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Happy New Year! Happy New Paul McKenna Thread Number 11. Healthy Weight Loss Without Restricting Your Enjoyment Of Food! Come Join The Paulettes For Support And Chat.

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GoodKingWenSOLOslas Tue 01-Jan-13 03:58:46

Welcome to thread 11 of the Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin weight loss system.

The Golden Rules that will aid you on your journey with our like minded support system are:

1. Eat what you WANT
2. Eat when you are HUNGRY
4. STOP eating when you are satisfied and full

This weight loss system is about re-educating your body; learning to listen to it and in doing so losing weight and inches. After all, eating a meal is not a competition.
Many people have issues around food. Many of us have been brought up by the 'clear your plate' parents of yesteryear which leave us feeling guilty if we leave even the smallest morsel of food, but we are working through this guilt or any other hang up we might have, and we are learning to leave a bit on the plate; return to it another time if we really want to or even feed it to the dog or the bin!
So!! forget diets; they may work for a while, but they aren't permanent solutions. This is a new way of living for your brand new life!!

The Paul McKenna system really works and is easy to maintain.

I've C&P'd our previous threads links as they are helpful.

Here are the book choices on AMAZON which is all you need to get started! they aren't compulsory, but they do help! it's something to refer to and listening to the cd's can really focus you.

This is the tapping technique EXPLAINED - this can be useful to combat cravings.

You don't have to buy the book and CD, but we have found that they do help and somehow they keep you on track, so it would probably be a good investment and will cost you far less than a couple of trips to WW or SW meetings, so do consider having them in your life.

Please feel free to join us, whether it's 10lbs or 10 stones you want to lose.
We are friendly, supportive and successful, but we're not hungry OH NO we're not!!! so come on in and start living your new life today and make 2013 your year to drop a dress size or several.

HadALittleFaithBaby Thu 16-May-13 09:53:35

Morning all! hope you're all well. I might have a go with the smoothies. Can't bear to own a food processor after the last one caught fire but I might get a hand blender.

I've popped a couple of photos of Abigail on my profile.

ppeat enjoy your guest and the wedding! Hope it goes off ok smile

ppeatfruit Thu 16-May-13 13:21:06

OOOOh she's sooo lovely HadA Thanks for the pix. grin Panic over I've managed to miss a week in my mind!! I'll be on here a bit now!!

Rulesgirl Thu 16-May-13 14:12:57

pp with regards to the soya what I meant was that people in the west decided that soya was the answer to all ailements and started overeating it with bad results. Soya contains isolflavones which could cause problems . Soya beans are natural but overprocessing them creating fillers in food and making milk is not natural. I do try and eat food as natural as I can. Its a bit like cows milk, not meant for humans at all, meant for calfs, and causes so many problems with the health of people.

ppeatfruit Thu 16-May-13 17:45:19

IKWYM there are very few foods whose lectins are right for everyone and it's the lectins that are what the blood type is based on as I said soya is okay for some (not the g.m. stuff though). I've MADE soya milk so it's not that overprocessed!! though as you say its put in everything like the awful palm oil, actually the brain washing is now negative which is as unhelpful as being all positive.It's the same with cows milk\ dairy; type Bs and ABs are okay with it. What is soo fascinating is that our bodies sometimes know that certain foods are not right for us which gives the lie to 'fussiness' it's DCs (and some adults) knowing instinctively what agrees with them.

Rulesgirl Thu 16-May-13 18:04:49

With regards to cows milk though, its just not meant for us is it. I think if I was to go with any one style of eating (other than eating consciously ) it would be leaning towards Paleo as our bodies havnt changed much in the way they deal with food since the beginning of time IYSWIM. But life would be very boring without some variety. I guess it does all depend on the individual and how they feel about things as with everything and there is no right or wrong. smile

veryberrybug Thu 16-May-13 20:15:15

hey up everyone

solo how did you get on with HGB? i listened to mines again today & it's still no bloody working envy

queen how sweet of DP! i heard someone on the radio talking about how fab their juicer was & she brought in freshly juiced drink & folk liked it, were very surprised when they found out what was in it!

pp OMG your posh events sound quite daunting, but as a size 10 i'm sure you'd look good even if you wore a tattie sack! but did you have something in mind? possibly highlighting the waist area wink good luck with them.
mm goats cheese in veg whiz sounds ace, i also noted your flax seed/almonds etc in fruit smoothie recipe which i may try. i've been enjoying a mixed ground organic flax/linseed/sunflower&pumpkin seed sprinkle on my cereal...

