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Work Out DVD's that erm...work

(7 Posts)
CabbageLooking Fri 07-Dec-12 07:40:49

Anything by Davina McCall - luffs her. They hurt like hell but are very effective.

chicaguapa Fri 07-Dec-12 07:36:04

It's cardio, strength & abs, lots of combination work "working the little muscles in with the big ones". grin.

Try it if you've already got it and see what you think. A lot of people who are already fit say it's still hard work.

GingerLemonTea Thu 06-Dec-12 21:49:17

What is the shred? Cardio? Toning?
I have it, but it has been in the cellophane for a few years!

chicaguapa Thu 06-Dec-12 21:22:29

Came on to say that no doubt there'll be a gazillion posters after me saying the same, but the 30-day Shred really does work! But if you're up for more than 20 mins a day, she does some 40-min workout DVDs too.

hermioneweasley Thu 06-Dec-12 21:18:29

Another vote for the wonder that is Jillian. If you are used to serious exercise though, shred might be a bit tame for you

mrscrimbobash Thu 06-Dec-12 21:17:09

The Shred. There's a bazillion threads about it if you search on MN.

Cbell Thu 06-Dec-12 06:40:23

That's it really. The cold dark weather has set in and I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to get outside and go for a run.

I'd like to keep doing some exercise during the winter months so was thinking of trying out a work out DVD. Any recommendations?

I would say I am used to 'proper' exercise! I hate classes that don't push you hard enough (waste of time). I usually run about 25-30 miles a week so I'm wondering if there are any home exercise programmes used by really fitness freaks?

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