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The Big Fat List and Days Of Diom (TM) Part X - The one with multiple pregnancies shook up with hen do's, Wedding and a sprinkle of stress!

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ChocolatesSnowAngel Wed 05-Dec-12 07:19:32

Moving in over here girls, the old pad was a tad crowded!!!

SlimJimBra Thu 31-Jan-13 22:02:29

Oh, terrible x-posting there! Will pm you

SlimJimBra Thu 31-Jan-13 22:07:23

I'm feeling really sorry for myself today sad don't know why but everything seems bleak somehow. I know some of it is to do with putting on weight this week but it is more than just that, and I can't really elaborate as I don't know myself what's causing it sad

Hedgepig Thu 31-Jan-13 22:15:57

I PMed you Bee but I can self post if you prefer .

SlimJim ((hugs)) I get that sometimes , it generally a mix of tiredness, hormones, drudgery, etc hope you perk up soon. Don't stress about putting on weight, I'm struggling to maintain my target weight (hence the extra stone I have put on) but I think it's just finding your way of maintaining your weight, which may or may not be pure SW (sorry if that is a bit of heresy ladies smile).

Hedgepig Thu 31-Jan-13 22:16:29

Oo web site building Bee how exciting

grinningbee Thu 31-Jan-13 22:44:24

Slim ((hugs))

Not heresy Hedge! I dare say that when I get to target I'll have the odd day off wink

Righto - here is the list for tonight. Sorry for the lateness!

Hedgepig has lost 4lb, current weight 11st 10lb, total loss 4lb, target weight 11st 0lb

Grinningbee has lost 2lb this week, start weight 15st 12.5lb, current weight 15st 2lb, total loss so far 10.5lb

SlimJimBra has gained 1.5lb this week, but is only a gnat’s whisker over target

So congrats and a dodgy fruit basket to Hedge this week. Well done grin

SlimJimBra Thu 31-Jan-13 22:47:11

Thanks hedge and bee. I wish I knew what was wrong so I could put it right.
Well done hedge - that's an impressive loss smile

Hedgepig Fri 01-Feb-13 18:26:32

Thanks but a bit fraudulent as it was over 2 weeks!

It's DS1s football club fundraiser tonight.... Family bingo wish me luck ! Apparently there is drink so it may not be so badgrin

SlimJimBra Wed 06-Feb-13 09:41:20

Has no one posted for the best part of a week? shock What are we like!
I had a good wi last night - very pleased with myself and quite amazed at what can be achieved when sticking 100% to plan grin blush

ChocolatesSnowAngel Wed 06-Feb-13 13:12:13

Glad you perkier Slim nothing worse than feeling down.

Need to start sticking to the plan, have told the girls in the office to stop bringing unwanted delicious mouth drooling left over chocolates from Christmas in, but they just dont listen!!!

I have NO willpower AT ALL its ridiculous I cant even walk to the printer without being seduced by the Dairy Milk and All Gold! and i have been printing a lot of letters! damn.

Therefore not expecting a loss this week, it would take a miracle for that to happen. Sort of hoping that I can burn off everything when I go skiing at the end of next weeks, that will give me a kickstart to being back on track when I get back.

SlimJimBra Wed 06-Feb-13 16:10:26

Ooh skiing envy
I have just given blood - the biscuits they give you afterwards don't count do they?? <ignores the fact I ate 4>

kid Thu 07-Feb-13 06:49:20

I did pm my wi last week but I know I gained 1lb. But, at least I know why I gained it (2 meals out that week)

I've been a little better this week but haven't managed to be 100% on plan. Are we pm'ing anyway this week?

It's very cold here this morning. I'm up and dressed but feel like their is a vice tightening around my neck. Today is going to be fun at work sad at least its almost the weekend.

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 18:10:24

I'll do the list if you want to pm me smile

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 21:16:36

Only one pm so far - where are the rest of you hiding?

Hedgepig Thu 07-Feb-13 21:22:08

I've PMed you Slim.

I've had an unexpected day at home today DS2 whacked his head at nursery and they were a bit worried about him so I took him to the GP. Everything was fine but I kept him at home for the day just in case.

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 21:24:04

Thanks hedge smile any more....? G'wan you know you want to grin

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 21:24:39

Ps glad to hear ds is ok - must have been a bit scary

Hedgepig Thu 07-Feb-13 21:44:29

I was ok 'til I got to nursery and saw him asleep up the comfy corner with one of the nursery nurses sat by him with a list of the times she had prodded him to make sure he was just sleeping and not unconscious . Anyway he's fine thank heavens

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 21:48:11

Oh crikey - that sound really scary. DS banged his head yesterday (he just went flat on his back in the tiles in the kitchen) but he just screamed and screamed so I knew he was ok!
Will do list at 10

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 22:29:13

bra lost 4lb and is back in target range <phew>
bee lost 1lb start weight 15st 12.5lb, current weight 15st 1lb, total loss so far 11.5lb
hedge has sts current weight 11st 10lb aiming to get back to target weight of 11st 0lb

Well done short and sweet list-ers

I think bee gets the fruit as I had a gain last week and the two weeks before that too

Hedgepig Thu 07-Feb-13 22:33:09

You have been very focused Bra well done. And we'll done Bee.

I'm lucky I haven't gained given the crap I have been eating.

kid Thu 07-Feb-13 22:52:01

I just sent a PM and then saw that you've done the list already!

I lost 2lb this week, thats 7lb in total smile

SlimJimBra Thu 07-Feb-13 22:55:54

I was just popping back to add kid to the list but have been beaten to it! Well done kid - a good loss smile

ChocolatesSnowAngel Fri 08-Feb-13 08:36:30

Sorry didn't get to add to the list, according to my scales I have stayed the same again, though (and cover your ears if you need to) i haven't had any movement for about a week so i am still carrying around a weeks worth of food!!! tis not good sad

grinningbee Fri 08-Feb-13 15:27:40

Howdy do smile

Bangs on the head are scary. Glad he's ok Hedge

Well done on the losses everyone!

We'll all be looking forward to seeing how much you lost next week Choc wink although it must be a bit uncomfortable...

SlimJimBra Sat 09-Feb-13 09:02:06

Ooh Choc you poor thing - you must be very uncomfortable sad

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