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I have 11st to loose...and absolutely no idea how to start

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Not a fucking clue

I have to lose's eemingly quite clear, if I carry on this way I will die...I will literally kill myself with food

but where the hell do I start?!

Bosgrove Wed 09-Jan-13 20:14:57

In June last year, I had 9 stone to lose. I now have about 4 1/2 still to go, I have been doing Slimming World and losing about 2 pounds a week.

I do regret not speaking to my GP first, in some areas you can be prescribed 12 weeks at SW for free (not my area though), and in other areas they can refer you to a specialist or give you free gym membership (which is what I could have got if I had seen them at my start weight), Also as I am on long term medication the change in eating habits mucked up my dose for the first few months.

As you can't get to a group, is there anyone that you know that can form a little "group" with you, with weekly weigh in's. One of the men I know from school is doing this with a friend how now lives in HK, they both weigh themselves on a Monday and send each other the results via facebook.

Just knowing that every week I would get weighed and have to tell my family how I was doing has really focused my mind, that and the fact my DM has offered to pay me a £ for each pound lost.

The hardest step for me was the first one, over the years I have bought the Paul McKenna CD's and joined Rosemary Connelly but I wasn't in the right mindset to lose the weight. The Paul Mckenna CD's don't work if they are never played.

Good luck

Hi all!

I've been using My Fitness Pal for the last couple of days and am completely shock at the calorie content of many of the foods I regularly eat to much wonder I weigh what I do! I at as normal on Saturday to compare the days between eating whatever and days where I think about what I'm eating...and bloody hell...the difference is crazy...worryingly so!!

It's been really handy to track everything and I'm slowly starting to really think about what I eat

I STILL haven't managed to get to the GP...worj is crazy right now and I just don't have time! But am weighing food to control portion sizes (this is bowls of cereal where easily 3 portion sizes!) and starting to walk more and eat less

It's a good start...for me anyway!!

foreverondiet Sat 05-Jan-13 22:02:53

I agree talking to your GP.

I agree slowly.... initially maybe 3lbs a week but 1-2lbs a week better.

I also think re-educating yourself by reading - John Briffa is great, also South Beach diet - both very healthy and sensible. Paul Mckenna, or Lisa Jackson both good for hypnosis.

I lost 4 stone so much less, but I liked my fitness pal - log EVERYTHING you eat, I think this is really important whatever you do. I don't really agree with calories counting on its own as I don't think 1 calorie of sugar = 1 calorie of chicken but I do think MFP combined with a healthy (lowish carb) eating plan is the way to go.

Some people need the discipline of a weekly meeting and weigh in though.

MrsHoolie Fri 04-Jan-13 22:51:00

That is a great video!

fortyplus Fri 04-Jan-13 22:38:17

Well done! WATCH THIS and be inspired! smile

I bought trainers to start walking and going to the gym in
I own A LOT of trainers (65 pairs at one point wink )
But all fashion ones-converse/vans etc and I need some proper ones so I bought some awful looking grin

Also bought some new headphones but that's purely because they look like I'm ready to powerwalk grin

This shit just got real grin

ethelb Fri 04-Jan-13 12:17:20

you need to go to your GP and then decide on what would work for you.

Part of the problem of choosing a diet is every one is v evangelsitic about what they have to sell or has worked for them.
I don't want to patronise but incase you need some guidance are three basic types of diet:

Low calorie
Things light lighter life are uber low calorie (500-800 calories a day) whereas Myfitnesspal etc is 1200+ calories a day. These work by you eating less calories than you expend and forcing your body to use fat reserves to provide you with energy. For each lb you need to lose you need to eat 3500 calories less than you expend. You can eat anything you want, obv, but small quantities of it and you have to count everything you eat.

Low fat (actually low calorie)

Slimming world (low to no fat) and Weight Watchers come under this banner, though Weight Watchers pro points emphasises it is about healthy eating while you can have 'a little of what you fancy'. Both promote eating lots of lean protein, vegetables, fruit, controlled portions of carbs (simple and complex) and small to no amounts of fat. These work by removing the most calorie dense aspect of your diet (fats have 9 calories per gram, proteins and carbs 4 calories per gram) so you may be consuming the same volume of food but less calories. Both claim they aren't low calorie diets but a quick thread on here last year showed most people on these diets were consuming 1100-1300 calories a day on them.

Low carb

Started of with Atkins and also encompasses the South Beach diet, this involves eating low to no carb food so you go into ketosis by exhausing your body's sugar stores, meanign you use up your fat reserves far faster than normal. Due to being in ketosis you would not feel hungry and if you did and just ate high protein food you would still lose weight. It's pretty controversial and I personally don't beleive should be done without medical supervision but many swear by it. You would be eating high fat, high protein food and some 'allowed' veg.

A balanced long-term diet is a different thing entirely though, and if you wanted to keep the weight off would need to have a maintenance plan.

