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So lazy....where's my motivation gone?!!!

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Onebadbackandalostpelvicfloor Sun 02-Dec-12 14:10:41

It's winter, this happens. Have a couple of 'easy' days and take things a bit slower

HaveAGoodDay Sat 01-Dec-12 21:31:23

So as the title suggests I've been so lazy for some time now as in terms of getting of my backside & doing some Zumba!!! I use to go to a class once a week, but that kind of fizzled out and I use to do it on the wii a few times a week and well I don't even do that now. I have it a few goes on the wii on the build up towards my hols but since I've been back all I feel like doing is eating!!!

I'm hungry all the time, I just feel cold & tired & by time kids are in bed the last thing I feel like is doing 45 mins of Zumba! But my jeans are feeling tighter by the day & I can't afford to put any more weight on my face is as round and full cheeks as it is! I just can't seem to get motivated into doing anything, I feel gross!!!

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