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Week 10 - Little Black Dress Low Carb Bootcamp - The Final Curtain!

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BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Mon 03-Dec-12 07:31:39

Morning all!

Come and confess all

I suspect a lot of us are postponing our final weigh in till a bit later in the week, given the cheating falling off the wagon that's been going on!

Hope everyone has a good last week. Still time to drop a couple of pounds!

captainmummy Tue 04-Dec-12 17:22:37

sad am i the only one who'se put on weight on this bootcamp?sad

Doesn't help that the Lebkuchen I brought back fror the office got eaten today - by me! (only 1 tho)

Will be bootcamping for years at this rate.

Willowisp Tue 04-Dec-12 17:23:59

Thank you willie

I think the fasting is a great mental support. I would be very likely to slip into a 'well I've blown it, I might as well eat EVERYTHING'. So for my perfectionist personality type I've given myself permission to enjoy a roast dinner & proper pudding + wine on a Sunday. So not a massive blowout at all, but it makes the WOE more manageable.

My DM is doing this now & she was very much caught up in the starve > lose weight > binge 'because I've lost weight/deserve it/on holiday/insert inane excuse here > put on weight/feel miserable/might as eat more cycle.

I think the worst feeling is that you're deprived &, for me, this helps.

On that note made up BIWI's choc pots today..a life saver if ever I ate one ! (made it with double cream instead of milk as carb count 1/2 that of milk).

janglebells2013 Tue 04-Dec-12 17:24:58

my quiche turned out well yesterday and i had the rest today. dad came and put childlocks on all the cupboards in the kitchen, which means dd can come in and mess about while im cooking so i have no excuse now, and am looking forward to spending some time learning to cook nice LC meals from the recipie section and baking some festive treats.

MsRinky Tue 04-Dec-12 18:37:51

I am not getting on the scales this week. Had a great long weekend away, but it was a blur of booze and carbs. Back on the straight and narrow today, feels like quite a relief to be honest. Protein and leafy greens from now until Sunday.

PorkyScratching Tue 04-Dec-12 19:55:05

Making the IPD butter chicken tonight, smells lovely! Have added mushrooms & green beans to it, and used coconut cream instead of double. Cant wait to tuck in!

WillieWaggledagger Tue 04-Dec-12 20:38:52

i did bootcamp

i didn't die

ViperInTheManger Tue 04-Dec-12 21:51:45

Thanks for the nice comments all. I don't know what's up with me, I should be feeling better (and I know logically that I am getting healthier) but I just don't feel good in anything at the moment. I have a dinner out on Thursday and a party night at a local hotel with work on Friday so need to find something to wear by then.

willie Apparently the larger the dress size, the greater the gap between them (e.g. the size difference between a 10 and a 12 is much smaller than that between a 20 and a 22 IYSWIM) so, although I have lost 2st I am still in the same clothes size so no need to buy new yet although I have got a couple of bits.

Willowisp Tue 04-Dec-12 22:36:32

WillieWaggledagger are you having t-shirts printed ?! grin

I must make this butter chicken...I've got the book, but am unispired due to lack of photos..

I also need some alternatives for lunch..although last nights leftovers always go down well !

Viper fantastic about your weight loss..I think that when you have lost a chunk of a weight, you go through a period of self adjustment. When you do your next 'batch' of bootcamp, it'll happen again, but you'll be even closer to your goal. I always think weight comes off downwards (well on me it does) so face, belly, hips & then eventually after a while, finally comes off the legs. Stay positive !

Ilovemyteddy great you've bought all your levels down. I am hoping that my mum is going to go in this direction - I will add her to list next time. She started at 12st 5 & is apparently 11st 4 now, in 3 or 4 weeks. I have the fat monitor scales & they've showed that my body fat has gone from 27% to 21% which is amazing seeing as I've more fat than ever before !

vnmum Tue 04-Dec-12 22:37:43

Half a pound off this week for me.

The weight loss has really slowed. Partly due to wrong food choices though. I have found though that i am happy when i look in the mirror at this weight so am not going to stress over losing more. I will still bootcamp to try and get to my goal of 9st but i'm not going to worry too much if the scales don't go down as much.

toomuchturkeyatendofthedinner Tue 04-Dec-12 23:31:48

porky I used coconut cream in the IPD chicken too and it was lush!

willie I think we all need one of those Tshirts!! How to spot another LC-er!!

WillieWaggledagger Wed 05-Dec-12 04:13:12

Ha sorry for confusion, this is exercise bootcamp in the frosty park! It was good but tough - I am weedier than I thought!