ChippingInLovesChristmasLights Fri 04-Jan-13 12:16:41

Weegie - that's incredible! Well done!! Do you think you'll be able to get the surgery?

weegiemum Fri 04-Jan-13 11:56:07

I had 12st to lose -now it's 4. I lost almost 8 stone in 12 months by cutting portion size, reducing fat (yes! Cheese was my fave condiment), moving more (even though I'm disabled, my physio helped a LOT with that eg gym prescription!) and cutting carbs if I could. I eat loads more veg now and my go-to comfort dish of rice with cheese islong gone!

I've gone from a size 28 to a 18/20 and hope to be a 16 eventually (I'll only ever get there if I have surgery for my excess skin!). I no longer have to shop in Evans, I got my last pair of jeans from next!!very exciting for me!

specialsubject Fri 04-Jan-13 11:49:35

well, I eat a lot of good carbs (bread, pasta, rice) and I'm not fat. Carbs are delicious and filling.

but I do move.

Jahan Fri 04-Jan-13 08:36:48

I agree. If you can't afford the gym, walk.
A long brisk walk out in the fresh air will do wonders.

ChippingInLovesChristmasLights Fri 04-Jan-13 00:34:03

If you are struggling with going to the gym - why not go out walking?

AndiMac Thu 03-Jan-13 22:08:21

Well done on signing up to the course! That sounds like an excellent start. The gym might be expensive, but not getting down in weight will be even more expensive for your health, it's a good investment! As for people staring, don't let it bother you - remember you are still there, doing something about your health, not sitting on the couch not trying!

fortyplus Thu 03-Jan-13 21:49:36

DON'T diet, join the gym etc. You just have to 'do what normal people do'. Eat sensibly most of the time but don't beat yourself up if you have a binge one day - we all stuff our faces sometimes and it doesn't make you a bad person!

Take moderate exercise that you enjoy - walk someone's dog, perhaps?

You have to make small, sustainable changes. Bear in mind that if you're only cosuming sufficient calories to maintain a body of say - 10 stone - then eventually that's what you'll be. You need to change your diet in a way that you can carry on forever.

Good luck!

Btw I was about 3 stone overweight once upon a time (in my 30s/40s)and now I'm in a GB sport team for my age group!

b ut I have to say that I'm terrified of joining the gy and having people stare at me

I'm really struggling with that thought

Thanks all, I'm still here haven't yet climbed into a plate of doughnuts

I've ordered a set of scales...I cried and cried that I had to get a set that went over 20st...pathetic I know but lordy I cried!

I've applied for a place on a local 11-week healthy eating/weightloss meeting sounds like nothing but for me this is huge

Next week I'm going to the local gym to sign up...I alway say I can't afford it but I'll find a way because I HAVE to

I'm going to download that Gillian Riley book onto the Kindle...sadly I really can't afford the weekend course

I can do this...right?!

Xenia Tue 01-Jan-13 21:56:42

Robert Lustig has it right. I eat like this. It is a way to eat for life.

BoerWarKids Tue 01-Jan-13 17:49:15

Gillian Riley's book is brilliant! She runs a course too, I did it several years ago. Expensive but really shifted my thinking.

TheOriginalLadyFT Mon 31-Dec-12 14:22:16

I've yo yo dieted all my adult life, as well as struggling with bulimia. I lost three stone five years ago doing low carb and managed to maintain for a long time, before letting almost all of it creep back on

I've gradually come to the realisation that I need to tackle the overeating problems, rather than just focusing on losing weight, to face up to addictive behaviour when it comes to food and also the find a way to choose food which is better for my health and well being, rather than just because it will help me lose weight (although the two go hand in hand)

A friend recommended a book for me that has made a very big difference to me, and is helping me deal with my overeating behaviour. It's by Gillian Riley and is called "Eating Less - Say Goodbye to Overeating". As a veteran of the diet wars, and someone who has done several different diets (always successfully - but always put it back on) clothes in my wardrobe ranging from size 8 to 16, I have gradually had to face up to the real root of the problem

If you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, I'd really recommend Gillian Riley's book. As well as talking you through how to face up to and deal with addictive eating, she also recommends the best foods to boost health and self esteem. She believes very much that using weight loss as the motivation to diet/change eating habits is a flawed approach - which might sound daft until you realise (and I have been there many, many times) that when you lose weight loss as your motivation, the more you lose, the lower your motivation. Once you reach goal, there is no motivation then to keep modifying your eating. If you focus on choosing healthy foods because they contribute to your wellbeing and long term health, you always have a motivation to keep choosing them

Elainey1609 Mon 31-Dec-12 12:35:33

HI ya
as previosley discussed in other posts i am in the same boat
24 years old 5 ft 2 and 20.4 stone......basiclly killing myself slowley.
I would reccomend going to see your pratice nurse (rather thand dr), mine was really helpful, gave me lots of advice refferd me to dietician and weight watchers. also i was allowed to go in every fortnight and they moniterd my blood sugars abd blood pressure and peak flow so i could see the medical benifits of loosing weight.

