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Training help please

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TheFallenNinja Fri 25-Jan-13 21:07:21

I did it last year and I'm booked in for the May event again this year.

Really what your doing looks great, perhaps something more for upper body to pull over the walls and the monkey bars, body pump is great but apart from toning it doesn't do that much for upper body strength.

Overall, I would recommend distance running, preferably over fields, depending on where you are you may have good public footpath acces?, it was 12 miles and it was tough but brilliant fun.

Good luck and enjoy

McPie Mon 17-Dec-12 15:53:00

I have been talked into taking part in Tough Mudder next August shock. I was wondering if those more in the know than me can have a look over what I do each week and see if there is anything I will need to add to my workouts in preperation.

Below is the maximum class wise I can do each week not what I do do, I always get to the morning ones unless they have been cancelled but my Dh has to be home for me to the evening classes which doesnt always happen so I see these as bonuses. I can also use the gym but find it boring personally and only use the treadmill, bike, rower and weight machines.

Monday am - Bodypump (squat track 8 1/2kg per side being my heaviest weight of the class) then a bums tums and thighs class
Monday pm - Bums tums and thighs again (but with a different instructor) then boxfit
Tuesday am - Body balance (starting tomorrow) then body conditioning
Tuesday pm - Body combat then body pump
Wednesday am - Bums tums and thighs
Thursday am - Body combat
Thursday pm - Kettlercise (6kg bell when I can get one, theres only 3???) then metafit
Friday am - Kettlercise then boxfit

I weigh 13 stone 3 at the moment (having lost 2 stone 5lb since the end of July this year) and going by Food Focus on a 2lb a week loss I should hit a BMI of 25 by mid May (which would be around 10 stone 4 for me).

I am following a plan given to me by the nurse which has me on 2000 calories, though I have dropped 2 of the carb portions and a fruit portion as I was finding it hard to eat it all in a day but had discussed doing so with the nurse first. My food intake is not really an issue as I have that side pretty much under control and its working for me for the first time ever so am not willing to change it at all.

Any help or suggestions on what I can do to perpare myself for this event would be grateful as I have only been attending classes since September, thanks.

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