I would like a t-shirt that says 'Atkins did not die of a heart attack'

BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Wed 05-Dec-12 06:28:01

Glad you didn't die, Willie. Who would work the spreadsheet?! grin

captainmummy Wed 05-Dec-12 08:19:15

Vnmum - I'm aiming at 9st too, but think my body prefers 9st3. I'll keep going tho, mainly because I love the food.

i think from what you said earlier you must live quite close to where I grew up - my dad worked at Larkhill camp, I went to school in Durrington. Let me know if you went there too - i might even know you in RL (tho i think I'm a bit older than you)

NewStartSameStory Wed 05-Dec-12 09:23:56

Morning. I forgot to weigh this morning. I have my first good night's sleep in a while. Feeling a bit mushy headed. Food choices have been bad the last few days. My will power is a bit weak atm. Hoping reduction in stress and more sleep is going to help. Also the fact that the christmas cake is nearly gone so won't go off is a bonus wink Although as much as my eating has been bad it has been sooo much better then it would have been in the past so will take that positive. Noticed that if bread and butter was eaten I wanted so much less then if i ate bread and marg. So i guess I have building tactics for maintaining ? <hopeful>

Anyhow breakfast was scrambled eggs with a coffee contianing milk and sweetner.
Not sure what to do for lunch as this is a bit of a sticking point. But there is salad stuff in the fridge.
Tea is cottage pie.

WineGless Wed 05-Dec-12 09:25:23

Morning only just found you and catching up. Christmas is taking over somewhat and staff issues at work. I havent weighed in for this week and only just caught up with last weeks weigh in.

BIWI - I loved your post. You have inspired all of us and I can't tell you how much this has changed my life.people in RL are asking me for as vice on how to lose weight but I can't tell them to come on here. The support threads really have been key for me keeping on track

janglebells2013 Wed 05-Dec-12 10:09:39

glad to hear of people being so encouraged. it gives hope for those times that you struggle that you can overcome and it is possible... newstart that is amazing that you can say that you are doing so much better than you would have before under similar circumstances - and if you keep improving who knows where you might be in another few months. i hope you do find a way to get more sleep and less stress. but you sound like youre doing great, and it IS Christmas afterall!
i got invited out to an Indian meal in a few weeks. i haven't been out in AGES... im quite excited. i have no clue what to get... is there any dishes that are relatively low carb? i haven't had Indian food in years so i don't even know what there is lol. looking forward to getting dolled up and all that smile

caramelwaffle Wed 05-Dec-12 10:43:47

Eurgh Don't do what I did the past two days. Pringles - lots - and a packet of those wheat crisp things. Crisps - which I previously lived on - now taste really awful. I should just have consumed a few pinches of salt.

Also "road testing" the christmas drinks: prosecco, liquers and Lidl's Duluxe Irish Cream (better than Bailey's! £5.99 700ml) 2lb up! Three strict days of 3l plus water/herbal tea and fat and protein.

Breakfast - one boiled egg and a slice of bacon.
Lunch will be boiled eggs, salad and grilled sardines.

Janglebells I think the tandoori style foods would be good for you; meats/fish flavoured and grilled and without sauces.

janglebells2013 Wed 05-Dec-12 11:03:20

caramel crisps can be addictive! at least you know it was the salt you were looking for. don't be too hard on yourself smile ((Biwi will be along with her big stick soon!!)

thanks for the Tandoori recommendation i will have a look online now and i might actually go out to an indian for a trial run beforehand with my mum and dd. i know that sounds completely crazy but i like knowing what im in for so that i can enjoy it

caramelwaffle Wed 05-Dec-12 11:06:29

That's a really good idea.

toomuchturkeyatendofthedinner Wed 05-Dec-12 11:46:30

Ooh yes jangle I had tandoori mixed grill last time I was out, it was HUGE, and I was very stuffed and happy after! Also had a nice spinach side dish. It's actually quite easy to LC with proper Indian food and its yummy!!

Doshusallie Wed 05-Dec-12 13:36:00

Hi all - first of the week's interviews down, 2 to go tomorrow. Went well - I think.

Captain - i am the same as you - want to be 9 but body likes 9 2. And I love the food.

Go for a cauliflower bhaji or mushroom bhaji as a side Jangle?

WillieWaggledagger Wed 05-Dec-12 15:55:13

well done dosh! good luck for two tomorrow, that sounds tough

jan, i go for tandoori or shashlik

Doshusallie Wed 05-Dec-12 20:42:09

Jezuz just had chicken curry with broccoli for tea - dh put 2 chillies in it nearly blew my bloody head off!

JessicaWakefield Wed 05-Dec-12 23:41:12

Well I stayed the same this week which I'm completely happy with. Have lost 3lbs since the start of bootcamp and just 1lb from target although don't mind if I stay at current weight. Almost a stone down since I started reading the bootcamp threads in May. BIWI I loved your post from yesterday - I think you've helped a lot of people lose weight, feel good about themselves, regain health and get rid of old demons and habits and disordered eating so lots of thanks to you and to all you inspiring ladies on the BC threads.

Wine I absolutely know what you mean about wanting to tell people in RL about the bootcamp threads but at the same time not wanting to out yourself if they join!

Doshu best of luck with the interviews!

ViperInTheManger Thu 06-Dec-12 00:04:05

I have been getting asked a lot about weight loss at work but I have not mentioned here to anybody, I have just said I read the John Briffa book and am eating lower carb because of it.

I went shopping today to try to find something to wear for my Xmas party but everything was either shapeless tunic-y things which make me look huge or clingy like leggings which make me look like a bag of rice pudding! Even worse, I am becoming concerned that as I am losing weight and sagging I am developing a gunt blush Think the heavy duty scaffold underwear will be required on Friday.

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