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The Big Fat List and Days Of Diom (TM) Part X - The one with multiple pregnancies shook up with hen do's, Wedding and a sprinkle of stress!

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ChocolatesSnowAngel Wed 05-Dec-12 07:19:32

Moving in over here girls, the old pad was a tad crowded!!!

But you're probably more focused when at group huff. I know I usually am!

Today has been ok (so far)

B: melon & strawberries
L: ham, red onion, toms, lettuce, egg, peppers.
I've had a few coffees also using my HEa milk.

Dunno what's for dinner as I'm for a concert at my nieces school so will probably grab something when I get home.

Bloody hell, have I scared everyone away?

It's all me, me, me!!!

Anyway, this evening went as follows:

2 biscuits, 1 coffee, one wholemeal roll (heB) with flora and lean ham. So syns in biscuits & flora.

Am in bed now do can do no more damage!!

Huffpot Wed 27-Mar-13 07:55:33

I'm not easily scared wink

Definitely far far more focussed at group....and totally child like and love getting shiny stickers grin
Plus its a night out with people I like and who are all in the same boat

I went to bed last night to get away from the kitchen. I feel like the very hungry caterpillar!

Lost 3lb this week!
Am only 1lb out of target range now, focused on the week ahead now smile

Dd is being a pain, she's only 11 so im dreading the teen years.

Huffpot Fri 29-Mar-13 08:17:58

Well done FHF! That's so good.

Aghh. They grow up far too quickly. I'm dreading my two getting that attitude. You have to love her Fair but you DON'T have to like her as my mum always says about us

ChocolateBridesmaid Fri 29-Mar-13 19:40:52

Hi guys, I think I should have lost some today as I spent 4 hours dragging two teenagers round the city centre in an attempt to buy 'old' clothes for my DD school holiday after the Easter break.

It's one of those activity holidays were the list of things to bring says old clothes or clothes you don't mind getting wrecked. I mind very much my DDs clothes getting wrecked actually, hence the trip to that hell hole called Primark. Seriously I should have lost half a stone battling my way round that shop!

Well done FHF on the loss, wrt your DD, buckle up its going to get worse! My DD is nearly 13, I rock in the corner whilst jibbering away speak from experience...good luck.

Huffpot Sun 31-Mar-13 12:24:47

Primark is can get some ok stuff in there but its always crowded.
The toddlers enjoy trying to pull things off hangers if I ever venture in there


Huffpot Sun 31-Mar-13 12:25:05

Happy Easter by the way grin

SlimJimBra Tue 02-Apr-13 03:50:41

Hello everyone <sneaks in to room>
How are we all? smile I'm awake at silly-o'clock, I just can't sleep at the mo - haven't slept properly for nearly 3 weeks sad

Huffpot Tue 02-Apr-13 09:03:39

Hiya slim
Lovely to see ya

I am good...climbing back on the wagon tomorrow finally so will probably eat my body weight in chocolate eggs today!

That sucks about the sleeping sad

SlimJimBra Tue 02-Apr-13 09:16:25

Hello huff smile how are you feeling? Good luck getting back on the SW wagon, but give yourself time to heal too x
Not sleeping sucks but at least there is mobile phone Internet to keep me company.

Huffpot Tue 02-Apr-13 12:39:03

Am good really...certain things hit me a bit sometimes but am ready to focus.
I've become very domesticated with it all to keep busy.
My feet are getting sore again with the extra weight so needs to be done.

Thank goodness for technology.

ChocolateBridesmaid Wed 03-Apr-13 07:59:03

Morning, did we all survive Easter without too much stuffing of the faces?

I will just be glad when all the chocolate is gone!

Hey Slim, how you keeping? hope you sleeping better.

Huff you and your Angel are in my prayers, you eat as much chocolate as you want for now

Well today is the day, the day I have not prepared for I'm the slightest, the day I try that bridesmaid dress on and hope to god it fits! ...wish me luck

All the best with the bridesmaid dress choc!!!!

Ugh - I survived Easter, but am carrying extra baggage! Jumped on my scales this morning and I've 4.5lb on..... I know it's not really a true reading because of the unnaturally Hugh amount of shite food I've been stuffing down since last weigh day...

Huffpot Thu 04-Apr-13 08:07:34

How did the bridesmaid dress fitting go Choc?

Well I went back to group last night and am one stone heavier than my last official weigh in.

Starting today time to focus!

B:Porridge with grated apple and cinnamon and a cuppa
L: Have no idea yet but it will be on plan...maybe a stirfry?
D: SW quiche with chicken and veg and SW chips and salad on the side
Syns unknown as yet

Ok off I go to measure out my milk!

ChocolateBridesmaid Thu 04-Apr-13 09:16:46

The fitting went really well thanks, perfect fit just need a touch off the length. I am under strict instructions not to loose any weight, so will weigh myself this morning and stick with this weight until the wedding. Then I will need a proper kick start as have a major holiday coming up grin and I WILL look amazing in a bikini if it kills me!!!!

Looks like a good day huff!! And you'll have that stone off in no time.

I'm about 8/9lb over target, need to get my finger out and do something about it!!

Choc well done, delighted dress is perfect fit smile

Huffpot Sun 07-Apr-13 07:36:34

Thats excellent news choc

Oh I hope so fair. If we decide to try for another one I would like to weigh a lot less - I found all the remarks about BMI a tad can see why some women develop eating disorders while pregnant!

Looks like a lovely spring day out there. Might take the toddlers for a walk to the shop without the pram gulp to get some extra plastic boxes for their mountain of toys

Bit the bullet tonight & got weighed at a different group.

Either her scales are helluva heavy or I'm in complete denial..... according to her scales I weigh 8st 12lb. Holy fuck. I was 8st 4lb when I got weighed not even 2weeks ago.

I am gutted, stunned & fuming all at once. Heaviest I've been in over 2yrs & means I'm 12lb over target instead of my expected 8lb.

That's it. The gorging and binging has to stop here & now.

Huffpot Tue 09-Apr-13 09:08:11

That's awful for you Fair
How do your clothes feel?

But you've been given a huge kick up the arse and I know you will focus and get it off quickly


I think I've caught the bug thats been going around. I threw up the night before last and was up every hour last night with the trots...I'm too scared to try to fart as its still going.
So it may help with the scales which I think I will need as even though I've been on plan I've also just gotten my period which has never been a good thing around weigh in time sad

Raining here so will tidy up and take the toddlers for a walk (have to buy more toilet paper for reasons listed above!wink )

Hi huff, that's awful for you, but I did lol a little at the scared to fart line grin

When do you weigh in?

You're tight about the kick up butt, today have had all Superfree fruits & scanbran, hope to boost it a bit this week.

Huffpot Tue 09-Apr-13 20:27:39

I know...its lasted all day! I just had some boiled milk and black pepper and am hoping thats gummed me up a bit!
I weigh in tomorrow - I can't wait to see. Im hoping its good as I've felt so much better being back in control of my food. I'll be disappointed if its not good confused

Ahh scan saving that till a couple of weeks in

Huffpot Tue 09-Apr-13 20:29:23

Scan bran is lovely spread with 0% Total yoghurt with sweetener and Options stirred in and strawberries sliced on top mmmmgrin

ladyarwenevenstar Tue 09-Apr-13 21:44:03

Hi guys, how are you all?

I soak the scanbran in water til it's soft, add a little milk and slice banana with sweetener. It's a bit like warm weetabix smile

Hi lady, how're you? You ok?

I had a good day yesterday, here's to another good day today (even though I just got a letter from tax credits saying we owe them £1000 odd!! Fuckers.

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