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Are you born with rhythm and dance ability?

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plaingirly Sat 24-Nov-12 17:28:29

I am new to Zumba and found it so tough to pick up the moves - I couldn't move my feet fast enough!

So I am wondering is it something that you are born with or something that you can learn?

Trying to figure out if I will get better! I have always been the one that can't dance - not proper dancing - but the sort that everyone does at parties. It just seems to come so easily to other people!

Valdeeves Sat 24-Nov-12 23:13:15

I used to be a dance teacher in a high school and one thing I can tell you is you can learn most of it. However - if you truly have no sense of rhythm it's like being tone deaf and you can't learn it. I bet you don't though! I've only met two pupils who didn't in my career.
Learning dance routines is about muscle memory - the more you do it the more your muscles will remember it - some people are better at this then others ( I struggled). Keep at it - you will improve week on week !

plaingirly Sun 25-Nov-12 10:03:53

I think I might just be uncoordinated!

I am ok following the moves slowly but as soon as the pace picks up I am lost! I suppose I am expecting too much of myself to just pick it up straight away - never done any sort of dance in my life!

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