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Cambridge Diet 5 stone goal

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Pompbear Wed 02-Jan-13 10:24:47

Anyone want to join me? I'm starting tomorrow. Have had great success on CD before but 2 babies and a hellish 2012 have led to a terrible weight gain.

I know some people disapprove, but it works for me. Previously I used it to lose weight and then maintained eating a healthy diet with plenty of protein, veg and occasional fruit and starchy veg, a bit of brown rice every now and then. Nuts, seeds, small amounts of dairy. It worked really well and I felt great for years. As soon as I started snacking on sugary crap because I was so stressed and upset, the weight piled on and I craved carby meals. I couldn't face my usual healthy , tasty meals which I previously really enjoyed. Totally vicious cycle. Anyway, the stress has gone and I'm determined to fix my weight and my health.

I want to keep this thread positive, motivational and free from talk of food and cheating!

Start weight 14.3 (yikes)

ThePippy Mon 07-Jan-13 12:47:53

Morning all. Well done to all who have started and stuck to it so far. 3 more days or normality for me then start on Thursday (late lighter life meeting on Wednesday night). I can't wait to get going as I feel like a whale now. I am up for a 5 stone target by June. I know its going to be tough but hoping that I will get in the groove like I did with LL the first time. Hope you all have good weeks and looking forward to seeing those pounds tumble!

namechangecity Mon 07-Jan-13 13:28:25

ok for the dense among us shall we start a roll call that we can add to so that I at least can try and keep a handle on who is here?:

name target loss (realistic)

name change city 4 stone

namechangecity Mon 07-Jan-13 13:29:03

we may want to add a start date too for late arrivers so can the next person add third column of start date?

Pompbear Mon 07-Jan-13 14:14:41

We can/ will! Skinny for summer! Redvush or rooibos tea, its herbal no caffeine but not sweet. I don't drink black tea buts its prob v similar. I drink gallons when.on CDC. Also fizzy water as it seems so much nicer to drink.

If I'm desperate for something to chew, I eat cubes of cucumber.

TwoFacedCows Mon 07-Jan-13 14:52:23

hi guys,

I did Cambridge earlier last year. Hats of to you, it nearly killed me!! I did lose 3 stone though!

I have lots of soups and shakes left. I wondered if anyone wanted them?

anyone interested, pm me and I can send you a list of what and how many I have!

Pompbear Mon 07-Jan-13 15:03:12

Sorry, didn't notice roll call!

Pompbear. 5 stone.

Sole source for 4 stone.

leelteloo Mon 07-Jan-13 15:07:24

Good plan re the stats but I can't cut and paste on the app on my iPod. So I'll add me when I get the lap top out; if I can find the energy to climb the stairs.
Finding coffee is making me feel really sick and light headed so going caffeine free as of now.
Food shopping for the little one today nearly killed me. confused

Pompbear Mon 07-Jan-13 15:26:45

Oh duh I should have pasted, will do it properly lately. Blaming my cold for fuzzy brain!

gobbymare Mon 07-Jan-13 16:12:56

I have been debating wether to start the slim and save diet but I'm a little worried about it due to doing LL 3 years ago and being really ill to the point I was bleeding from somewhere I shouldn't have been.

I have a holiday booked in may and know I won't be happy with myself or comfortable when there. ... so I guess I'm asking how long people stay on these diets and any success stories or advice to help me make my mind up either way.

leelteloo Tue 08-Jan-13 13:49:15

Wrote another post that disappeared confused: very frustrating! It's hard enough to type on this silly iPod!
I was saying that I didn't know slim and save, but I know cd works if you stick to it and it works fast. I've lost half a stone in a week.

Pompbear Tue 08-Jan-13 17:53:31

My slim and save stuff arrived and - tried a coconut bar and it was quite nice. Not fantastic but pleasant iykwim.

Will try a shake later. I also bought their "white wine" water flavour. I don't have high hopes but its got to be worth a shot. Gunna try it in chilled sparkling water later on. I shall report back!

I'm in ketosis now and feeling pretty good - if only I could shake this bloody cold!

Low carbing for a few days before starting really helped, the first few days were far less traumatic than they have been in the past after a Carb binge.

And I've lost 7lbs already!!! Chuffed to bits! In 4 days CD and 3 days low Carb. You just can't beat it.

Slim and save looks to be just like cd but you buy online and its a lot cheaper. I'm doing a combo, Choc bricks from my CDCabd powdered shakes from SS. SS also do meals and soups but I have never liked the CD soups so don't want to waste money trying other flavours when I know what I like!

How is everyone else doing?

I'm so fat I can't wait to feel normal again. This time last year ( ish) I was 4,.5 stone lighter. And I remember sharing a cake with my dcs at a cafe in a zoo and feeling proud that I had lost my pregnancy weight and could have a treat with the kids without worrying if other parents were thinking what a bad example I am to my kids for being so overweight and still eating cake. I never eat anywhere like that now as I just feel so shit, and judged. People probably don't even notice but I'm so annoyed and ashamed at my weight that I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking like that anyway. I think it of myself. Anyway, not for much longer and never again!!

MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavour Tue 08-Jan-13 18:15:40

Hi everyone, I am back on the vlcd wagon (mixture of exante and slim and save)

I'm on day five now and I'm very happy in my little ketosis bubble grin hot baths and lots of coke zero have been my saviours so far

Hope everyone's managing ok today

Pompbear Tue 08-Jan-13 20:05:27

Well so far slim and save is a winner. Just had a chic shake and it was really nice. Not much diff to CD, maybe slightly nicer.... white wine drink powder smells funny which has put me off. Tastes OK. Like a v delicately flavoured water - elder flower or similar.

Will stick to my sparkling water and red bush tea tho.

Cannot wait to be slim again!!

namechangecity Tue 08-Jan-13 23:22:11

how comes you can have coke zero and how much?? Does it not affect ketosis?

namechangecity Tue 08-Jan-13 23:23:46

by choc bricks do you mean the tetra pacs?

Pompbear Tue 08-Jan-13 23:59:03

Yes sorry, tetras - always have one in my bag for emergencies! I think coke zero is OK as no citric acid but my memory is vague. Although tbh, diet drinks never seem to effect my weight loss...

leelteloo Wed 09-Jan-13 05:13:45

I'm sticking to black leaf tea or coffee and water for 1st 2 weeks, was told not to have diet drinks. Yesterday was much easier, phew!

cakehappy Wed 09-Jan-13 12:23:13

Can I join in too? I did CD last year in April for 8 weeks and lost almost 3 stone, Im ready to do the last of the diet, will do another 8 weeks with a weightloss of 3 stone I hope. I am currently 13.3 st and 5.5 inches so a bit on the heavy side...sighhh...Doing CD, 3 "meals" a day plus 125 g of protein. usually chicken. Hope this goes well!! I am sure it is. I had a gradual start over the last 3 days (and already lost 3lbs) and today is the first full CD diet day. I am drinking green tea does anyone know if thats okay??

PortiaPony Wed 09-Jan-13 14:52:39

I'm on day 3 of All about w8 which is similar to CD. Chose this one as there's a local counsellor whereas no-one for CD and the LL person i met was barmy. So far its ok, but i'm just trying to keep busy. Work is fine, its the evenings.. i have a feeling the house will be very tidy until these evening cravings disappear! I have a real habit of snacking watching TV to crack. Need to get rid of this baby weight (baby is now 2 blush ) and get back to who i am which i lost totally post baby.

PortiaPony 2 1/2 stone
All about w8 (4 packs plus a high protein meal)

PortiaPony Wed 09-Jan-13 14:54:04

cakehappy - green tea is fine, actually some evidence its speeds up metabolism esp in those low carbing.

PootlePosyPerkin Wed 09-Jan-13 15:00:30

Hello everyone, may I join you? grin

I lost 5 stone on CD three years and - like the OP - a mixture of pregnancy and mega stress has seen it all come back (well, four stone of it anyway!).

I am starting again tomorrow (10th) - my total weightloss goal is 8 stone blush, but am focusing myself on two stone at a time "mini-targets".

Best of luck everyone!

leelteloo Wed 09-Jan-13 16:12:31

Hello to all the new joiners grin. Not feeling any problems today, just that funny sweet taste and needing to pee ALL the time. 7 days today: just 7 more of ss before I go up a step.!! Bring it on!

PootlePosyPerkin Wed 09-Jan-13 16:42:09

I have just had a look at the Slim & Save website and decided to give that a whirl instead of CD, as I much prefer being able to order online & get the full choice of flavours. My previous CDC only used to stock things she knew people would buy - makes sense as she had to buy big boxes of stuff & pay for it, even if she couldn't find customers to sell it on to!

I will still be starting tomorrow though as I have 4 full days worth of CD shakes to use up & will move on to the S&S after that.

PootlePosyPerkin 2 stone (initial target)

CD Sole Source until 14.1.13 then Slim & Save

ThePippy Thu 10-Jan-13 11:19:31

Morning all,

So I had my first LL meeting last night and I am now feeling really excited to get on with things, especially as I weighed in at an eye popping 17.5 stone!!! Still, a stone per month off with LL should soon see that starting to drop dramatically.

Hope everyone is on track an in ketosis now.

PootlePosyPerkin Thu 10-Jan-13 14:04:25

Just checking back in, have started today on Day 1 of using up leftover CD stocks! My Slim & Save order arrived this morning too, so will be giving that a go from Sunday.

Just hoping my willpower holds out over the next 3/4 days - I'm pretty sure if I can get through that I will be OK.

My first target is to lose 2 stone which I'm hoping to do by Easter (31st March). Hope everyone else is doing well today smile.

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