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is it really possible to be a size 8-10...

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BabysPointlessPocket Thu 29-Nov-12 09:59:37

Without going on some silly faddy diet, or skipping meals, or slogging it out in the gym for x hours a week.

Because, I'm currently a size 16, eat reasonably healthily, walk 6 miles a day (with pushchair). Plus run round after my two dc and most of the housework.

Before dc I was very slim size 8. Age 15-20, I wasn't as active as I am now but I regularly skipped meals.
It made my already low blood pressure and low sugar levels hit rock bottom and I used to feel like I was going to pass out.
When I was about 21, I started eating properly, not crap, regular meals, was more active, but my weight shifted up to 12-14. But I felt healthier and never faint.

How many of you are size 8-10 and honestly eat regular meals, without skipping, and exercise moderately, not excessively.

Or is it impossible to achieve that size figure without doing those?

Because I really don't think it's possible

Moknicker Thu 13-Dec-12 16:31:40

OP, I would ask the reverse question. If you eat three meals every day without skipping any - how on earth do you not put on weight.

Most people will, given our culture, overeat occasionally. If someone overeats - say on christmas day- and then doesnt skip a couple of meals over the next couple of days or so to compensate but goes back to eating normally, then their weight will go up.

On another note, it is also not so as eating 3 meals but what you eat in those 3 meals and portion sizes.

Also, sizes are very misleading - I am a size 10 now but am about a stone overweight as I am very slim framed and 5.4. Conversely I know people who are very slim but a size 12.

But to answer your question (sorry for the digression), when i was a size 8, I skipped breakfast regularly during weekdays (no time), exercised moderately and did not eat sweets or chocolates. Im an "all or none" type of person. I find it easier to do without than to do moderation.

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