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New mummies with wibbly tummies.

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ValiumQueen Fri 28-Dec-12 08:59:27

All new mummies welcome. Any exercise and/or weight loss programme acceptable, so long as it is healthy.

Titsalinabumsquash Fri 28-Dec-12 10:50:05

I'll mark my place, 1st Jan will be a big food shop then 3rd jan the skimming world group I used to attend before having DS3 resumes. I've ,out all my baby weight but still have some way to go to loose all my pre baby weight! I'm currently 11 stone and would like to be at least 2 stone lighter, DP will be joining me and he'll be also hitting the gym twice a week, I'll be doing whatever excessive I can with a baby in tow and very weak and stretchy joints.

NanoNinja Fri 28-Dec-12 10:55:19

Hi, can I join? Had a section almost 11 weeks ago. 3/4 of the weight was gone after 10 days, since then I have lost about 2 lb. I am ebf, but thus far it seems as though I am one of those women who clings on to weight rather than dropping. Sigh. Anyway, I figure healthier eating (less sugar and carb, more protein and veg) and more exercise (walking mainly, maybe some weights) can't hurt. I want to drop about 10lb, which will take me about 4lb below my start weight.

Evilwater Fri 28-Dec-12 11:25:19

I need to lose 2 stone. OMG I had no idea I was as heavy as I am. Healthy eating and horsey exercise should shift it.

Will post later

YellowWellies Fri 28-Dec-12 11:42:20

I'm in... I need to lose 2 stone to get back to pre-preggo weight but would like to lose 2.5 to get back to a weight I really like. Am about to have a bath so will dare venture on the evil scales and might post start weight.

Am ebf but also on a dairy and soy free diet as LO has reflux so that might help? LO is 9 weeks and will be accompanying me on my exercise jaunts. Walking is going to be my mission - maybe with a few evening runs when we're back south in Fife - the weather here (Northern Isles) is too god awful.

DH and I lost a couple of stone apiece a few years ago by walking - can I recommend the fitbug as a good way of charting activity levels and encouraging exercise. I LOVED mine and got really obsessive about doing at least 12,500 steps a day (6 miles)

horseylady Fri 28-Dec-12 11:43:28

Yay for this thread lol!!

Just weighed myself which I rarely do and I think ive got about 2lb to lose to get to the top of my normal weight band or a stone to get to my lightest. So I'll go for half a stone lol!!

I don't diet so will exercise it off!!

CandyPop Fri 28-Dec-12 12:13:08

Yay! Well done vq for starting this. I have 5lbs to go to pre preggers weight and then another 1/2 stone to my wedding weight! Yep I'm determined to get back to that albeit it was nearly 3 years ago!

Weigh in Mondays sounds good. Maybe we can start a stats list like our November thread ?!

Right I'm not officially starting till 1st of jan as need to clear the house of crap food first ( and yes shamelessly via my mouth!) . Then it will be strict healthy food and exercise from the 1st!

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Dec-12 13:31:51

Stats list sounds good, then we can mercilessly hound actively outreach those who fall off the wagon.

VQ initial goal 7lb. Far too fat to mention.

YellowWellies Fri 28-Dec-12 14:04:17

Wah 78kg - 12 stone 3. I want to lose 2 stone 4 to get below the 10 stone mark which is just above my wedding weight and acceptable with new improved BFing norks.grin

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Dec-12 14:11:13

Well done YW

I weigh myself in the nude, after a pee and a poo, and before I have anything to eat or drink. Not that I am obsessional. Oh no. Not me. I do not weigh myself every day either. No. That would be bad. And silly.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Fri 28-Dec-12 15:23:28

Checking in VQ.

DS is 8 weeks old, I had an ELCS but feel great and expect to be signed off for plenty of exercise when I see the GP in a week or so. (Boo hiss). I am still, much to my own amazement, breast-feeding DS, so guess I need to take that into account <hopeful for cake emoticon>.

I have lost quite a bit since DS was born as I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. However, that is significantly less impressive than it sounds as my pre-pregnancy weight was 19st12. Yup. Am now 19st7.

