picking up your car? (Lame, I know!)
Good luck tomorrow smile

sprucedup Thu 07-Feb-13 22:27:04

Bastards with the car though, that would have had me frothing at the mouth. That kind of crap takes up so much of life and you cant get it back. I think it's that kind of time when all you an do is make up new expletives.

sprucedup Thu 07-Feb-13 22:31:39

Hello mamaus we, 're cross posting. Non food based treat good idea. Perhaps go to topshop with a tween and roll about laughing at the 90s clothes in there?

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