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So.. the time has come to stop stuffing my fat face and getting pissed!!!

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Runnerlegs Wed 02-Jan-13 10:17:48

I havent just gone wild this Christmas, I have gone wild since November!!! I am now heavier than the days I gave birth.

So, it STOPS now! I am off to Centre Parcs with the kids in 8 weeks and I CANNOT expose the general public to my 'exploded sofa' body!

Going to aim to lose a stone in 8 weeks... please please will you support me and put up with my ramblings about wanting a takeaway and wine?

SandWitch Wed 09-Jan-13 12:47:33

Right - one week in an 6lbs lost hurrah!

I know that weight loss will slow up a fair bit now this initial week is over but feeling positive.

I am finding myself turning down invitations for nights out etc as I'm not sure that I will have the willpower to avoid being bad. Bloody typical though that my social diary has been non-existant for ages, but now I am dieting everyone seems to want my company grin

gillian88 Wed 09-Jan-13 13:21:49

Well done SandWich!! smile

SandWitch Wed 09-Jan-13 13:37:30

thanks gillian

You asked earlier in the thread about dealing with cravings - sugar free gum or sugar free Polos do it for me!

TMI alert - don't be tempted to overdo it on the Polo consumption - they have a rather potent laxitive effect if you do grin

gillian88 Wed 09-Jan-13 15:13:02

Will give that a try! I'm a real chocoholic so may not be as good as chocolate but I'm sure will be alot better than the apple I had last night hmm

Lizzylou Wed 09-Jan-13 19:35:17

Blimey sandwich! Well done you. 3lbs off for me. All good.
Gillian when I did slimming world years ago you could have this soft cheese quark for free as it is fat free, have it with an options sachet in and it is almost like choc cheesecake! Or a choc Muller light??

gillian88 Wed 09-Jan-13 19:49:05

Oh yum lizzylou, will definately give that a try!!wink

CabbageLeaves Wed 09-Jan-13 20:55:41

Crikey well done on all that weight loss. Bad day here. Parents over and I feed them...not so bad...lots of veg but my mum brought this fantastic home meade sticky toffee pud. I served missing myself out but, but, but.... there was an awful lot left over so I had a bit <crosswithselfbuttoolatenow>

Themobstersknife Wed 09-Jan-13 21:15:04

Hi! Can I join? You sound like my kinda people - gannets and winos! wink
I was doing great on mfp but then my baby stopped sleeping and xmas came! I went out on a xmas do, thinking I looked fab, and I look beached in all the photos!
I need to lose at least 1.5 stones but struggle not to drink wine of an evening, then wine leads to snacks and chocolate. So need some major willpower help. I know I will never stick to low carbs so just need to calorie count.
Back to work end of Feb and casual dress code so need to be able to fit into jean... Is 1.5 stones by end of Feb achievable do we think?

Lizzylou Wed 09-Jan-13 21:20:32

Themobsters, do some exercise as well and you can definitely be trimmer and feeling more confident by that date (don't set yourself up for a fall!).

Cabbage, draw a line and move on!

Have been v good, went to a spinning class. Nearly died. About to go to bed!

Gillian, you'll find Quark by cottage cheese and soft cheese in supermarket. Half a pack to one options type sachet. It is v lovely (adds quark to shopping list).

Runnerlegs Wed 09-Jan-13 21:38:10

Sand - wow!!! Bet you are so happy!!! Well done!

SandWitch Thu 10-Jan-13 09:31:38

Thanks everyone.

I am wondering how I am going to make sure that it does not go pearshaped this weekend. There will be lots of great food, wine and bubbles and I am not sure that my willpower is strong enough...

I am thinking that it is not realistic to think that I can be perfect and I am also very worried that my dh's family will make a big deal of it if I am not drinking and/or not eating that much. They have an even more strage relationship with food than I do!

I'll have to have a think. The not drinking (much) is not so difficult to manage as I'll do what I did in early pregnancy - if I always have a glass, they wont notice that I am not drinking it (or I'll get dh to drink some grin)
The groom is a foodie though - there will no doubt be an amazing menu...

Welcome Themobstersknife - can't speak for everyone else, but gannets and winos sums me up perfectly!

Lizzylou - that Quark 'cheesecake' sounds great. Will give it a go and well done 3lbs is fantastic.

Cabbage - Lizzy is right. Today is a brand new day.

How are you getting on Runnerlegs and Mrs3chins?

