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Happy New Year! Happy New Paul McKenna Thread Number 11. Healthy Weight Loss Without Restricting Your Enjoyment Of Food! Come Join The Paulettes For Support And Chat.

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GoodKingWenSOLOslas Tue 01-Jan-13 03:58:46

Welcome to thread 11 of the Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin weight loss system.

The Golden Rules that will aid you on your journey with our like minded support system are:

1. Eat what you WANT
2. Eat when you are HUNGRY
4. STOP eating when you are satisfied and full

This weight loss system is about re-educating your body; learning to listen to it and in doing so losing weight and inches. After all, eating a meal is not a competition.
Many people have issues around food. Many of us have been brought up by the 'clear your plate' parents of yesteryear which leave us feeling guilty if we leave even the smallest morsel of food, but we are working through this guilt or any other hang up we might have, and we are learning to leave a bit on the plate; return to it another time if we really want to or even feed it to the dog or the bin!
So!! forget diets; they may work for a while, but they aren't permanent solutions. This is a new way of living for your brand new life!!

The Paul McKenna system really works and is easy to maintain.

I've C&P'd our previous threads links as they are helpful.

Here are the book choices on AMAZON which is all you need to get started! they aren't compulsory, but they do help! it's something to refer to and listening to the cd's can really focus you.

This is the tapping technique EXPLAINED - this can be useful to combat cravings.

You don't have to buy the book and CD, but we have found that they do help and somehow they keep you on track, so it would probably be a good investment and will cost you far less than a couple of trips to WW or SW meetings, so do consider having them in your life.

Please feel free to join us, whether it's 10lbs or 10 stones you want to lose.
We are friendly, supportive and successful, but we're not hungry OH NO we're not!!! so come on in and start living your new life today and make 2013 your year to drop a dress size or several.

veryberrybug Fri 10-May-13 22:00:12

good evening all! thank goodness it's friday i'm pooped.

queen i've had the same feeling about takeaway burgers or other previous longed-for forbidden fruits: now i can have them i find myself just saying "hmmm naah, don't fancy it" shock yeah i've had phantom itches too, really annoying! but aaarrgh don't weigh yourself! because if you do & you haven't lost, it'll totally wobble your resolve. i've made a similar mistake when i thought ooh i just want a wee booster of seeing what i've lost" & it was my period & i weighed more with all the water retention etc & felt down & annoyed with myself after. just wait another week! & let the pauling habits settle in. i too love bacon grin don't like to think of it poisoning me waaah but ta for info pp

tallulah aw shame shifts must be shit. my friend's DH had sleep apnoea & when getting it investigated docs said a lot of people with sleep deprivation (for whatever reason) are overweight because in exhaustion they seek out sugar for that boost, which makes them fat. if you get a chance to plan meals before you're on again it may help & nuts in your handbag - anyone else love marmite cashews?

rules cake for brekky sounds ace! i find i want that when i've had wine the night before wink yeah katas can be a beautiful combination of moves <nostalgia> top marks to you doing a mature student degree, it takes a lot of commitment <applause>

three i know what you mean about it's a wedding it'll be shit! good luck & it'll be easier for sure if you feel like "well i'm wearing this dress & looking flipping fabulous!" smile

Rulesgirl Fri 10-May-13 22:15:41

very marmite cashews. I love love love marmite....on toast, digestives, gingernuts to name a few combos but no from me to the cashewsenvy

tallulahmay Fri 10-May-13 22:36:58

Thanks for all the sympathy about shift work - it means a lot thanks

I have known for a long time that I will eat biscuits chocolate toast, or whatever crap is lying around and it's just because I'm tired. I do this at work and at home and it's just awful when if I listen to my body it's telling me to go to sleep, but I can't so I eat food I'm not hungry for. You're all completely right, I need to get organised with snacks that are appealing and just try my hardest to look after myself a bit better.

Marmite cashews??! I've never tried them!

Solo Fri 10-May-13 23:26:40

Tallulah I have terrible shift work too, you have my sympathy. I did a 15 hour shift yesterday, day off today (hey PP ) 9 hours tomorrow, 12.5 Sunday, 9.5 Monday...tis crap!

ppeatfruit Sat 11-May-13 08:30:19

Morning all tallul when i get the late night munchies I make a cup of camomile tea (or vervain) and it helps you relax and sleep 'cos IMO and E eating late is the worst thing for weight loss!

