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No more snacking - who's with me?

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BsshBossh Fri 14-Dec-12 20:50:12

Now I know many people prefer to graze and eat small meals throughout the day but I am not this person. I love three good meals a day and it suits my family/work routine.

My problem is that I give in to snacking between meals and then cannot savour, enjoy, appreciate my main meals (especially dinner which DH tends to cook and he cooks delicious, inventive meals that I don't truly enjoy because I've killed my hunger with a bowl of mixed nuts or some dark chocolate or a bag of crisps...

I am quite fit (swim and do cardio several times a week) and have successfully lost several stones first using Paul McKenna then monitoring calories via MyFitnessPal. I'm not into low-calorie eating as I love food and have managed to lose and keep off weight on 1800 to 2000 cals a day (am 5ft 4).

I have another stone to lose (maybe more, but one more stone will be fine with me in terms of how I look and feel). I think stopping the snacking will help enormously.

Anyone in a similar situation and wants to join me in holding myself accountable to myself and to Mumsnet?

Today I over-snacked on wasabi peas, a Snickers bar... actually I wasn't too bad today as I was more conscious. But DH is making tonkatsu and I've already taken a huge edge off my hunger! But I want to eat it as I know it will be delicious!

Or maybe I just need to get back on the McKenna thread!

GoldenGreen Tue 15-Jan-13 09:22:19

Thanks Bssh. Been thinking along Paul McKenna lines so will check it out. First step today - eat only at the table, off a plate - no sneaking stuff out of the cupboard as I pass!

BsshBossh Tue 15-Jan-13 06:48:28

Good luck Golden. I'd highly recommend the Paul McKenna thread on here (not his hypno-gastric band programme but the basic eat only when hungry/stop when satisfied thread). I lost a lot using this and still abide by the principles even though I'm also logging calories in MFP.

GoldenGreen Mon 14-Jan-13 22:33:48

well done all - sounds like good progress

I have realised a couple of things. I am not managing this very well because for various reasons I am in a high state of anxiety a lot of the time at the moment. I tend to deal with that by overeating hmm. But just realising that alone hasn't stopped me doing it sad. So I need to find a strategy to help me feel better!

When I lost weight initially I found setting small goals for myself really helpful but that hasn't worked this time. Therefore I am going to try and forget about weight for the time being and focus on eating only when hungry.

catclarks Sat 12-Jan-13 23:20:48

Evening all. BsshBossh your way sounds like a more sustainable long term method. My way is to cut out all snacks. I'm an all or nothing type (open a pack of biscuits and have to eat them ALL or they might go off grin) But it does mean after a while I start introducing the snacks which get bigger and more frequent.

I've been doing mostly well. Had a couple of hiccups in the last 10 days, but have managed to lose 4lbs smile Long may it continue

febes Sat 12-Jan-13 19:54:51

I did much better yesterday. I did have a snack before dinner but it was part of dinner so not an extra thing IYSWIM. Still should have waited. I didn't have any booze and drank gallons of water and went for a run so a good day over all.
Now to carry on doing that day after day so it actually has time to make a difference.

BsshBossh Sat 12-Jan-13 16:45:25

Hi Golden, do you think it's the icy cold weather that's making you eat more?

I have to admit that I'm not doing too well on the no snacking resolution. I'm doing much better logging my calories in MyFitnessPal and making sure I don't overeat that way. It's helping me cut back on snacks and portion sizes so I'm able to control my intake better. It's also making me snack less (as I'm much more conscious of the high number of calories in typical snack food) but not compelling me to cut out the snacks altogether.

GoldenGreen Fri 11-Jan-13 21:53:14

Well I did fine on Wednesday but yesterday lunchtime things started going to pot again. I have been looking back over my MFP diaries and realised that I actually maintained for a long time and didn't have any difficulties with overeating, binging etc for over a year. I am bemused as to why these last few months I just can't keep eating moderately and healthily - it's not like I'm on any faddy starvation diet - I keep ending up binge eating at some point.

I am going to try taking a weekend off thinking about balancing my diet, calories etc and just focus on being mindful about food and how I feel when I eat. I will almost certainly have put on anything I lost last week so will weigh in on Monday and decide what to do then.

BsshBossh Thu 10-Jan-13 17:23:58

Willpower Golden, hope you resisted the urge. After your post, I did jump on the scales and have kept off the 2lbs I lost as per weigh in on Christmas Eve so all is well. I think it's due to exercising throughout the holiday period (45 mins cardio thrice a week).

Hi febes, it's difficult not to snack, isn't it - it's so rooted in our food habits.

I'm still snacking but vastly reduced from previous years. Today I snacked on some sweets because I couldn't resist but in total it amounted to only 20 cals so it was fine (I'm still logging calories in MyFitnessPal as it helps me determine portion sizes for each meal).

I'm not going to be super strict about snacking but this thread is making me consider whether I'm truly hungry for each snack I'm tempted by or whether it's better for me to wait until I'm truly hungry for a main meal...

febes Wed 09-Jan-13 23:08:31

I'm trying this. I lost 38kgs 18months ago doing lowcarbing (IPD) and exercise. I got to 85kgs but my goal was (is) 80kgs then I started full time work and hurt my lower back (on-going pain spondalytis) and have crept back up to 90kg. I am 6foot so still wearing size12-14 but really want to get back to 85 and beyond to 80kgs would be awesome- although I image I'll need another whole wardrobe!
I have been back running, doing jillian michael workouts and lowcarbing since the new year but just can't stop snacking in the evenings. It was dark choc so I've stopped buying it. Then I was having teaspoons of peanut butter!!! Or slices of cheese. I really like the NO S concept. The website makes loads of sense. I just can't stick to it!!
Today I will though. I'm in NZ so its just lunchtime here, I'm a teacher and on my summer holidays at the moment so I imagine it will become easier food wise when I'm back in routine but harder to fit in exercise. Also being on holiday is terrible for having a drink in the evenings only ever one or two but still. My DH goes back to work next week so hopefully it will be easier then.
Excuses, excuses!

