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Doctors appt to discuss weight next week.

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missnevermind Sat 05-Jan-13 02:00:32

Saladfingers I didn't understand a word of your conversation with LondonSuperTrouper grin But congratulations on your weight loss.

I haven't been to the Docs yet appt is for next Thursday, I phoned yesterday morning and was told they could squeeze me in that afternoon, but I panicked as I was expecting to have to wait a week and turned it down.

The diet pills did work at that point, it was about 6 years ago, but I wasn't given the support I was expecting, no chats about food or weigh ins with the nurse, I think I expected diet sheets and stuff. blush (It didn't help either that I had gone in because of discomfort after a car crash - heavy bruising, bad neck, soft tissue damage etc - and came out with diet pills, it was quite a WTF moment)

I don't know about surgery, they are refusing to repair the hernia I have had for nearly 3 years so I don't hold high hopes for a gastric band.
I cant go private - I cant even afford Weight Watchers this year.

I am 42. My eldest is nearly 15 the others are 12 4 and 18 months and I don't have the energy for the younger 2 that I had for the older ones. I even get out of breath getting dressed.

I am getting really worried about telling the doctor all these things.
She has just had a baby and is tall and slim, she is going to look at me and think i am Jabba the fucking Hut. sad

saladfingers Fri 04-Jan-13 17:05:49

I totally understand how difficult it is to keep going when other people don't notice but then you realise that bending down is easier or your back aches less and you have more of a spring in your step and it feels so good! people have started to notice my weight loss now but it took a few months.I'm down from a 22 to a 16 now.Your motivation has to come from within.Set yourself short term goals and sod the rest of the world.They will start to notice eventually because you will make them.Dont give up on sound scared.You have taken the first step in taking back control.Unfortunately there is no quick fix and noone can do this for you but I know your DC will appreciate your efforts.They need you to be healthy/strong/mobile.Seriously if i can do this,so can you!

saladfingers Fri 04-Jan-13 16:56:22

missmevermind has your gp suggested any forms of help available?Diet pills dont seem to be the right option.Would you consider surgery?Would gastric bypass be an option? My motivation has been reaching my mid 40s and realising i want to see my children grow up and produce GC.I dont want to die young for the sake of another cream cake or packet of biscuits.

saladfingers Fri 04-Jan-13 16:49:44

I started with wed/Fri every week but was flexible if a party/meal out came up.I found the first 3 or 4 fast days hard work by the evening and was quite bad tempered but found that if i kept busy i was distracted long enough for hunger pangs to pass it was managable.I then stepped up to Mon/Wed/Fri for a few weeks as i got married in Nov and wanted to shift a bit of extra weight.I havent managed more than 1 fast a week over the christmas holidays but my weight has stayed pretty constant. i'm going back to 5:2 next week.On average I lost approx 3/4lbs most weeks.Bearing in mind I was almost 5 stone over weight so obviously as had lots to lose it started quite quickly.I'm expecting it to slow down now as I'm getting closer to my goal.I am doing this primarily for the health benefits but also to lose weight.Traditional diets have always meant long term weight gain for me but i believe i can do this.
At most all i have to do is deny myself something til the next day and if i still want that sausage/choc/crisps i can the next day.......obviosly moderation being the key!

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 04-Jan-13 11:36:44

salad congratulations on your weight loss. Did you ADF or the 5:2? How long did it take you to lose 3 stones?

I am inspired now to start losing weight seriously!

missnevermind Thu 03-Jan-13 18:12:56

Saladfingers (How appropriate grin)
I had a look on you tube but all I found was the one with the heart attack burgers, and I really wanted one of those blush

I really need professional help, my BMI is about 55 and I have 12 /13 stone to loose.
I can loose 1 or 2 stone but when I realise it makes no difference to the way i look I loose heart and put it all back on again.

saladfingers Thu 03-Jan-13 14:22:26

Diets have never worked for me.I cant deprive myself of all 'bad' foods forever so I eventually give up as I feel so miserable. Then I watched Michael Mosely on Horizon In August Last year. It Changed my entire attitude to food and eating.The program was available on Youtube.I would highly recommend watching it if you can find it.My BMI was 33.9(Obese) when i decided to change my way of eating.It is now 26.7(overweight but in site of normal range for my height).I have lost 3 stone and it really hasn't been that difficult.I would like to lose another 2 stone this year.I find this new way of eating totally sustainable.I hope you find a diet that works as well for you.

missnevermind Thu 03-Jan-13 13:33:24

OK I have bitten the bullet (given it a good chew and washed it down with chocolate )
I have made an appt to discuss my weight with the doctor next week. What will they do / say, can they help?

I am 5ft and about 21st.
OK list of excuses coming up.
I didnt loose the weight between babies 3 and 4 and had severe PGP/SPD which has not gone away. I am under the physio for this. Baby is nearly 18 months old.

I went years ago when I was about 16 stone and they gave me the fat shitting pills but no support whatsoever just told to look on the website on the pack.

I have always been overweight. I don't know how to eat normally. It's either a starvation diet or eat everything in sight because I am not on a diet.

Please help, even I am worried about my health now.

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