I used to like marmite crisps but I'm cutting salt so don't eat any type of crisps any more! But nope I don't like the sound of marmite cahews either Rules

Queen The blood type doesn't have many avoids for ALL blood types but pork and aspartame are 2 of them that I can remember!! DH gets really disabled with pains when he eats it. So even he has stopped !! he has turkey and chicken ham instead.

solo you do 15 hour shifts shock that's inhuman shock

tallulahmay Sat 11-May-13 12:11:22

Solo, I bow down. The longest I do is 14. Bleurch....

veryberrybug Sat 11-May-13 12:13:59

morning all!
tallulah & solo what jobs do you have requiring such rotton shifts? <more sympathy>
i don't do shifts (SAHM) but i can relate to tiredness making you reach for shite to eat. i noticed that when i noticed the post-sugar comedown i felt less inclined to reach for "desperation-sugar". i was thinking about further upthread comments on when to listen to CD & both pp & i listen when we need a powernap - i find just the having nodded off & come to a couple of times can keep me going & feeling more human for a good few hours; do you have a long enough break to listen?

three meant to say well done on couch to 5k, i did something similar for 10k & it works but you really have to be consistent so good stuff, keep it up. i remember the first time i did 15min without walking i was shock!! i bought myself gorgeous turquoise running shoes when i finally did 10k, now wearing them (& still love them) for zumba smile

ordered eat right 4 your type last night - hurrah for amazon books @1p!

HadALittleFaithBaby Sat 11-May-13 12:36:39

I usually do 12 hour shifts but I find it suits me as I eat 4 small meals a day. I always plan ahead and take my food (have to being GF). 14 hour shifts though? Ouch!

Welcome back three. I get you wanting to feel at your best for that wedding. It's about your confidence isn't it? We'll help you get there! smile

QueenOfHalloween Sat 11-May-13 18:55:23

Very I know, i know i was going to wait the full 2 weeks but i just couldn't. I've always been addicted to getting weighed weekly. Even when my weight was increasing each week. I just had to know!

Fortunately i did have a loss and it was 5lbs smile It was a much larger loss than i was expecting. I can only assume i've lost quite a bit of water so i'm not expecting much off next week.

Tallulah and Solo your jobs sound awfully tiring. I'm not sure i could manage them. What on earth do you guys do?

I've found Paul is really helping my insomnia. Just need to find out now if it works as well if i go to bed at a reasonable hour?

Rulesgirl Sat 11-May-13 22:04:45

grin YAY !!!!!!! Well done grin Queen. Your doing really really works as long as you keep in the moment when eating. Good for you. And it doesn't matter if some of it is water anyway. Its the extra water that causes us to bloat and look puffy so who wants that anyway.

Brilliant weight loss Queen, sounds like you are doing great.

I did a c25k run yesterday but hadn't eaten any breakfast so found it a lot more difficult.

Also a question for the runners - when I am running I have noticed that my shins are starting to feel a bit sore after. I'm worried they might be the start of shin splints, is there anything I can do to stop this?

Thank you all for the welcome smile

ppeatfruit Sun 12-May-13 09:25:52

Morning all grin Well done Queen grin is that 5lbs in ONE week???!!!

ThreeDaughters As long as you're hydrated a run before eating is not a problem (if anything IME any exercise before breakfast helps weight loss). I hate running grin esp. on pavements or roads; ref. problem with yr. shins; I would not go for it totally but run and then walk and then run again IFYKWIM I like brisk walking and dancing though.

ppeatfruit I have been following c25k and have only ran once for 20 minutes without walking. I try and run around the local national trust property which is a bit concrete but mainly mud. Unfortunately I can't go there on the days I work as I have to pick DD3 up from nursery.

I haven't been listening to Paul the last couple of nights but have no money at all until Wednesday so am not able to over eat, every cloud has a silver lining wink

Rulesgirl Sun 12-May-13 12:41:41

Hi All....Daughters it's important to fuel up before a run but leave a hour gap if poss. Your body works better with it and I always work out better after I've eaten than when I dont. Shin splints are very painfull. Small tears in the bone. If they get bad you have to stop running for quiet a while. Running on roads is a major cause of them. Soft surfaces better. Warming up and stretching out your shins and legs helps and then stretching after too.

Rulesgirl Sun 12-May-13 12:44:58

And Daughters maybe get your gait assessed st a sports shop and buy the best trainers you can afford for your gait.

