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Need a fitness plan - wii fit or DVD?

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fatlazymummy Tue 01-Jan-13 12:51:42

I started off doing wii fit. I did an hour 4-5 times a week, focussing on the aerobics and muscle building sections. After 3 months I felt fit enough to restart swimming (after about 25 years of not doing it!) and other more advanced exercises.
I would describe wii fit as a gateway to more serious training.

Themilkybarisonme Mon 31-Dec-12 01:52:57

I don't have experience of the others but I really like my wii fit as it weighs you very easily too and keeps an impartial log for you.

chipsandpeas Sun 30-Dec-12 14:45:19

i echo the ea sports active - you can build your own workouts and make them as intense as you want
then when you feel a bit fitter go onto the shred dvd

Talisin Sun 30-Dec-12 13:49:30

You might want to see if your library authority does Wii games (most don't but it's always worth checking). Failing that, Love Film certainly used to do them and you could probably get a trial membership and use that to have a go on a couple things to see if you want to buy.

TidyDancer Sun 30-Dec-12 11:44:43

Ignore those reviews. I don't know why they're bad, but the game is good.

frenchfancy Sun 30-Dec-12 11:15:26

Definitely don't want to run in the dark (no street lights here). I did wk1 day1 of c25k yesterday, but I am probably only going to be able to do it at weekends until the evenings get lighter.

The Jillian Michaels game for Wii gets really bad reviews on Amazon.

I found some tabata exercises on you tube that I am going to try this afternoon.

TidyDancer Sun 30-Dec-12 10:49:50

Couch to 5k is good, but running in the dark is not always practical. Correct me if I'm wrong OP, but I got the impression you didn't want to do that.

I would get the Jillian Michaels game for the Wii. It's good but not as hard as the Shred and will get you back into exercising.

INeedThatForkOff Sun 30-Dec-12 10:29:20

I would get a variety of DVDs and some kettlebells - it'll probably work out cheaper than a console and you get more intense programmes with lower impact options if you need them. Plenty of variety too. I don't recommend the Shred personally - I found it dull. Mix it up with C25K - I prefer running in the dark.

frenchfancy Sun 30-Dec-12 08:12:47

My concern with the Shred DVD is that it is intensive. I'm not sure I am fit enough for it. I thought it would be better to start with something easier and work myself up to it.

TidyDancer Sat 29-Dec-12 20:21:02

Honestly? I would get the Shred DVD or something similar. Wii Fit is better than nothing, but you won't get a serious workout from it.

If you particularly want to use the Wii, the best workout game there is the Jillian Michaels one.

Elainey1609 Sat 29-Dec-12 17:45:31

I like wii fit better.
ea sports active i found very slow, didnt build up that much of a strength and got bored of it.
I found wii fit much more enjoyable, huge diversity of activitya and could swap between strength yoga or aerobic very easily.

but will say they both work well, and will help you loose weight in the evnings and are quite
good luck

frenchfancy Fri 28-Dec-12 20:54:44

Oh that's good if I don't need a board as it keeps the costs down.

Thanks again.

Talisin Fri 28-Dec-12 20:17:10

You can use the board if you have one but it gives you the option (during setup, if I remember correctly) to say yes or no to using one and then adjusts the workouts that can use it accordingly. I did set it up to use one but frankly by the time you get to a part of a routine that uses it, the wretched thing has usually switched itself off which means you have to stop, switch it back on & wait while it reacquires the signal!

frenchfancy Fri 28-Dec-12 19:49:37

Thanks Talisin. Do I still need a Wii board with EA Sports?

Talisin Fri 28-Dec-12 15:25:45

Wii Fit is OK but EA Sports Active 2 is better for actual workouts for not much difference in price (and includes monitors). My Fitness Coach also gets a lot of positive reviews although I didn't take to it.

frenchfancy Fri 28-Dec-12 15:04:28

Anyone? I really want to get something that is going to work rather than just gather dust.

frenchfancy Fri 28-Dec-12 07:32:53

I need something I can do in the dark evenings. Can anyone recommend anything good. Is Wii fit worth the money? (I already have a Wii)

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