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NOW or NEVER, NO EXCUSES thread Part 3

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CheckpointCharlie Fri 07-Dec-12 19:29:52

Ooooooohhhh, that's exciting, and a bit of an honour, I feel like the Leader!

TheHumancatapult Wed 30-Jan-13 04:41:09

<yawns> props eyes open /reaches for the coffee Anyone do iv caffeine drip please

Checkpoint pass us the choc share it around .

Johnny that's similar to me . A 3 second one lower down to count of 3 hold for 3 about 3 inches of the ground then push up slowly for 3 ( I use stool under legs as can't use obviously all on my arms . Also do above for count of 5 seconds and the killer is the count of 10 that one know about

YesIamYourSisterInLaw Wed 30-Jan-13 07:55:07

Hi tortoise I hope you feel better soon
Johnny that's good to know. I think I'll start toning too as my upper arms are quite big, I'd kill for little stick arms.
Thehuman 5"7 is not knee high to a fart it's a wonderful height I would LOVE to be be 5"7 and be able to wear heals and not have to worry but also not be short without them. I think it is in fact the perfect height.
Last night must have been pizza temptation night because I alsmost had some too. My lovely mother who has moved back in since me and exdp split came home with a big dominos style box. The smell.....
But I was strong and instead I took the dog for an hour long walk. It wasn't on my list of things to do as id already taken him and been gym but he was happy, it got me out the house. Anyway the fitness gods must have taken pity on me because I hopped on the scales this morning and I'm down 2 more pounds.
Stay strong ladies, you can do this!

Tortoise Wed 30-Jan-13 07:59:20

yes Human says that because she's in a wheelchair so head level to people bums grin .

TheHumancatapult Wed 30-Jan-13 08:35:02

Yup which has its advantages wink but also disadvantages

Though I can wear killer heels with no worries about falling at all . Also always got a seat in a pub to grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 30-Jan-13 16:34:41

Hello all. Felt a bit achey yesterday and thought I must've worked hard in my Pilates class. I'm now thinking I've caught some cold / flu virus as I am still aching all over and have a very sore throat, blocked noise and headache. Obviously staying in bed isn't an option so I'm dosed up on lemsip, coffee, diet coke and chocolate brownie. Have already consumed 1200 cals so I think I may forget diet for the week and just eat crap from the freezer tonight (ie pizza) as I don't have the energy to cook.

Well done yes 2lbs is brilliant.

TheHumancatapult Wed 30-Jan-13 17:43:14

Yay on the loss yes )

TheHumancatapult Wed 30-Jan-13 17:44:29

Something I have noticed this winter with weight loss I am feeling the cold so much more brrr

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 30-Jan-13 18:09:44

Yes I've noticed that too human and dh keeps heating down to save money, tight bastard

But next year we'll be able to wear nice, thick warm jumpers and not worry about looking fat in them.

How's your foot human? When I broke mine it was bruised for about two months. I hope yours is recovering nicely.

Tortoise Wed 30-Jan-13 19:03:20

Sorry if I've shared my germs Johnny grin . I'm not feeling as bad today but very congested. Decongestant nose spray helps for a while.
I'm afraid it was pizza for dinner. Quick and easy! I had about half a thin one if that's any better! blush

YesIamYourSisterInLaw Wed 30-Jan-13 20:12:31

grin you lot are funny.
Johnny if your ill the diet goes out the window, it's an unwritten rule.
I desperately need to take the dog out or he may wet himself overnight but the wind here is awful. Same DM who brought home pizza usually does the evening walk but has buggered off out without warning so it looks like I'm being lumped with it. She also made me cut her hair this morning despite me being in a rush for work, came into my room to have it cut and despite not leaving for work till half1 hasn't bothered to Hoover her hair up. Grrr Theres a reason you shouldn't live with your parents past the age of 18, I can only take solace in the fact that one day I'll get to be that annoying grin

CheckpointCharlie Wed 30-Jan-13 22:08:12

Hello all! Yes human how is your foot???? Well remembered johnny

God I am lee marvin, have been good today, a very sweet little one gave me a treat sized packet of haribo cos it was his bday, I think it might be the way forward.
They are naughty without being too hideous and psychologically satisfying.