i hear what youse are saying about overcorrecting with regards to general food consumption patterns, it's the way the media likes to present things i think is a lot of the problem because "KILLER SOY BEANS WILL MAKE YOU DIE!!" or "WONDER BEAN - SOY IS THE ANSWER TO EVERY AILMENT!" is more likely to grab attention & sell publications than "a bit of this is good for some people but not for others, results vary between individuals" IYSWIM!

hada man alive were you making smoothie - flambé style?!! mmmcaramelised LOL

now i would like to request support please! had a bit of a wobble today, really tired & focussing on the negative. lost a bit of width all the way down but somehow body fat% is UP! sad WTF am i doing wrong? found myself emotionally eating chocolate & even when i realised i carried on angry & didn't do the havening comforting thing... why would i do that?? aaarrgh. i'd been enjoying this WOE so much but i just feel like i'm back in the old way so easily <^sobs^> went off to listen to paul (HGB in desperation) cos i thought it'd make me feel better & i'd only be able to eat a peanut & be full, & i just felt <meh> & disappointed after. help!

QueenOfHalloween Thu 16-May-13 23:37:06

Hada Very cute piccies of your little one. She looks so happy smile Thank you for sharing them.

PP Have fun with your house guest and i hope the wedding comes off without any problems.

Very Yes it was very kind of him. Also came with a copy of Jason Vales juice master book which has some really nice recipes in it. But the actual thing itself is massive! There's barely room on my kitchen side board for it and all the other gadgets we own! Its a bigger kitchen i need now!

It's only one day Very and your only human. You clearly felt crap and you had a blip. We've all been there. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be able to offer a suggestion on way you Body Fat % is up when your inch loss is down but hey.. Your losing inches. That's great. As i've said i don't know a lot about body fat measurements. I've never owned scales that could read body fat as i've always been slightly confused as to how they do that. Especially since i've seen the machine that looks like a giant egg that they use to test people for studies in. Plus i knew i might get obsessed with the numbers. Just like i do when the scales don't shift. I'm sure whatever has changed on those scales will alter again and you'll be heading in the right direction before you know it. As for the HGB thing not working yet, i'm sure i read on the HGB thread that someone else had a similar problem and then suddenly it just started working for them (i'm pretty sure i read it on the thread on MumsNet) Perhaps this is one of those that requires a a fair few goes before it implants properly. Just remember you can do this and you can get back into the swing of things x x

Rulesgirl Fri 17-May-13 00:50:04

Hada she is soo sweet and gorgeous. Well done you.
Very I ignore the body fat measurement on my scale as for everyone in my family they change constantly and give incorrect readings. Same as what it says one the scale with regards to pounds and stones. If your exercising then you are building muscle so you wont always get a true reading BUT there is one way you can believe and that is the measurement with the tape measure or your clothes. They tell you exactly what is happening and you know it doesn't lie.x

Rulesgirl Fri 17-May-13 00:51:26

pp have fun with your houseguest. smile

ppeatfruit Fri 17-May-13 09:09:34

Thanks rules grin I agree about scales i've always been a bit hmm about their power to measure fat!!! that's why I don't weigh much at all and thanks queen

Ref. house guest he's a very old friend who's gay and owns an immaculate house so i started to panic about the dust in this house but I've thought eff it it'll be fine!!!

veryberry You're soo right about the media I learned not to take any notice years ago (think of the way they get all excited about 20 people dying from bird flu when thousands die every year from road accidents!!).

HadA's How come yr food processor set on fire ?!! I recommend the new 'triblade' Kenwood hand held.It's brill!

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 17-May-13 10:42:51

pp just squirt some furniture polish round the house and it'll smell clean!!

The fire was a random electrical fault but the damage was pretty bad, £16 contents and £35k buildings. Needed a new kitchen (including plaster board on walls and ceilings, same in living room. All new carpets, rest of house needed reskimming and painting. We were out the house 6 months (this was December 2011) while the repairs were done. The worst thing was we were at home in bed when the alarms went off (categorically saved our lives!) so we've had bad anxiety about it happening again...that seems to be getting easier though.