I agree with above you need to start very slowley
tell your practice nurse that you are planning to loose weight.

start by changing your diet small changes really do make a difference...firstly portion size...change the size of your plate so it still looks like you have a full plate.
Do small bits of exercise to begin with and build it one expects to change overnight, go at your own pace so you can manage.

drink more water and green tea is a great change as it helps your metabolism. Also cut down on number of carbs you are eating....dont get rid of them completly as your body will go into starvation mode, due to how obese you are .

I suggest you use something to monitor your intake and exercise, like a journal or My fitness pal is great, really helps you to see what your also allows you to have support from others and a resonable calorie goal.

its not going to be easy you will feel hungry at times, you may feel tired as your body is not used to a decrease in food intake.

You need resonable goals to attempt write them not deny yourself treats.
celebrate when you reach a dress or shoes...(me its normally a handbag lol, i have a weakness)

do not do it on your own find people to support you, let the people around you know what you are doing (this is so they know not to buy you a box of chocolates as a present)

try to enjoy not completly stop eating your favorite foods......dont forget everything is fine in moderation.

only weigh yourself once a week and try to do it at the same time and day each week.

Also measure your chest stomach thighs and bicep, as you wont always measure a weightloss buut there will be a change of measurements.

dont get dishartened if you dont loose weight everyweek as the fat can change to muscle and this is heavier that fat.

good luck you will reach your goal but it just might take time. keep everyone updates
the people on these threads are great support

all the best for the new year

Xenia Mon 31-Dec-12 10:00:32

Ihope, ideally you would move to three healthy meals a day (as people are saying above) but ditch all the processed foods. So a typical day for me (and i am not on a diet and I simply eat this way as I like it and it makes me feel good) is bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch is often brown rice, salmon and spinach. Dinner might be baked potato and a tin of tuna fish and I might have some fruit or I might not.

There are lots of interesting programmes out there about the harm of sugar. Some over eaters (and most people who are quite heavy probably do over eat when they are not hungry) find certain foods are almost addictive, like chocolate, colas, diet drinks which in fact are not good for you.

I think you need to start slowly. Look first at what you eat now - you need to decide if you are a calorie counter sort of person or not. If you are it can be charted so you can see where you are. If you aren't just write down the foods and then make gradual changes, eg cutting out alcohol and just drinking water.

You don't need to fit in losing weight but you do need to plan meals even if it is just a tin of sardines, some raw carrots and a small potato. Most British women eat far too many carbs like bread and potatoes and nothing like enough meat and fish and eggs.

Avoid weightloss surgery. Try to eat foods like eggs which leave you feeling fuller than chocolate. Start by geting the pattern of three good meals a day and have your sweets after the meals and then gradually give them up. Try to get as much sleep as possible which can be hard if you've small children.

Sparkleandshine Mon 31-Dec-12 09:47:25

I think you need to get your head right first....

I would find a good weight loss councellor, personally used lighter life mainly as it worked due to the counselling sessions - any 'diet' will work if you stick to it but it is all about getting focussed.

You mention you work 9-9 so can't go to meetings.... have a think about that... if you are truly focussed on osing weight you will find a way to fit it in I am self employed and work long hours etc etc but have a "lunch hour" where I go to weight loss club / exercise.

jchocchip Mon 31-Dec-12 09:39:55

I had a similar amount to lose. Made a start last year with others have mentionned this. Its free, log everything that goes into your mouth and all exercise and drink plenty if water and you can do it. Friend me on there (same name as on here) and I'll hold your hand. I'm still over 18 stone but used to be over 21, size 22 used to be size 28. You can do it slowly - the weight didn't go on overnight, don't expect to lose it in a couple of months.

Jahan Mon 31-Dec-12 01:35:13

Anything that gets you moving is great - even going for a walk.
Dancing for hf an hour sounds great!

Jahan Mon 31-Dec-12 01:33:59

Have a look at DrRanj's link. There's some good info on that about a healthy diet.
Refined carbs should definitely be out or included in a v small amount as a treat.
Steer clear of all processed food.
If you stop snacking (except fruit) then you'll eliminate most of the excess calories from your diet.
Do you cook? Stay away from pastry, fried food and fatty sauces and most home cooked meals should be fine.
Try to include lots of lean protein, veg and fruit in your diet. The meat/fish and 2 veg type meals are great.
You can include potatoes, pasta, rice and couscous for your carbs.
Your plate should be mostly veg, a quarter protein, a quarter carbs.
Porridge or scrambled eggs on whole grain toast are good breakfasts..
Soups are good for lunch. Just stay away from a load of bread with it.
Have a look on the bbcgoodfood website for healthy meal ideas.
Of course if you decide to go low carbs then you'll eat protein and low carb veg only.

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