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The Ongoing Low Carb Bootcamp - Final Festive Fortnight

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BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Mon 10-Dec-12 07:56:38

No spreadsheet to link to this week, as the LBD challenge is now over!

I don't know about anyone else, but I have definitely not had the greatest of weeks, and I'm keeping on keeping on until we get to Christmas.

Not quite sure yet what my own Christmas strategy is going to be, but I also guess it depends on where I've got to with my weight by then. I know that, having achieved my first major target of losing 2 stones, I still have more to go. So my next really major, very psychological target, will be to reach 9 stone. Something I have been trying (and failing) to do for the last 10 years! But now it seems so much more achieveable, especially with all you lot giving such brilliant support.

This week for me starts with a super strict day today. I'm out to dinner tomorrow, with a groups of ex colleagues, and venue is not yet chosen, but is likely to be a Chinese, which always brings its own problems. not to mention the wine

I'm also out to lunch on Friday, so it looks like Wednesday and Thursday will also have to be super strict!

halfthesize Mon 10-Dec-12 14:47:03

grin just wanted to show how this bootcamp had worked for me x

toomuchturkeyatendofthedinner Mon 10-Dec-12 14:53:52

half <wolf whistle> you look fab !!!!! Love your hair too envy

Just checking in to say thanks to biwi and willie for bootcamp brilliance, and I will def continue. I think logging my weight each week will help reduce the crazy Christmas consumption a bit!!

Will weigh tomorrow, having a strict day today to try to undo some of the damage of the past week. However, the inlaws leave today! So no more puddings after dinner to tempt me. I'm going to try to be really strict this week up until my night out on Saturday, to reduce the carb tummy bloat for my LBD.

MsRinky Mon 10-Dec-12 16:51:58

I want to look like Half. I think it's going to take until next Christmas, but never mind. The time will pass anyway, may as well put it to good use.

By the way, if you are going to recklessly consume carbs and sugar I can assure you that there is no finer place than the Hand and Flowers. We ate there yesterday and it was staggeringly good. I won't torture you all by describing it, especially the pudding. Despite that I weighed in this morning, and brought my total loss on Bootcamp to 10lbs in 10 weeks.

I am trying to let go of the mentality that I should have lost 20 in that time. Slow and steady wins the race.

SingingTunelessly Mon 10-Dec-12 17:20:29

Msrinky 10lbs in 10 weeks is great! Just remember you did it by eating yummy food not steamed fish, steamed brocolli and dry Ryvita. Yuck. I'm with you now on the mindset of slowly, slowly.

Dosh good luck with next interviews. Remember the saying, what's for you won't go by you. <goes all Woo on the thread>. grin

clare8allthepies Mon 10-Dec-12 19:46:03

Hi everyone, thanks for the encouragement after last weekends carbathon, thanks have been trying really hard this week and have lost whatever I piled on plus another half a pound so 9 stone 3! grin
I'm going to try to be really strict between now and Saturday when the first of the christmas meals is.
I've also decided that over christmas I'm going to eat whatever I like - but really think about how much I want it and whether its worth it - not just shovelling in crap because 'it's christmas' smile
Well done on the losses everyone!

vnmum Mon 10-Dec-12 20:58:09

half you look fab. How did it go at the vets? Did they do bloods?

I stuck to bootcamp food yesterday, maybe a little dairy heavy as I was hungry from my carbathon, but still all low carb food, no cheats, and this morning I had gained back the pound I had lost the day before. Go figure?
Anyway, feeling healthier and more energetic from just 1 day back on the wagon.
Christmas plans for me are to eat as low carb as possible, not eat stuff for the sake of it coz it's there, and strict bootcamp from the 27th.

halfthesize Mon 10-Dec-12 22:01:59

Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies.grin vnmum they think she was poisoned so have done bloods. She actually seems a little better today, thankfullysmile

hazchem Mon 10-Dec-12 22:29:06

Totally struggling using the app as I am unable to review before posting. Not sure if it's the app or the fact I have a small screen on my phone any one else using the andriod app?

THC I think that i will never eat wheat again. I had one particularly bad night after eating pizza (had been drinking) and I realised even if I enjoy the food I feel so dreadful after I just can't deal with it.

Had a pretty good day foodwise yesterday although am going to actually print of the rules instead of bumping long.

Oh and a yogurt question. I have been eating a greek yogurt but have found a plain yogurt that has lower carb content then greek yogurt however it also has lower fat. Which would be better do you think? Greek yogurt higher fat and slightly higher carb or lower carb but also lower fat.

B: Low carb pancakes (eggs, cream cheese, coconut flour, cinnamon) Yummy

WineGless Mon 10-Dec-12 22:53:55

Half - whitwoo! You look gorgeous!

Failed today and pissed off with self. Checking in to keep myself on track

halfthesize Mon 10-Dec-12 23:08:45

Thanks wine tomorrows another day, just write today off x

JessicaWakefield Mon 10-Dec-12 23:15:01

THC I absolutely get that too now with gluten. If I'm tempted to fall off the wagon the thought of the stomach cramps and general post-carb ugh factor is as much of a deterrent as the scales. That said I had two bad days food wise on Friday and Saturday. Really nothing compared to how I was eating pre-LC but I find that all of this clean eating makes me super sensitive to rubbish food. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings I therefore had a carb hangover and it took me ages to get out of my coma, get up and get on with the day which really isn't on as very unfair on DH and DCs. Sunday and today have been totally on message and am feeling good again.

