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So, what exactly IS a healthy diet?

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Rooobs Mon 31-Dec-12 15:29:46

I'm confused.

NHS says the age old low calorie, low fat, plenty of fruit and veg and starchy carbs (the eat well plate etc).

I've heard sports nutritionists say high protein, low starchy carbs (but plenty of fruit carbs and grains), low fat is the way forward.
Then there's the John Briffa stuff, which I do find convincing tbh and he appears to back it up with evidence. This WOE says that fruit is too high in sugars, but certain veg ok. Pulses etc only occasionally.

Then there's the other low carbing diets (IPD, Dukan etc)
that include fairly high levels of fat, claiming that it's not actually fat that causes heart problems and that the evidence has been misunderstood.

And then there's the thing about restricted eating plans which send me fecking bananas for whatever is forbidden. I can low carb up to a point and then I go completely psycho for pasta and toast. So Susie Orbach suggests learning to eat mindfully, eating in tune with hunger but whatever your body is craving for as your body knows what it needs (to paraphrase).

So, what do you think?

SCOTCHandWRY Thu 03-Jan-13 14:42:26

MRSNE- instead of cous cous or rice as a "plate filler" try cauliflour rice (steamed, chopped fine), works pretty well.

mrsnec Thu 03-Jan-13 15:47:06

I'm going to try that. I'm also going to try doing the tagine with full fat yog and maybe a carrot and corriander salad and hope that's enough for me. I'm struggling with less carbs. I've been hungry all afternoon but I've not given in. I'm having to watch cholestrol so I think salsa verde might be the way to go especialy as I have a herb garden. Abandoned my slow cooker when it turned everything to watery goo but I'd look at doing the Paleo stuff on the hob.

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