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So.... on a typical SW day, what do you eat?

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amazingmumof6 Thu 15-Nov-12 09:06:50

do you like soup?
you can get cheap-ish cartons and maybe re-heat?
or the powder versions - just add boiling water.
if you can do batch cooking at home that you can take your portions in a wide necked thermos/food flask , Lakeland has them or look around. soups are my favourite thing for winter/loosing weight and they keep you fuller for longer if blended/smooth. (fact, watched a program about it)

also I like tortilla wraps or pitta bread, rice cakes and oatcakes and melba toast are all good with things like cottage cheese and ham or cream cheese & cucumber slices.

and you can get pre-cut carrot sticks or baby sweetcorn/mangetout packs for mindless munching

I did a "water-diet" once when you drink a small cup of cold or warm water (100-200-ml) literally for every waking hour!
I did pee a lot and the first week I was getting increasingly thirsty, but I never felt quite that hungry so I didn't over eat and surprisingly I didn't crave chocolate/sweet things!
In fact I lost 2lbs in the first week despite eating takeaway dinners 4 nights in a row!
I lost about 4 pounds in first 3 weeks, but then I gradually lost focus to carry on. it was the easiest "diet" ever and I keep going back to doing it every now and then.

trying to loose weight with little kids, baby food, packed lunches is so hard! my youngest of 6 is 7 months and I'm not even planning to worry about going back to weight Watchers till she's 1 at least!
I think I'll take my own advice and drink some water right now.

beakysmum Wed 14-Nov-12 20:32:28

That's it really, I can't get my head round what to eat that is easy with 3 small dc, packed lunches for work etc etc...
I don't like rice or noodles much.

Thanks in advance x

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