Planning on finally adjusting my appalling lifestyle properly, and slowly. DH claims to be on board (he does need to be). Going to follow slimming world I think, and also ask my GP for a referral to the practice nutritionist. I am petrified of passing on my unhealthy relationship with food to the DC, and have been unhealthy for so long, I'm not sure if I really know what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

Anyhoo, good luck to all, and if the Nov'12 threads are anything to go by, this will be a marvellously supportive and inspirational place to come.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Fri 28-Dec-12 15:24:13

candypop oh yes, must purge house of goodies first!

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Dec-12 15:35:30

madam not sure cake is the best thing for bf unfortunately. Well done for posting your weight. That is very brave, and is the first step towards change. I salute you, and will post my weight on Monday.

I have a history of an eating disorder. I am very overweight. I also do not want my children to suffer through bad example or taunting. I am scared if you know how much I weigh you will not love me any more. How daft is that?

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Fri 28-Dec-12 15:42:25

VQ that is VERY daft. As you know. It's just a number that you dont like, and are going to change. Post when you're ready, if at all.

Have been in a state of dull acceptance about my size for yonks. Never had an eating disorder, but have had disordered eating for my entire adult life. Doubt I would be able to find the motivation if I was the only factor, but now, as a mum of 2, and breadwinner of my family, I really feel that I owe it to them to look after my health. Never yet stuck to a diet/healthy eating/whatever, so am deeply skeptical of my ability to do so, but do know that I am in a sort of now-or-never situation.

Catbag Fri 28-Dec-12 17:35:01

VQ grin That is absolutely daft. We all love you dearly and your size is relevant only as far as it affects your general happiness. Hopefully we can be as supportive to you as you have been to us x

Catbag Fri 28-Dec-12 17:36:03

That should have come out as a 'shock' emoticon, not a grin!

Catbag Fri 28-Dec-12 17:36:44


TheDetective Fri 28-Dec-12 17:39:21

I am 89kg. At 5ft 2. blush Think that is 13st something?

I would like to be 11st something. This puts me at a size 12-14 which is sustainable for me. I will never be the svelte size 8 girl I was pre DS1. So I have found peace with this. And if we ignore the bastard overhang, my curves are pretty sexy at that weight. So that is where I would like to be!

For me its no good wishing to be less because I won't be able to sustain it. I was 11st 2 years ago. And if it wasn't for DP 's cooking I'd be there still now! Grrr!

TheDetective Fri 28-Dec-12 17:41:19

Shut up VQ <slap> !

Daft bird!

That is all. grin

Catbag Fri 28-Dec-12 17:45:33

Rofl detective. Spot on. grin

YellowWellies Fri 28-Dec-12 18:18:21

<offers VQ another supportive slap> grin

Anyone who judges someone by their weight is not worth knowing. Now shut up you daft moo.

ValiumQueen Fri 28-Dec-12 18:32:05

Thank you blush grin

blondiedollface Fri 28-Dec-12 19:02:18

Can I join? DD nearly 7 months - lost almost 3 stone in the first 8 weeks post delivery still have 1 stone of baby weight left and another stone to my favourite weight!

Birthday is mid-Jan so will ramp up after then but I'd love to have some motivation and company on my weightloss journey!

Catbag Fri 28-Dec-12 19:07:50

Welcome blondie! The more, the merrier!

Evilwater Fri 28-Dec-12 19:08:44

I can't wait till Monday! I really want to lose this weight. I'm going to aim for 2.5 stone.

And I wish it would stop raining! The village down the road has been flooded a few times. It's even been on the six o'clock news.

Heartbeep Fri 28-Dec-12 20:10:50

hi i'd like to join too please!

DS is 13 weeks old i also have a 3.5 year old DD & i'd like to get back to pre DD weight.

i lost 8.5lbs in the run up to xmas and ideally i'd like to lose at least the same again.

I've not exercised properly yet having two leaves no time during the day and DS is not going to bed until around 9.00 each night at the moment.

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