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Getting healthy and losing weight through the power of MOTIVATION

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Motivational Monday - where we are motivated to stick to our diet and exercise plans for the rest of the week.
Progess logged on Kato's spreadsheet (if you want to of course)

Thisistheyear Fri 01-Feb-13 11:48:19

Hi All.
I'm new here and would like to join if possible. I weigh(whispers 14st 10lbs). Its been a gradual increase for a numbers of years and all of a sudden I feel huge. I'm 5ft 5 and a size 16.
We've decided to try for a baby at the end of the year and I would like to weigh a lot less by then to help my chances. I'm not sure what my target weight will be. Think I'm just going to aim for a stone at a time, with a weight loss of 1-2lbs per week.
I have a dog who I walk for about 1hour a day and have started using our rowing machine each evening, have started with 20mins and will work up. Once the evenings are a bit lighter I will start running, but as I will be on my own (partner works away in the week) I don't like going in the dark on my own.

Hope it's ok to join, let me know if you need more information.

SPBInDisguise Fri 01-Feb-13 11:57:20

Welcome thisistheyear smile That sounds like a good plan and an excellent reason to lose weight! Good luck, you can do it!

SPBInDisguise Fri 01-Feb-13 11:59:09

lol at you turning up too early Hair grin
I just feel at the moment like my efforts aren't paying off iyswim. Which does tend to lead to lack of motivation.

SPBInDisguise Fri 01-Feb-13 12:01:54

Just realised something
When I start or restart a diet successfully I focus on the process - how can I make <whatever> with fewer calories, how few calories can I eat per day (within reason of course).
Then I start losing weight, and start to focus on the outcome, how much weight have I lost today? But that causes me to lose sight of the process, and that's when I tend to slip into too many "days off" or just eating over my calories.
Then of course I stop losing weight and the whole thing starts again.

Not sure how that helps me, but something I need to bear in mind I think

InMySpareTime Fri 01-Feb-13 12:07:15

Hair you rocked that dress this morningsmile. I even noticed, and I don't normally notice clothes.
I weighed just now, it was 10st 0! I can't even dismiss it as I did the other day by blaming light clothing, it must really be gone from my actual weight.
Oddly, I'm a little trepidacious about entering the 9s club, That's where actual thin people hang out and I don't feel thin yethmm.

InMySpareTime Fri 01-Feb-13 12:12:08

SPB how about having weekly goals instead of daily ones, or if you know a potential "day off" situation is looming, exercise it off in advance so you don't feel guilty. I was very strict with myself and only had one "day off" since starting to lose weight (my birthday). Even then I walked for an hour or so, and had soup for lunch. I knew that if I let it slip for a party or a wedding, or because life is a bit rubbish sometimes I'd never get there. I am my own "trainer from hellgrin"
I hope that helps.

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 01-Feb-13 12:55:06

blush thanks IMST. grin

10st shock I think I'd throw a party if I got there! And promptly put it all back on Well done!

SPB get back into the challenge. How far can you make those calories stretch? A tiny victory several times a day. smile

steppemum Fri 01-Feb-13 20:52:06

AIBU (just between us ladies!)

to have bought a pair of jeans very a bit to tight so I can hang them on the wardrobe door and aim for them?

I am size 20 trousers, but they are all too loose and I need a belt. So when I walked into a shop and saw some really nice jeans I tried on the size 18. Too small really, but I am NOT BUYING the 20. They won't still be selling them when I can wear them, so I bought them now and they are lurking waiting for me grin

SPBInDisguise Fri 01-Feb-13 21:41:47

A little bit unreasonable, sorry. because before long you'll be pulling them down without unbuttoning them, and then will regretfully decide you have to get rid as they are simply far too big grin but in the meantime enjoy them, bet they look great smile

SPBInDisguise Fri 01-Feb-13 21:43:46

Hair an imst, think you're right. I get sucked into weighing each day. Need to exert willpower on that!

steppemum Fri 01-Feb-13 22:08:44

Are SPB, but they don't fit yet (unless I stand tall and breathe shallowly) so when my current trousers won't stay up with a belt, and i have nothing to wear, then I can wear them for a while, then with a belt and then BUY SIZE 16!!!!!!!!!!

But hey, not fitting the 18's yet. Got something to aim for, keep up the motovation!

