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does anyone have a positive experience about weight watchers for me?

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Barbielovesken Fri 14-Dec-12 10:34:59

In 2007 I lost 7stone on ww in 10 months. Had a takeaway every weekend (within points obv), still had nights out/ still lived.

Kept it off for almost 2 years without much effort (stuck to points mon-fri, ate what I liked at weekends and I maintained)

Had 2 babies in 16 months and piled on the weight. Have recently lost 5 stone (again on ww), the youngest is 17 months and truth be told, I was arsing around for months and could have done this sooner.

Its brilliant. I love it, if you stick to it it does work.

Wishing you loads of success

chummymummy Fri 14-Dec-12 10:22:02

hi louistheseventeenth, I was wondering how u got on. Did you join?

I lost 2lbs in my first week. I had a takeaway and the odd biscuit so I am quite pleased with that. My second meeting was really good, its nice to share tips etc. It can get a bit fat fighters. I had to stop myself laughing when our leader told us that next weeks meeting would be more of a christmad social, and that we should all bring in nibbles!

I also wanted to add that the changes to my diet seem to be really helping as this is the first wk in ages I havent had a headache/ backache. I feel better overall. Let me know how u get on.

McBobby Thu 13-Dec-12 21:59:57

I have lost over 6 stone in two years. I love WW. It's not a diet, just a healthy way if life.

My meeting is so friendly and all you are asked is how tall you are. Anything else you share is up to you. No-one judges, and we're all in the same boat!

Embrace it. It's the best thing I ever did. From a size 22-24 to a 12-14. Can't beat that feeling.

dontmixthecolours Mon 10-Dec-12 17:22:05

I lost 2 stone earlier this year and my friend lost 5 stone. It's a great motivator to know someone is going to weigh you (well for me anyway).

Combined with some exercise it works really well.

Good luck

dobby2001 Mon 10-Dec-12 17:18:33

It takes a bit of getting used to chummy, and to be honest, i use my phone to look up things still. Best two pieces of kit I bought were the pedometer and kitchen scales. I use them both every day and the scales are great for recipes and often give you more food for the points than in the book (not that I am a greedy pig or anything wink).

chummymummy Mon 10-Dec-12 15:27:08

That is really encouraging dobby2001, well done on your weightloss. I have struggled a bit with the points system on my first week ( thought I was doing well, until I realised I.wasnt counting milk!)

dobby2001 Sun 09-Dec-12 23:39:54

Hiya I joined weight watchers in June 2011 after a particularly bad series of GP visits. I had tried slimming clubs before and they all worked whilst I went but the weight came back as soon as my enthusiasm waned. Its very important whatever you do to be going for the right reasons - that you want to lose weight for you and your health, not to be slim for an event or to fit into that special outfit (although those are fine as short term challenges)

Weight watchers have changed their approach over the last year and this has been made very obvious in the last week, as they have completly made over the online and meeting tools to reflect a new philosephy (based on research, not just marketing hype) of permanant weight loss. The plan is much more about looking at your habits and behaviours and how these need to change for long term success.

I love going to my meeting, even when I have had a bad week and gained weight, I usually can identify where i went off track so I dont go throwing myself in the nearest box of pringles!! I am not a fast loser, but I reason that I didnt put it on overnight and I need to adjust my habits over time too. Somebody who met me recently ridiculed the fact I go to WW saying "what do you need to go for, you are skinny" It was the best complement anyone has paid me about my appearance for ages grin I had to explain to her that last year I was 50 pounds heavier and four dress sizes bigger - she wouldn't believe me grin

Group leaders are differant so, although you will hopefully like the class you join and acheive a great loss, if you dont like the first class, you can always try other ones in the area.

Hope it all goes well for you smile

chummymummy Fri 07-Dec-12 17:11:35

I have been looking for the same thing. There are some older threads with some info. Stay in touch and let me know how you go.

All the food tracking has made me realise how much I snack, and how unhealthy I am. I want to make this change for the long term. I would love to get to the point where the thought of chocs n biscuits doesnt enter my mind. I think that is a long way off though.

louistheseventeenth Fri 07-Dec-12 16:54:13

Thanks Chummymummy, I hope your diet goes well.
I'm going for the induction next thursday at the GPs and can start anytime after that. Would be nice to keep in touch with you. Do you know if there is a Weight Watchers Thread? I've had a look but couldn't see one.

chummymummy Fri 07-Dec-12 15:55:09

Hi I have just started ww. Had my first meeting on weds, and it was really insightful. The leader didnt ask too many questions. They all seem to get along well and there were some really amazing weight loss stories.

The impression I got was that you are in it for the long haul it is not a quick fix. Hopefully I can do it. Everytime I get a craving, I think of the weigh in next week!

louistheseventeenth Fri 07-Dec-12 12:23:06

Thats really good to hear, thanks,

Especially that her classses were lovely and that she lost so much in a relatively short period of time.

I'm definitely committed to doing it, I'm fed up of treating myself like this...

My main worry is that it will be hard to walk into the room for the first time and what questions I will be asked (weight gain of 5+stones is all in the last year after some bereavements I couldn't cope with...don't really want to go into this with them iyswim)

Thanks for the reply.

CharlieBlanche Fri 07-Dec-12 12:19:21

Btw she lost the six stones in less than 12 months.

CharlieBlanche Fri 07-Dec-12 12:18:45

A very good friend of mine lost six stone using WW two years ago and has kept it off. She said her classes were lovely and really enjoyed their onlineforum too.

She said itcwasn't hard at all just required her to be disciplined and reallyvwant to do it. Good luck.

louistheseventeenth Fri 07-Dec-12 12:09:01

(namechanged this morning)
I've just been given a GP referral to go to WW for 12 weeks.
I am a bit apprehensive.
I would appreciate hearing if it has worked for others

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