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SW tips please

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Megan74 Sun 18-Nov-12 22:27:11

What did I do? I added a post to the SW thread on friday and everyone has run off. Tumbleweed is rolling right down the middle of that thread I tell you.

Ok, so to me. I weighed myself this morning and I am 12 stone. Yes, 12 stone. I don't think I even weighed that at 9 months pregnant. Well, I probably did but like to fool myself I was sylph like though the whole episode. But sylph like I am certainly not now. I did a half arse attempt at slimming world last week. In fact, so half arsed I managed to gain a pound blush. I am a step too close to 40 and since the start of this year I have been putting weight on at an ever alarming rate.

So it's time to reel this fat lady that is fast appearing in double quick. Today I wrote everything down and managed to scoff 53 syns. Hmmm yes. That will be the problem then. Of course this would have becom apparent if I had o be written my food diary as I went along rather than after the event. So that's tip number one.

Clearly I need to nave a few syn free days to recoup the rather large intake today. So I have planned 0% fat yogurt and berries tomorrow, soup for lunch and fishcakes for dinner with superfree snacks in between. I am also going to walk to work which takes about an hour.

I have filled the fruit bowls and the salad drawer with superfree food and shopped and planned all my dinners for the rest of the week. Is there anyhting else? What made SW work for you?

Meg. smile

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