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Week 9 - Little Black Dress Low Carb Bootcamp - not long to go now ...

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BIWI Mon 26-Nov-12 08:09:54


And what a truly horrible morning it is.

Here is the spreadsheet to confess all

Let's see what we can do in the next/last two weeks. A couple of strict weeks to finish Bootcamp and hopefully we can shift some serious pounds.

Doshusallie Sun 02-Dec-12 17:32:20

Mrs HP!! You've let yourself down, you've let the bootcamp down, you've let the school down............grin grin grin Sounds hilarious.

Had a great weekend in London with DH - our feet are sore from walking the length or Oxford Street several times. Dh is so funny in London, he never goes there and is always a buit bemused by the tube etc.

Apart from the alcohol and the Kentucky Fried Chicken, oh and the pringles, food wise was good! bacon and scrambled eggs for brekkie in the hotel. Am now having a courgette, chorizo, bacon, onion and cheese frittata. once I have finished this glass of wine it will be water all the way

Bracing self for nightmare week at work.

sybilfaulty Sun 02-Dec-12 18:38:14

Mrs HP, how funny!

Had a lovely melanzane parmigiana at Pizza Exp today for DS's birthday. How did my baby get to be 4? It was a cold crisp day and we walked about 4 miles in total so were beyond frozen by the time we got home.

Dosh, sympathies on the work front. I am in the same boat this week and am terrified. Still, only 5 more days to go to the weekend.

Have a good evening everyong.

Viperidae Sun 02-Dec-12 21:32:26

I too have sinned this weekend (lucky i moved my weighing day to a Friday grin so weighed before the sinning began!) It's odd because I also didn't really enjoy it. I suppose this lack of physical enjoyment of naughty foods is what thin people have naturally, now we just have to break that mental habit of seeing these foods as an indulgence and we'll have won the battle!

vnmum Glad the job is going well. Good luck with the childminding. I'm sure something will work out, it always does (and I say that as one who has suffered some childcare dramas in my time!)

MrsHP Your night out sounds fantastic fun.

We had our first Christmas party last night and have spent today putting the trees and decorations up. DH is about to spontaneously combust over a set of tree lights that work until you put them on the tree then they don't! I swear he is the only methodically minded engineery type that can lose all sense of symmetry and balance and get 90% of the lights concentrated into a very small part of the tree. Am now off to correct it!

jan2013 Mon 03-Dec-12 07:08:07

happy bday sybils ds
hope everything works out vnmum sad hopefully all this means someone better will come along

i am trying to get myself syked to put christmas decos up for the 2 of us this year and dd won't really understand. itl'l be very strange but have to just get myself into christmassy mood and make the effort.

i made a quiche yesterday for today! inspired by the crustless quiche recipie posted. hopefully it will turn out.

and i have a little job interview this morning. nothing major, i don't know if they can give me the hours i need anyway. but it would help if i got something

have a good day everyone

BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Mon 03-Dec-12 07:32:20

Week 10 chat thread is here

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