Vnmum hugs to you. I really do hope that your DH is feeling better soon.

Half wow! Big congratulations to you on your weight loss, you look incredible!

Doshu sorry to hear about the job but as you say perhaps it wasn't right for you. I'm sure you'll find something great soon.

And finally thank you to BIWI for carrying on with the BC threads. Our chat about LC and other matters has really kept me focused and changed my attitude towards food. And I feel so well. No stomach pains, no headaches, no bloating, I could go on but I know that I'm preaching to the converted!

ViperInTheManger Tue 11-Dec-12 00:36:17

Gosh it has taken me ages to find you all! My threads I'm on has vanished and I have wandered all over the place before I found this.

I had another crap day, started well but got caught up with stuff then had to go to Tesco, having missed tea, so ended up eating Pringles shock but I will try again tomorrow to clamber back onto the wagon.

I agree with you all about eating mindfully. I think that has really changed for me while doing this. A "cheat" is no longer a crisis that derails everything as I only eat what I really want.

captainmummy Tue 11-Dec-12 08:19:13

Hazchem - don't know about the fat query,but did read an article about a hospital-approved diet to reduce (i think) high blood pressure (is it called hypertension? Think that's what it was) anywy, was interesting because it is basically bootcamp-light. Lots of veg, no fruit for the first 2 weeks then 2 peices a day, lots of (lean) protein, and greek yog, tho they stipulated low-fat! (no cream or butter sad) Not sure how accurate the article was (was on internet) but it shows that the medical profession might be coming round to the idea that lots of high-carb, low-fat, low-cal food actually might notbe best.

What's the yog, BTW?

Doshusallie Tue 11-Dec-12 09:39:18

morning all. Thanks for all good wishes re interviews. My week of dossing as boss is away has turned into a mega busy one with all the interviews and prep for those, plus 2 school plays etc etc! I have to do an IQ test before the interview proper tomorrow, gulp. That should be interesting..... confused

Bit of a dilemma re lunch today as having it with a client and have no idea where we'll eat. Have dropped heavy hints about a greasy spoon. Annoyed because I really need to low carb today - have had 2 strict low carb days (except bloody butternut squash which I have now poured away) but am still 9 4 after the Saturday night blow out - determined to get to 9 2 by Friday, and if I am forced to eat a sandwich at lunch today I shall be most peeved.

Have had ham and eggs this morning instead of high fat yoghurt for breakfast just in case, and tea will be salmon and veg.

Doshusallie Tue 11-Dec-12 09:40:57

bollocks - client has just said Pret or Caffe Nero. What the hell can I eat at those? Off to google.

Doshusallie Tue 11-Dec-12 09:42:23

Hmm - no bread crayfish and avocado salad looks promising

caramelwaffle Tue 11-Dec-12 11:48:13

A huge thanks thanks thank you to BIWI for these threads.

Also to Willie for all the work on the spreadsheets thanks

Willowisp Tue 11-Dec-12 12:06:16

Hazchem, I make a similar pancake but use oatbran (very good fibre provider!) & veo valley soured cream. Which is low carb/high fat.

In answer to your question I would go low carb & fat. smile

half well done, you look fab !

ilovemyteddy Tue 11-Dec-12 12:41:09

Hello all

Half you look amazeballs!

Also wanted to add my thanks to BIWI and Willie for keeping us all on the straight and narrower smile And thanks for keeping the spreadhseet going - I need it!

MsRinky I know what you mean about wanting to lose more than 10lbs on Bootcamp. I am so fecking close to losing 5 stones this year, but it's coming off in small bits and pieces now. I know it's because I am eating chocolate and not drinking enough water. But it's soooo cold...

My strategy for Christmas is to cheat only on Christmas Day. I have until 15th Jan to lose another 9.4lbs to reach my initial target. Don't think I'll do it, but I'll be damn close grin

Captain - that's interesting what you posted about hypertension. My blood pressure has always been high, but has now normalised since I have been on this WOE.

EwanHoHoHozami Tue 11-Dec-12 12:46:31

Today is the kind of day I'd have usually fallen into a cakeshop via a chip emporium. Just found out that I haven't even got a first round interview for a job that looked a perfect fit on paper and I'm pretty gutted. It's so hard not to take it personally sad

I am however going to take out my frustration on the nearest municipal baths. Nothing like 50 lengths of really bad splashy front crawl to get some positivity back.

caramelwaffle Tue 11-Dec-12 12:52:38

Sorry to hear that Ewan Good luck with the next interview!

janglebells2013 Tue 11-Dec-12 12:54:05

oh half you look amazing! you really do. right where's everyone else's pics?! smile

i got the job i applied for. yay. looking forward to it. eating has been going well. last week (i think it was thurs or friday) i had a bad day of eating - loads of sugar and carbs. and i swear my tummy hurt, for days afterwards, even last night it was still sore. do you think thats all related to one day of eating bad?
or could it be to do with diary, as i made a quiche with cream cheese and eggs and had it 2 days in a row

caramelwaffle Tue 11-Dec-12 13:00:52

Congratulations jangle

halfthesize Tue 11-Dec-12 15:19:04

Congrats jangle fab news and yes lets have some more pics smile

captainmummy Tue 11-Dec-12 19:10:07

Well done Jangle great news.

Ate quite well today, if a bit sporadic and no specific meals. Coffee with cream, handful of mixed nuts, slice chorizo, 2 bowls chicken soup. Dinner was cauliflower mash and chilli left over from yesterday, picked out most of the beans.

Debating whether to have another coffee with cream.

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