Themobstersknife Thu 10-Jan-13 13:27:55

Sand I reckon you can relax a bit, and enjoy the wedding. I did weight watchers a few years ago, never stuck to it at all at the weekends, and still lost loads of weight. I found that a day's indulging was soon put right with plenty of water on the Monday. The worst thing would be to have a rubbish time because you were worrying about what to eat and drink, and end up resenting the diet.

I am a bit confused who is doing what, to lose how much, so am going to do a summary post - can you all check I have got it right.

Themobstersknife Thu 10-Jan-13 13:39:50

So, if I have it right, the runners and riders:
Runnerlegs - 1 stone in 8 weeks
Ohforfoxsake - back to pre xmas weight, via ww
LizzyLou - 2 stone by milestone bday in April via mfp
GirlsonFilm - 2 stone by April to be a godmother via low carb
Rumours - 2 stone by April Graduation via ww
Sandwitch - 2.5 stone by 1st week April via Dukan/low carb
PrincessFiFi9 - 2 stone by ? via mfp
CabbageLeaves - 1-2 stone via mfp
Mrs3Chins - 1 stone by ?
Gillian88 - ? Via 'the old fashioned way...'!
MrsNPatz - ? Via ww
Mobsters - 1.5 stone for end Feb return to work via mfp

gillian88 Thu 10-Jan-13 17:17:46

According to Boots scales I need to lose 5 stone to be 'healthy' blush but will set my first goal for 1.5 stone by end of march ( back to work then hmm)

CabbageLeaves Thu 10-Jan-13 18:11:28

That's right Thermo but I'm using SlimFast 3-2-1. What is mfp? I've been veeeery good today (dead easy to be good when it's two milkshakes and nothing else) It's when I eat that I struggle.
Loving the winos and gannets comment grin

If you asked me last week what my social life is like I'd have told you it's dead and I spend every evening home alone... Last night I had parents to dinner which is actually a regular event so I need to nip in the bud the pudding issue.
Tonight a friend is coming over and we'd normally have a glass of wine and a nibble of summat. I've told her ....
Box of expensive chocs which were a Christmas present for me has been given away shock

I realise that I'm always going to cut back but either
a) I'm socialising even if it's informal/casual/family
b) It's a weekend
c) I've had a bad day

There in lies my problem.

I struggle with other's comments as well Sandwitch. Why does every say (unconvincingly) you don't need to diet.... It's just enough to encourage me to go mentally Hell yeah I don't need to diet...

Themobstersknife Thu 10-Jan-13 20:05:09

Oh sorry I got that wrong!
Mfp = My Fitness Pal

Lizzylou Fri 11-Jan-13 09:30:56

MFP is working wonders for me.
Logging your food and exercise really focuses your mind.

Hoping that this willpower lasts through the danger zone of the weekend!

gillian88 Fri 11-Jan-13 12:08:27

Uh oh...weigh in day todayconfused

Themobstersknife Fri 11-Jan-13 13:06:07

Good luck Gillian! I will be weighing in on Fridays, as of next week, as today is my baseline day.

gillian88 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:11:46

4lb off!!! <happydance> smile

Themobstersknife Fri 11-Jan-13 14:15:31

Woop woop! Well done you!

gillian88 Fri 11-Jan-13 15:33:16

Thank you, thats just with being really good with what I have ate, have to admit I have done no exercise this week due to two sick babies so next week I'm gonna go walking everyday with the twin pram so maybe another 4lb next week! (Fingers crossed)

Lizzylou Sat 12-Jan-13 11:47:01

Go Gillian! That is fab, well done.

Sticking with it shop done with lots of healthy stuff, have gymmed.

Sylph-like thighs will be mine.

CabbageLeaves Sat 12-Jan-13 12:39:28

Well done Gillian. That's a great weight loss.

I'm doing 'vigorous housework' today. (I really am grin ). The house is being spring cleaned. Furniture all moved, hoovered, carpet cleaned, skirting washed so I count that exercise.

I used to cycle. Since becoming a lone parent I don't get chance. I do have a stationary trainer (which I hate) but will set that up and commit to 30 mins twice a week (not too frightening)

Runnerlegs Sat 12-Jan-13 13:24:05

We were child free last night and so I knew it would end in disaster blush

We had chinese (although i stuck with chow mein) then had copious amounts of G&Slimline ....which has to be better than wine right?

Then, this morning, I found that I had hidden an empty packet of chicken crisps under the cushion on the sofa...which means I scoffed them and my pissed self thought I could trick the sober me! So I failed miserably and today have an awful bloated feeling to add to my muggy head and dry mouth! sad

So, here I start AGAIN!

And the award for the worlds worst dieter goes to..........ME!

Well done everyone else though smile

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