One thing I liked about Curves was that they didn't just weigh you, they did your body fat % and measured your stats so even if the scales didn't show a loss you might still have dropped fat percentage and inches at times.

ppeatfruit Fri 17-May-13 14:40:55

Yes HadA I think I remember you being pheonix at the beginning was that you? I don't remember you saying how the fire started shock How terrible shock Luckily you were insured.

Yes what I do is put some essential oil of lavender on a micro fibre cloth and wipe the leather furniture and shelves\cupboards in the bedrooms with itgrin it cleans and smells lovely too. (DH is very fussy about smells he likes lavender !)

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 17-May-13 14:50:47

Yes I NC after the fire for a bit. Yes fortunately the insurance covered it all.

Lavender oil? I'll remember that!

veryberrybug Fri 17-May-13 15:49:16

thanks everyone for being nice, you're all absolutely right with rationalising it. that was just what i needed because i was in that horrible place where i felt like i couldn't press the pause button & step back out of that hole i was in, so i couldn't see it for what it was. but part of that was because in the past the body fat % thing has been a help - when i've been building muscle & losing fat so the scales haven't changed, the body fat would have gone down so it gave me confidence that i was at least moving in the right direction! but yes i suppose if i was a size 8 & my body fat said 92% i wouldn't care!!

awww hada faithlet is gorgeous! i love those big eyes just taking it all in!
i'd recommend my dualit hand blender: it's pretty all-singing & all-dancing as you can attach a wee pot to it or a balloon whisk instead of the basic chopper. valuable if space is limited - i couldn't even dream of having a juicer queen as my kitchen's the size of a postage stamp! i'm glad you like embra too, i came here visiting aged 14-15, loved it, moved here when i was 16 & never left! i would never want to live in anything other than a tenement flat i think! well ok i'd consider a mansion in the south of france smile

anyhoo, after some sleep i'm back on pauling form today & <gasp> out in my back green in a strappy vest & skirt - no thermals grin it's rrroasting!

veryberrybug Fri 17-May-13 15:52:44

ooh yep lavender is one of my favourite oils, thanks pp it may entice me to do cleaning a little more often grin & end up all relaxed mmm

veryberrybug Fri 17-May-13 15:57:21

p.s hada what's "NC for a bit"? sorry, new to MN & no got all abbrevs yet. didn't know 'til today you could have a profile!!

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 17-May-13 16:05:31

Name changed.... smile I don't usually have a profile but wanted to show her off a bit. We braved the supermarket today. It was exhausting! Online from now on!

veryberrybug Fri 17-May-13 21:40:12

ah thanks i get it now. yep supermarket with baby = hard work. i think i went for buying little & often, you know just enough for tea tonight & a few bits. or if i'd to do it now we've got a mahoosive sainsbury's i'd definitely pitstop in the café for BF & sustenance!

OMG i've got sunburn! the same week as hail!! i love this city grin

QueenOfHalloween Fri 17-May-13 22:59:08

Sunburn Very? I'm still freezing! In fact i was so cold yesterday my lips had actually turned blue!

Weigh in coming up and i'm not feeling hopeful this week. I just don't feel as if i've been good enough.

Rulesgirl Sat 18-May-13 02:05:38

How did you get on with the weigh in Queen

Rulesgirl Sat 18-May-13 14:26:17

Very just looked on the gastric thread and your a star arnt you!!!! Your really helping those ladies. And.....just saw that apart from your blip you have actually lost inches does work for you and well done.

QueenOfHalloween Sat 18-May-13 18:28:21

Rules I gained a pound sad Felt quite demoralized by it. But i know i just have to keep going. It's only been two weeks and i'm still 4lbs down after all. Haven't checked inches yet as i don't think its been a month yet.

Vivacia Sat 18-May-13 19:19:37

Hi everyone, I've followed Paul McKenna for a while, but am currently on a bit of a "re-boot". Introduced myself on the gastric band discussion, and then found you.

Rulesgirl Sat 18-May-13 22:00:59

Queen you had lost 4lbs when you last checked which was earlier than you were meant so if you hadn't checked then you would have lost 3lbs. Its cause you saw that you had lost 4lbs so now you feel you've put a 1lb on but if you had never checked you would be happy and excited to have lost 3lbs which is a lot. If you see what I mean. God I ramble sometimes.

Rulesgirl Sat 18-May-13 22:02:32

Hi Vivacia. Welcome. Lovely lot of ladies on here. Some have been doing this for two years . So are you doing the gastric band or just the PM ICMYT.?

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