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Oh shit I am going to cry - I am a yoyo dieter with a problem - just weighed

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smellylittleorange Fri 16-Nov-12 23:16:18

FFS ! I have put a stone on since I last weighed myself . Have just got round to changing the battery in the scales I have a problem - I eat too much, I yo yo diet I think about food all the time it makes me unhappy I just want to be free of it all - I have zero willpower when it comes to food - I know I associate it with happiness and providing love for people but I sit here all the time feeling rubbish and guilt about what I have eaten in secret , putting on weight that i've lost feeling lazy etc etc.

I thought I may finally feel a bit free I started the 5:2 diet on Thursday managed to stick to 600 cals in a day felt blissful ever since because I felt that even if I effed up one day i could so easily get on track by doing an extra fast in the week and it felt good to be thinking in my head about food less IYSWIM but now I just feel rubbish. I was 34 yesterday another fat birthday - I have probably had about 3 birthdays since the age of 22 when I have not been classified obese or overweight I am sick of it all . I am so ashamed that half teh time I don't even tell my DH if I am dieting as I don't want anyone else to know. Sometimes it so easy toeat well and properly other times its so bloody hard . I just dont know where to turn or what to do. How can this be happening to me AGAIN another christmas searching for an outfit that I just don't feel rubbish in.

I am full of self loathing I just feel sick of myself. sad

CollieEyeOfNewt Fri 16-Nov-12 23:27:43

I don't want to read without replying.

I feel the same. I know there are diets out there that work, I just fall off the wagon after a while. However , 600 calories per day is way, way, WAY beyond a diet. That's starvation. Any wonder you broke it. What kind of food do you like? Is it carb based - go for low fat diet; is it protein based - go low carb; quite mixed between both - do the Harcombe diet. Just forget calorie counting. It makes you miserable and doesn't work.

You can do it. We can do it. smile

smellylittleorange Fri 16-Nov-12 23:43:45

Thanks Collie - it was intermittent fasting day diet so 500 cals one day then circa 2000 the next - Ive lost before on WW but I just find it all too complex now - The funniest thing is if I hadnt have weighed myself I may not have felt so miserabble - I think I could at least do the 5:2 in the short term but the crux is I am worried v worried.

I have come to the conclusion that my eating problems are far deeper rooted than that and even if I am thin what then? Will I ever be free , I walk load do a bit of exercise when I can but it is always there "how can I lose weight" and i end up putting more on than I am trying to lose. Overthe past five years I have put on again 3 1/2 stone back into the obese category of the BMI range now - I have had health scares (diabetes etc). I am just so fucking tired of it all like a hamster on a wheel. I am sorry I am just so upset with myself and ranting away. Gaaaaaaaaah!

CollieEyeOfNewt Sat 17-Nov-12 00:48:02

I'm definitely a yo-yo dieter too. I want to lose weight. Low carb or Harcombe have worked well for me in the past. My problem is, and maybe this is actually the crux of it all, is alcohol. I like wine, or vodka with various flavours / mixers. If I quit alcohol it would be much easier.

I turn off diets that ban booze. But, actually, it's a really good point..

<drinks madly, like a fish>

Casmama Sat 17-Nov-12 00:54:00

Please do not allow yourself to feel self loathing. I think so many of us who carry excess weight are so much harder on ourselves than we would ever be with other people. If someone you knew said that they hated themselves for bing overweight I'm sure you would say that weight is not what defines them as a person and that they have many qualities and attributes that are what define them.
I'm not saying that its not important to try and be a healthy weight but dear god there are more important things than bing a size twelve!

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