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 01-Feb-13 22:15:26

steppemum you made me laugh. I hope you enjoy them. grin

InMySpareTime Sun 03-Feb-13 13:18:53

Where is everyone? I'm achy today after spending all yesterday painting theatre set (a lot of stretching to paint the middle of 5ft flats)

SPBInDisguise Sun 03-Feb-13 14:44:44

Oh yes steppen, you have the right mindset smile
I'm still here, still struggling with motivation. Still feeling crap and using overeating as a way to cope

eightytwenty Sun 03-Feb-13 14:48:50

Just heading home to be reunited with dc's after 24 hours spa weekend away for my 40th. Been a lovely 3 days of celebrations but 2 lunches, dinner, hotel breakfast and now going for afternoon tea. Suspect won't be a loss for me this week - despite running into a major head wind on the beach this morning.

SPBInDisguise Sun 03-Feb-13 16:12:40

Happy birthday smile Sounds lovely. The image of you running into a headwnid made me smile

reastie Sun 03-Feb-13 18:29:30

Hi all,

Been away for the week end for my Grandads post funeral thanksgiving service. Diet went off the rails. I hope I curtailed it enough to maintain this week. Will see when I weigh in confused .

I'd definitely throw a party if ever I got into the 10 stones grin .

I was looking at alot of old pictures of me when I was away at the week end which were my Grandads. There are pictures of me around 13/14 years old and I look, for me, lovely and slim (I think I was a size 12 at the age, which meant I still had a bit of wobble but looked healthy and normal) and then all the pictures of me older than this age range from me being a size 14 - size 20ish. It suddenly dawned on me. My weight issues started when I was around 15 and I went on a disastrous foreign exchange. The girl I stayed with never ate anything and I was starving the whole time. The meals they did give me were pretty yucky although in desperation I ate them! But I never knew when I was next going to get a meal and got alot of stomach aches from being so hungry. Every night I'd be in bed and have a cereal bar (I bought a stash in my luggage in case of emergencies) and it would be the highlight of my day (I didn't like it there at all). Since then I've had a constant worry about when I will next be able to eat and worry about being somewhere and not being able to eat and panic about it so over eat to compensate. I still do this now and eat when I'm not that hungry as I don't know when I'll next get the chance and I know I'll be hungry by the time I know I can eat IYKWIM. I sort of knew this before but looking at the pictures made it clear. I don't know exactly how to get over this but it feels like a bit of a eureka moment. There, hope you haven't fallen asleep and brew for you to get to the end of that!

Hope you all have had a good week end. 80 happy birthday to you <sings>. Sounds like a lovely week end.

steppe it's a good idea getting those jeans - I got some size 16 jeans from debenhams a few months ago despite them being a bit tight in the tum as the size above were a bit big. They now fit like a glove and are my best fitting jeans at the minute. Gives you something to immediately aim for and see the results easily as you do lose. FWIW my belt last year was pretty much on one of the loosest settings. A couple of weeks ago I had to get DH to poke new holes in to make it smaller as the smallest hole was too big. It's moments like that which are good grin

IMST what play are you painting the set for?

InMySpareTime Sun 03-Feb-13 19:26:40

The set's for G&S "The Grand Duke" I'm backstage crew, not actually in the show! I'm also crew for the DCs' Gang Show next week.

jobylou Sun 03-Feb-13 22:20:57

Hi, Does anyone still message on here? I live in Lincolnshire and would love some help with motivation in losing weight! Be good to hear from someone.

jobylou Sun 03-Feb-13 22:21:27

Oops sorry missed all the messages from today!

eightytwenty Sun 03-Feb-13 23:01:38

Yes welcome job. Normally we're quite a chatty lot.

Have you any goals/ strategies?

A lot of use used mpf at least to start. And also we're increasing our activity levels - in a variety of guises. Always someone around to give support / guidance (kick up the ass) if you need it.

SPBInDisguise Mon 04-Feb-13 08:12:52

Morning job!
It is Monday and I am feeling MOTIVATIONAL grin

InMySpareTime Mon 04-Feb-13 08:22:51

Me toosmile, life is definitely getting in the way of business today though. I will weigh in after the school run as usual.

InMySpareTime Mon 04-Feb-13 09:45:30

Ok, weighed in, 10st 0grin
That's the same as Friday, but 3lb less than last Monday so I'm happy.
Next week it's on into the uncharted territory of the 9s club!

SPBInDisguise Mon 04-Feb-13 10:29:14

that's brilliant grin
I was 11st0 this morning, so if I can stick with it today, then tomorrow and Wednesday should be easier as am at work, should be into the 10s again, and hopefully for good by the end of the week

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