GoldenGreen Wed 09-Jan-13 20:50:33

Got the urge to hit the snacks tonight after having no cravings the last couple of days. I will not eat because I am not hungry <and repeat>

I'm seriously impressed at you only weighing once a month, Bssh. I can't break the habit of weighing every day.

BsshBossh Mon 07-Jan-13 22:03:25

Fantastic news, Golden. Well done!

I don't usually weigh myself more than once a month so have no idea if I've lost anything since Christmas - I'm currently hoovering up finishing a few Christmas Ferrero Rocher chocs so I doubt I've lost anything but then again I've been going to the gym regularly: 45 mins swimming Saturday and 45 mins treadmill/stepper today so at least that side of things are going to plan.

GoldenGreen Mon 07-Jan-13 10:52:23

Just stopping by to record a 4lb loss in a week! Not surprising given the amount I troughed in december. I would like to lose 12 more - and handily have a weekend away booked for 12weeks time so my motivation is there.

Planning nice meals really helps me stop the snacking :-)

BsshBossh Fri 04-Jan-13 19:31:24

Looks like everyone is off to a good start. I've not snacked since Wednesday so that's good. I feel so much less bloated and am really enjoying my meals. I've got to keep a check on eating when feeling emotional so I'm trying to be really conscious of that...

catclarks Thu 03-Jan-13 09:38:00

Happy New Year everyone!!! Well after a snacktastic Christmas, operation lose a stone has begun. I woke up yesterday with what can only be described as a sugar induced hangover. On the upside it has given me a real kick up the backside. I need to get rid of the massive pile of Christmas goodies out of the house. Think I will give it to DH to take to work and not use my usual method of getting rid of food by eating it all.

Feckthehalls Thu 03-Jan-13 02:01:49

The nosdiet site is fab! Thanks for the link, bssh

NewYearsEvelyn Wed 02-Jan-13 21:03:23

My body has rebelled with the chocolate intake I've been subjecting it to recently and has been really off today. As a result, I've had a handful of pringles with my sandwich, which was tuna with low fat mayo, and a korma for my evening meal, but only a small portion for me. No chocolate, no snacks. Now I've started, albeit through feeling icky, it should be easier to continue.

Tomorrow's goal is no snacks, small portioned meals and more exercise. Here's hoping it works!

BsshBossh Wed 02-Jan-13 18:08:48

Well, I messed up yesterday after a good day. I ended up wolfing down peanuts and chocolate after getting into an argument with someone. The crazy thing was that after the argument I was thinking to myself, "I have a choice here. I don't have to stuff myself with junk because I'm angry. I can choose fruit or a cuppa instead" but I still walked to the shop and bought rubbish.

Oh well. At least I was aware what I was doing.

Today has been excellent - no snacking, hungry for my main meals and I went for a vigorous 45 minute swim.

I am now writing down everything I eat. Seeing it in black and white is helping.

GoldenGreen Wed 02-Jan-13 14:20:01

Happy New Year all! Starting again today with the added motivation of rather large weight gain over Christmas and tighter clothes.

Woopsiedaisy Wed 02-Jan-13 09:05:27

(name changed, but here from the beginning)

Happy New Year to all !!

Long walk on the moors (I am in Yorkshire) yesterday to clear the hangover, followed by yummie fish pie. 4 chocolates whils't watching film, but only because walking partner thrust them under my nose.

Will be good today will be good today, well will try to be good today, but know I have the willpower of a gnat

BsshBossh Tue 01-Jan-13 15:34:01

Hello and Happy New Year! I felt so stuffed and awful yesterday due to too much snacking in between meals that I've started my No S diet a day early. We started the day with a brisk walk on Hampstead Heath (we live in London) and I've not snacked all day. It meant I really enjoyed the pizza and garlic bread we ate for lunch at a pizza restaurant and DH is planning a nice dinner so I intend on not spoiling my appetite at all so that I can enjoy it (and dessert). Tomorrow I'll be going for an energetic swim.

Feckthehalls Tue 01-Jan-13 07:27:07

Happy new year band here's to no snacking

BsshBossh Sun 30-Dec-12 11:29:51

Right, just posting that I'll be back 2nd January to resume the no snacking regime smile Hope to see you then.

BsshBossh Tue 25-Dec-12 07:49:56

Snacking a bit difficult to resist during Christmas week and a house full of guests but I am trying to snack moderately and only a little so I am still hungry for a main meal.

GoldenGreen Mon 24-Dec-12 20:57:59

Ok have done well the last two days. I now really want to hit the Pringles but I am posting here instead!

Fab meals to look forward to in the next three days :-)

crisisofidentity Mon 24-Dec-12 20:37:25

Snacked today because I missed lunch. Met a friend by chance and took her for Coffee and pecan pie just as I was on my way home with last bit of christmas shopping. It's made me realise how much I have been existing on cake. Then had tea and mince pie when I got home to keep me going until dinner. Not good.
Well done for losing already Bssh! I am not going to weigh in for a few more days I think.
the no snack diet, is what I am going to try and follow,
The "no seconds" also rings true, my ds talks a lot at mealtimes and I'm left with an empty plate, and will often take seconds when I don't need to.
Today only seconds of salad.

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