Rulesgirl Sun 12-May-13 12:47:50

sorry * pp* . Weight loss comes naturally when you run but it's important to fuel the body nit starve it . Would you expect your car to go with no petrol. grin

Rulesgirl I hadn't eaten for over 12 hours and then wonder why I don't have much energy blush

I am going to go into a shop in town to get proper running shoes but unfortunately I can't even afford parking until Wednesday and then I'm working the rest of the week.

They aren't painful just a little sore after and want to do something now to try and prevent shin splints rather than later to cure them.

Rulesgirl Sun 12-May-13 13:52:02

Well the first and most important is don't run on hard surfaces. Don't run every need recovery time. Look on internet for warm up stretches to avoid shin splints. And ...EAT grin please fuel your body. As your running and building muscle and toning your legs, be aware that you will start losing dress sizes but not necessarily weight on the scales. Your clothes are the best indicator of fat loss not the scales. I run and do weights and I know that the scales are no indicator of what's occurring with my weight loss. Muscle weighs heavier than fat but takes up less room...hence you lose body fat and clothes are looser. grin

I run 3 times a week and never on consecutive days. Normally it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a break over the weekend.

It is difficult because I am a lone parent so have to try and squeeze it in whenever I can so between finishing work and picking up DD3 which means I have to run on the road or not at all. I will look at stretches later when the DDs have gone to bed.

Thank you, you have been very helpful smile

Oh and I didn't not eat on purpose. I was thinking of getting some cereals then got distracted and had to take the older DDs to gymnastics and forgot.

veryberrybug Sun 12-May-13 14:39:02

well done queen i'm so glad for you! great start. grin

three i've had shinsplints several times & found massaging the calf really helps, because when it's tight & the fascia is too it pulls where it attaches to the shin bone causing pain, so any loosening off helps stop it pulling IYSWIM. massage at least 5mins each calf daily, especially when you've just finished your run. when you find a tight bit work on it. also paying particular attention to stretching the lower calf - you know when you stand one foot just a step in front of the other & bend your knees to sink down? that's good too. if it gets sore when you're just walking definitely stop running for a couple of weeks, it'll heal up quickly. if you don't stop when it's bad you'll tear the bone. good running alternate days. mud is good. definitely good to catch it early smile
WRT not eating before exercise, some swear it burns fat you've stored better, others say you should fuel up before... i personally feel weak as a kitten if i've no eaten, so you just find what works for you.

QueenOfHalloween Sun 12-May-13 18:34:12

Thanks everyone grin

PP yep that was in 1 week. So i'm not expecting much this week as frankly i think i also got next weeks weight loss in there as well. I was expecting a couple of pounds at the most.

Three As rules says you definitely need to have your gait tested by a proper running shop. I had mine done and i must admit i was worried that they would pressurize me into buying a really expensive trainer but they didn't. When i was younger i always went to the gym on a empty stomach. Not sure my body would let me now! I used to believe it burnt fat faster... Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't i've no idea but i completely believed it when i was younger.

Watched a documentary today on Youtube called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? Anyone seen it? About this Australian guy called Joe Cross who traveled across America whilst doing a 60 day juice fast in order to see if he could cure his illness and lose weight. Along the way he meets this massively overweight trucker who has the same illnesses as him (its quite rare apparently) and later on he helps him lose weight and beat the illness too. It was really interested and whilst i wouldn't want to do a full juice fast i now considering getting a juicer to see if it will help me get some more fruit and veg into my diet.

Rulesgirl Mon 13-May-13 03:02:25

pp I think those tummy exercises are starting to really make a difference. Can see a bit more definition already. wink

ppeatfruit Mon 13-May-13 08:40:31

Morning! Rules I forgot to mention to reach the part under yr bust and above your actual belly IFYSWIM grin you just do that exercise but with your legs up the wall! Oh also I notice when I get more muscle tone I do correspondingly lose more weight! I weigh at the most once a month usually less, I go by my clothes and the mirror!

*Queen instead of juicing I use a high power hand held liquidiser and make lovely smoothies with veg. and fruit that way you get the fibre which is best to stop you feeling hungry immediately after you've had it. If you like I'll give you a couple of recipes. grin

tallulahmay Mon 13-May-13 13:14:13

Hi everyone! Just ducking in ~ haven't listened to the trance for 3 or 4 days now because of work and kids and sleep and stuff, but I still feel really calm around food! It's almost like gasp it's working! I haven't had anything wheaty for several days either and feel really good.

Have had a quick read thru posts about shin splints and running, hope everyone's feeling well and happy grin


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