TheHumancatapult Thu 31-Jan-13 04:37:05

Yes I fully agree I intend to visit each of my children when leave home leave seat up or down turn all the lights on and eat contents of their fridge
Very windy her to

Am out of foot boot but stil bruised and seems made ness of blood vessels on top of foot . Dr hopes heal on time have go back in 4 weeks

Checkpoint yup that may work they sweet enough satisfy but not to big to over indulge

YesIamYourSisterInLaw Thu 31-Jan-13 17:27:06

How's everyone getting on today?
Iv got major pms and craving sugar! So I made myself a got chocolate with... Squirty cream. To be fair it's light cream but I don't think it counts when you make up over the cup with it grin

YesIamYourSisterInLaw Thu 31-Jan-13 17:40:42

Eugh and now I feel sick, stomach has definitely shrunk. Plus I have the after gorge guilt

TheHumancatapult Thu 31-Jan-13 17:58:20

Im counting down to bedtime am wiped not stopped been one of those weeks

Tortoise Thu 31-Jan-13 22:00:59

I felt a bit better today then wham tonight I'm all bunged and congested again sad . Stupid cold needs to bog off!
I bought Paul McKennas hypnotic gastric band book yesterday. Will hopefully find time to read it and listen to CD soon. Thread on mn said it was good!

CheckpointCharlie Thu 31-Jan-13 22:24:26

YY tort bog off cold!
human am with you sister my week has been intense too.

Have a good weekend all, make good decisions, we are still actively trying to LOSE weight, I have to remind myself sometimes....

Being on a diet is hard, being overweight is hard.
LOSERS - Choose your hard.

Exhausted by ranting. Someone fan me......


Tortoise Thu 31-Jan-13 22:42:03

I can fan you with a sneeze! grin Sure they are blasting out at 100mph! Such powerful sneezes. grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Thu 31-Jan-13 23:59:49

I am feeling almost better, obviously my body liked the crap I gave it yesterday and I made a speedy recovery. I still have a sore throat but other than that I'm ok. Which is good as mil is visiting at the moment so I need to be strong!

yes yum squirty cream, haven't had that for years. Dh is asleep so I guess he won't be happy if I ask him to pop to tesco to satisfy my craving for squirty cream. So selfish.

tortoise let us know how Paul McKenna goes. I bought a virtual gastric band app the day I decided to lose weight, back in September. I'm a cynic about these things but I listened to it once, and then couldn't finish my lunch the next day - the first time that had ever happened apart from when I'm ill. I listened to the app for about 3 weeks but stopped because I decided I didn't want to behave as if I had a gastric band. Anyway I hope the Paul McKenna programme works for you.

TheHumancatapult Fri 01-Feb-13 02:22:30

Sprays detol over the thread . Hands out antibacterial hand wash now do I need don paper mask to

Woke up and can't drop back of am considering getting up and working out might as well do something useful . Downside that them makes it long day v calories which is tricky

Though may be able to grab a nap today hmm

TheHumancatapult Fri 01-Feb-13 02:24:07

Thoygh Charlie wio ever said nothing taste as good as slim . Must have been one hell of a bad cook grin

TheHumancatapult Fri 01-Feb-13 03:59:51


Friend has DVD and said it helped her to learn portion control . But hope it works for you


Same here but realised if I did not do something about my weight

I would of needed start considering surgery as my BMI was 44 and thought never enjoying a meal again ( my mum had surgery privately and can only eat such small amounts ) made me shudder and get a grip on diet. I ole my food and want the option to pig out now and then

add in getting Something of my chest that been carrying around for over 22 years did to .

Glad everyone starting feel better with lurgys

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Fri 01-Feb-13 19:57:08

human hope you're having an ok day and not too tired.

Another bad day for me, I drank champagne, ate pudding, chips, maltesers and wasted calories on two cappuccinos. To compensate for an unhealthy lunch dinner was a very boring salad with lemon juice as a dressing. I am hoping dd2 goes to sleep easily tonight so that I can go to bed before 9. I know i'll be hungry. Dd2 still won't sleep unless I hold her hand while she's in her cot.

8 weeks til easter and I want to lose 7lbs by then (to be less than 11st). If I have any more days like today I won't make it! It's hard to motivate myself because I feel great - and also because friends keep making me eat chips and wine (today I didn't ask for the champagne, it was for a friends unexpected good news.)

Hope you're all feeling better now and looking forward to a good weekend.

Tortoise Fri 01-Feb-13 20:31:56

I still feel fairly crap. So congested but can't blow it out! Really fed up with it sad .

Bad food day today too. (As usual!) Will let you know how the book and CD goes.

TheHumancatapult Sat 02-Feb-13 04:29:56


Hope feeling better soon does seem be season coughs and cold think it's the changed temptured from cold to mild and being so damp to not helping and yeah eating well hard when feeling I'll


I agree is harder once you keep getting told look good But the champagne sounds very nice and even better when good reason for it .
Hmm do you think friends feel you lost enough ? So trying to sabotage it or make them feel less guilty on what they eating by getting Yiu to join in

I did grab hour nap but then up to 11 but arghh I woke up at 3am even thoygh I don't workout on weekends so no need Am going try getting some more sleep

Hope eveyone has a weekend wnd remtnber small changed lead to bigger onesp

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